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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 114

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 114

Dicken didn’t seem to notice my presence at all. His breathing was slow and long. His chest moved upwards and downwards regularly, his eyes were closed peacefully, shadows formed under his long eyelashes.

The pale light of the lake reflected on his long black hair and pale skin. His body shape and muscle lines were visibly seen from the reflection. The combinations were as if a previous art collection was carved by god. But I knew exactly what was hidden within the body. It was the beast’s most primitive, wild, and untamed nature and the terrifying strength that no man could conquer.

I couldn’t help keeping my gaze on his face. This evil beast looked less annoying and scary only when he was asleep.

From a human perspective, I had to admit that this beast did have beautiful features and a distinctively handsome face, even though he exuded a warning message of “I am not a good man.“

It was indeed an irresistibly handsome face. He would be the most appealing man on our campus. Even in the entertainment industry full of charming men and women, this gorgeous face would still be the best.

Unfortunately, he was not human…

It would be great if he were a human…I would fall in love with him without any reservation…

Stop it! Linda! What were you thinking!

To stop myself from overthinking, I could only force myself to look away from his face. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t help but look at his fishtail that was surfaced on the water. The black scales gleamed in the dark. Each of them was closely connected, like a natural artwork. In another way, they also looked like the most rigid armor in the world. I was finally relieved. It seemed that mermen did not cause him any severe harm with their webbed claws during the day.

As if I wanted to make sure my thoughts were right, I couldn’t help laying my hand softly on his fishtail and stroking it gently along the scales.

The scales were smooth. They carried Dicken’s body temperature and spread directly to my palm, which made me seem to be touching an electric current, spreading from my palm to my heart. The feeling of it made me recall the sensation of the beast licking my body with its tongue. I shrank back my hand suddenly, but my ears turned red uncontrollably.

They started to burn like the sun.

No, I couldn’t continue like this. Since Dicken was not injured, I should leave immediately.

Just when I was about to leave, I raised my head and saw a pair of dark blue eyes.

I had no idea when Dicken woke up.

He lowered his head to look at me. A charming smile appeared on his face. He fixed his eyes on me with an admiring look.

”So…Sorry for disturbing your sleep! “

I muttered in panic, gulped and tried to leave. But how could I possibly escape from this beast? He curled his fishtail slightly beneath the water, and I was then pulled closer to him in an instant.

Everything happened too quickly, and I almost fell into the water. Before I could cry out, he had already grabbed my body with his webbed claws. I fell directly onto his muscular chest.

I raised my head in fright, but our noses collided with each other. My nose tip touched his. We were so close to each other at this moment. For an instant, his magnified eyes were like shooting stars falling into my heart, and I seemed to be attracted to the stars in his gaze.

I was petrified to look at Dicken like this. Whenever I looked at him like this, I always felt as if Dicken was a magnetic field, and I couldn’t help being attracted to him. Whenever I was near him, I felt a magnetic force pulling me onto him. It seemed as if I was meant to be attracted to him and his existence.

These thoughts drove me crazy!

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