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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 110

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 110

At first glance, Dicken looked unconscious; his upper body was motionless. When I observed closely, I noticed Dicken’s arm was twitching from pain. I had no experience in bearing the pain of being torn apart or desquamating of scales, but the claws attacking Dicken also seemed to tug at my heart. The pain in my heart had taken over the injuries caused by the red- haired merman on my waist.

Without further delay, I bent down on instinct, letting the webbed claws on my abdomen penetrate my flesh. I pulled out the dagger hidden in my boots and immediately pierced through the red-haired merman behind me violently.

A sharp cry of distress broke out in my ears immediately. The webbed claws that were locking onto me were loosened. I fell into the water again, and a huge wave hit me after that. I was knocked directly against the hard rocks, and it made me dizzy for a moment.

I saw Dicken’s fishtail swung out of the water and directly sweep the mermen above him into the water through my blurry vision.

Despite being stabbed by me, the red-haired merman managed to retaliate and attacked Dicken from behind. But Dicken was one step ahead of him. Dicken’s sharp dagger-like tail sliced through a large scale on his tail that was about to attack. The red- haired merman immediately screamed and retreated to a corner, glaring at Dicken.

It was all clear to me now. The red -haired merman was indeed not a match against Dicken, and to be more precise, he was never a worthy opponent.

I covered my wounded abdomen and leaned against the rock wall, looking at the tall black shadow with conflicted thoughts.

Dicken was strong. I had constantly underestimated him, and I did not expect he was the alpha of the mermen community. After several life and death experiences with Dicken, I was finally aware of the kind of merman he is.

God. Linda, were you lucky or unlucky? “Linda, come here.“

As I was staring at Dicken while drowning in my thoughts, he turned his face to me as if sensing my gaze. He had an intense look, stretched out his webbed claws, and bent them.

I was stunned for a moment. I saw a flash of red light in the dark. The red -haired mermen did not want to surrender. Instead, he was planning a sneak attack. A vast wave roared in an instant. All the remaining mermen and Dicken’s army immediately fought against each other. The surrounding was filled with terrifying screaming and roarings.

The slaughtered mermen were the most ferocious creatures I had ever seen. Several human-like bodies were disemboweled, beheaded, and their arm was broken. The severed body parts surfaced in the water within seconds and drifted in front of me. A pungent stench of blood filled the air.

I was terrified by this scene. I covered my nose with shivering hands and leaned against the rocks. I had a nauseous feeling as a result. It seemed like a reenactment from a horror movie scene. It was too much to cope with, and I desperately wanted to escape at that instant.

A voice came above my head just when I was thinking about it, ”Linda! It’s you! Come on up quickly !

It was Peter ! Initially, I thought it was my hallucinations, but I saw a rope hanging above my head when I looked up. Several human figures appeared above the hole. I wiped away the water on my face to make sure what I saw was a real human being. Peter still called out to me with concern, giving me the confidence to grab the rope immediately.(Only on desire novel . com) I wrapped the rope around my body regardless of the pain, and they carefully pulled me up.

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