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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 113

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 113

My heart wrenched when I remembered the look in Dicken’s eyes. I couldn’t help but wonder if Dicken would come to me after he had killed the merman. Would he hide in the dark, watch me and wait for the opportunity to violate me like before. I subconsciously sat up and looked around nervously. Then, my gaze was attracted by the thick fog above the lake not far away.

I wasn’t sure if it was because I’d been thinking about Dicken. I felt a faint shadow in the thick dog, and I felt that it was Dicken!

My heart sank as soon as the thought occupied my mind. I tried to convince myself I must have been wrong, but there was a soft prompting in my heart, ‘ That’s him! It’s Dicken! ‘

I wanted to wake Jolin up, but my hand froze. An inexplicable urge filled my heart. I clenched my fist and secretly made up my mind.

I had been worried about Dicken all this while. Despite knowing he was strong, I wished to see it with my own eyes. I needed to know if he injured himself in the violent fight because he suffered all of that for the sake of saving me.

Then, I got off the bed lightly, passing by Jolin. I took a flashlight, dagger, and a roll of tape. I got down from the tree carefully, trying not to make any sound that could awaken them. I slowly walked towards the lake after making sure nobody noticed me.

I turned on the flashlight, held the dagger tightly in my hand, and looked around vigilantly. Then I bent my body and moved forward quickly. I had to speed up to get there before any beasts appeared in the middle. I had to protect my abdomen from getting hurt again.

Soon, I reached the lake. It was a freshwater lake. Faint light reflected on the surface as if fireflies were flying above. It was shaped like a shrimp, glowed amidst the dark. It was a dreamlike fantasy.

I stood in the lake’s shallows and gazed towards the center of the lake. Through the reflection of the lake, I could see a tall figure leaning against the rock in the center of the lake. I could vaguely see the thick and muscular fishtail at the bottom of the rock, and his black scales were apparent amidst the faintly glowing lake.

I was right! It was Dicken! He leaned on the rock motionlessly as if he had merged with the stone. Could it be that he was healing himself from the injuries?

It suddenly occurred to me, did I accidentally break into the merman’s alpha territory? Maybe his cave was under the freshwater lake!

I no longer felt afraid after confirming. Instead, I stepped into the lake. As if in a trance, I began to walk towards the figure in the middle of the lake one step at a time.

I wanted to pull back when my body touched the icy cold water. (reader pls visit for fast update) If I was rational enough, I shouldn’t provoke the beast. But I was undoubtedly driven by an urge now, I couldn’t stop comforting myself in my mind, ‘I can slip away quietly after a glance. Dicken must be exhausted from the battle during the day, and as long as I move lightly, he will not notice… ‘

I took a deep breath, submerged myself into the water, and slowly swain towards the rock. Although my movements were very soft, I barely made a sound. But I could still hear my heartbeat vigorously. ‘Lub -dub, lub -dub, lub -dub’ , my heart pounded madly as if it was about to leap out of my throat.

Slowly, I finally swain to Dicken’s side.

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