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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 109

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 109

I was terrified and panicked by my thoughts. I couldn’t believe nor expect Dicken to care about me above his alpha position as a wild beast. After all, I a m of a different species.

When the red merman placed his webbed claws on m y neck and licked my ears with his slippery tongue, I cou1dn’t help but burst out a few broken syllables from my throat, “Di—ek—en.“

The red -haired merman stopped caressing and then uttered a few syllables that sounded like a sneer. He thrust his fishtail forward and inserted them directly between my legs. Then he began to imitate my voice and teased ironically, “Di…ek…en…“

It was at that moment I realized how foolish I was. In desperation, I had forgotten the meaning of this moment. I unintentionally sounded like courtship to the mermen!

The red merman licked my face and neck in a more vigorous motion and started to move his webbed claws along my thighs to my sensitive parts. My body was instinctively irritated and disgusted by his actions. I mustered up all my strength to struggle,

regardless of how much the webbed claws had hurt my abdomen. I pushed the claw that was molesting my legs away with one of my hands. The other hand tried desperately to grab the dagger that had not been used yet. But it was stuck in my boot ![de-si-re-no-vel-dot-com]

Suddenly, a vast wave surged up in front of me. Dicken’s body was more visible now among the enormous splash. He jumped up from the water in an instant. His muscular and strong tail was like an iron chain, sweeping away several mermen that stood in front of him. He got rid of the surrounding mermen in mere seconds. But he stopped at a distance of only six feet away from me. He kept in a position ready for an attack but suddenly remained still.

His horrified gaze fell on the red -haired merman’s webbed claw that was holding my neck. Then he switched his gaze from my neck to my bleeding waist. His face turned red, and his eyes held a piercing gaze.

Dicken raised and froze his webbed claw in an attacking position, slowly clenching them into a fist. I heard the snapping sound of his bones as he clenched his webbed claws. Blue blood dripped between his pale webbed claws into the water.

Though the dripping sounded light , it agonized me.

I looked at him with mixed feelings. My thoughts earlier were shredded in pieces. I was given hope but, at the same time, agonized as if a sword pierced my heart. There was also an inexplicable emotion

tormenting me aside from guilt. I tried to convince myself as a biological researcher but failed. I knew a feeling of arousal in me that surpassed both human beings and beasts.

At this moment, Dicken opened his mouth, exposing his white, sharp teeth. He gave the red merman a deadly stare and uttered words I could not

understand at all.

That must be the merman’s language because the red-haired merman responded immediately. He let out a sneer in my ear and shouted a command. In an instance, the injured merman swept away by Dicken earlier pounced on him. They lurched forward and bore down on Dicken’s muscular tail, stretching out their sharp webbed claws to tear Dicken’s scales apart. They had the knowledge that Dicken’s scales were hard to penetrate, so they intentionally attacked the gaps between the scales. They frantically tore up the flesh from Dicken’s tail.

”No ! Dicken ! No ! ” I yelled hysterically from my held throat.

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