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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 118

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 118

Dicken retaliated over my refusal by committing a more sleazy offense. Using his webbed claws, he grabbed my right leg and pressed it underwater with his body. Under the water, the fishtail wrapped around my left leg. The water in the lake was crystal clear. Dicken had placed me in an awkward position under the water, and I could clearly see it. I couldn’t help but turn my attention to Dicken’s thigh area instead of the rest of his body. His lower body reactions indicated that he was already ecstatic. I wanted to bury and drown myself in the water because I was so ashamed.

Dicken, on the other hand, clung to my body with his claws, and I was unable to move at all. With his stunning eyes and a lump in his throat, he stared at me. I could hear him gasping for air, which made me nervous. “Linda, I can’t wait…” he said, now sounding like a man.

Damn it! I guess I had nowhere to escape!

I could only lean against the rock with my shaky upper body. Dicken had me completely enthralled. Soon after, he began pressing his body against mine and groping around my belt with his webbed claws once more.

Then, I heard a piercing scream from the campsite. The loudest voice was that of Jack’s “Take a look across the lake; Linda and Jolin are likely on the other side. This area appears to be covered in a dark cloud! “

Peter also shouted, “Hurry up! Over there, let’s take a look!”

Their voices jolted me awake in an instant. I pushed Dicken’s body away and peered like a thief in the direction of the campsite. A few shadows were indeed moving in my direction. In a panic, I stood up and wanted to run to the shore, but Dicken embraced my body from behind. He lowered his head and rested his chin on my shoulder. My ears were filled with a low, hoarse voice, “You can’t leave. Linda, you are mine.”

” Dicken! Let go of me! When they see you, they’ll shoot you!” I was frightened and tried to free myself from the grip of his claws. However, his arms were as strong as the rock, and I was unable to get him out of my way. With his fishtail, he made my legs tense instead of relaxing them. “I won’t let go of you!” I could feel his hard lower body pointing at my buttocks.

He screamed in my ears. Dicken’s sharp teeth moved to my neck, and he bit it as punishment for my escape. I was terrified and groaned in response.

Dicken, on the other hand, did not bite me hard. With his sharp teeth, he didn’t even pierce my skin. But I knew he’d left a tooth mark on my neck, and the swelling would last a long time.

His punishment had some effect. I dared not to fight any longer. I had no idea what would happen if this beast became enraged at me. He’d most likely gnaw on my neck in an instant.

Peter and the others were slowly approaching, which made me extremely nervous. I didn’t want them to see Dicken and me hugging together, let alone I was improperly dressed. And I did not wish to see them shooting at Dicken if they thought Dicken was attacking me.

I could only hold my breath and patiently try to calm Dicken down. I gently caress his webbed claw with my hand “I promise, Dicken. I’ll get back to you. I know your cave is right beneath the lake. I have something to deal with now, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I finish it, okay? You came to my aid numerous times, and I will never forget your generosity.”

Dicken’s webbed claw moved slowly from my waist to my chest, then to my chin. He lifted my chin and forced me to look him in the eyes.

“Will you return? Linda?” His eyes sparkled like sapphires in the dark, and they were nailed to my heart as if to pierce through my lie. Dicken looked at me with sincerity, as if he believed what I said, and I was not allowed to feel bad about it. I couldn’t take it any longer and almost changed my mind about what I ‘d promised earlier.

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