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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 112

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 112

“I don’t know, I just can’t remember a thing, ” Peter shook his head agonizingly and sighed, “But there’s one thing I can be sure of. Laura did not want me to participate in the plan at all, and she was using me because she did not want me to be involved in anything related to the core secrets about the mermen. I suppose the answer lies on the island. I realized Laura stole my map when I woke up, including the copy was now gone. Luckily Jack managed to help me repair the data so that we could come here.

I let out a sigh of relief, and my body began to relax. I sat down and shared what happened to Gary and me recently as much as I could. Of course, I left out the parts where Dicken appeared and mainly talked about the American soldiers attacking the ship disguised as pirates.

After hearing what I said, Jolin, who had been silent for a long time, finally frowned and spoke, “If I am not wrong, this is indeed a military operation, but it i s illegal.”

She looked at us. Mixed emotions appeared in her beautiful eyes, “I had been suspicious for a long time. So I asked a friend of mine in the Admiralty to inspect Colonel Laura secretly. It was discovered that she had been dismissed for espionage three months ago, then she escaped from the detention center.

This is a military secret, so it was not publicized. She might have deceived Gary if he was not aware.”

I was shocked by the news. Espionage was a serious crime. What exactly did Laura want to do? Who was she working for?

I said in a low voice, “Maybe other countries were also involved in this incident. But anyway, since we have arrived on this island, we have to find out what Laura is up to, and we can’t let her succeed! “

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Jack took out a black piece of equipment, pointed to the shining light on it and said to us, “Look, a wireless signal appears on the island. It is three miles from the west. If I’m not mistaken, it is Laura and her subordinates. We will set out to follow after them early tomorrow morning.”

“Understood, ” we answered at the same time.

Jack smiled again and said, “If everything goes smoothly, we can stop her plan, arrest her and take her back to Japan! “

“Yes! We can do it! We are the best students of Japan Maritime University, and we will fight hard to defend our country! We are fighting for the country!

We held our hands together, the flames reflected on our faces. Each of us was filled with firm smiles. Our blood seemed to be connected, and they were boiling in us, so powerful and united. As if we were back in the days of military training together. We held our heads high and guarded our visions and careers in one heart. I bet I would never forget this moment, even if I got old or ended my life.

Soon it was nighttime. The island was filled with heavy fog, and the surrounding area was overcast. We couldn’t see even with a flashlight on. This was not a good time for an attack. Jack assigned us to climb up the temporary built rest place on the tree for everyone’s safety.

I lied down on a simple-built bed. I could finally relax my body, but my mind was filled with anxiety. Not only were the wounds on my waist begin to ache as the anesthetics faded, but also because I couldn’t stop thinking about the scenes that happened in the merman cave during the day. I couldn’t help but recall the image of Dicken being tortured and enduring the pain of desquamated scales for the sake of protecting me from being hurt.

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