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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 116

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 116

The events from the last few days immediately replayed in my mind. My whole body burned as if I was being immersed in boiling water. My grip on my wrist seemed to have melted by Dicken’s tongue. My wrist felt limb, and the dagger in my hand fell into the water with a thud.

Dicken held my hands to both sides of my body, preventing me from moving. He lowered his head and unfastened the last few buttons of my clothes with his teeth.

“Dicken, don’t do this! “ As both of my hands were held, I could only raise my shoulders to keep him at a distance. I couldn’t shut my legs together as he squeezed his fishtail in between my legs. I felt a sharp pain in my waist during the struggle. I couldn’t help but want to curl my body to prevent them from aching. Dicken slowly moved his claws around my back and placed me back on the rock again. Dicken whispered against my abdomen, “ Linda…Don’t move…Let me heal you…“

His tone sounded like a threat. But I was surprised to find that it might be because of nerves or other reasons as he sped up his speech. It made me think this was the first time he could speak Japanese so fluently. The voice finally did not sound like the whining sound of a beast as before. Instead, it was no different from an average man.

I was stunned for a moment and lowered my head to look at him subconsciously. I saw him turning my body slightly with his webbed claws so that the bandaged wound on my waist was facing him.

He raised his sharp webbed claws and carefully tried to untie the bandage wrapped around my abdomen.

His frown deepened. He was obviously impatient with the bandages. As he was afraid of hurting me, he carefully hooked the edge of the bandage with his blade-like webbed claws. The transparent membrane in between the five fingers of a merman’s web claw made it extra challenging to do this. But he seemed to be afraid of causing me the slightest pain. A puzzled yet serious look appeared on his face, like a mathematician trying to solve an equation.

I had to admit Dicken’s expressions and actions now looked funny and a little cute for a mighty beast like him.

”Fine, I’ll do it myself, ” I restrained my laughter and held his clumsy webbed claws. I was finally feeling a little relaxed. I gritted my teeth while tearing off the bandages. Now then I saw the wound I had bandaged earlier was swollen due to being immersed under water for a long period of time.

Dicken didn’t say a word. He immediately held my hips from behind and moved my waist closer to his mouth. He buried his head towards my wound and began to lick it gently. I had to turn my waist to one side and lift my butt in order to accommodate him.

I was embarrassed by this posture, but I didn’t dare to move. I could only pretend to shift my gaze away.

When the pain in my waist slowly faded, I saw a few oil lamps lit up on the campsite. They had woken up, and soon someone would realize I was missing !

”Dicken, I have to go back! ” I was forced to pat on Dicken’s back, but he didn’t seem to hear me at all. He buried himself in my abdomen and continued to lick them. He didn’t mean to let me return to the campsite. Instead, his fishtail weighed down my legs unconsciously, and his claws began to rub against my h*ps.

”No…I don’t allow… ” He raised his head and looked at me. He licked the blood on his lips and then turned his head to look at the direction of the campsite warily as if he was afraid I would be seen. He carried me to the other side of the rock. He leaned back against the rock. Then he held my body towards him in a push, which made me lay on his body. He turned his head and gently put my head on his neck, ”Linda…Look…”

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