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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 102

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 102

The idea of escaping disappeared the moment I laid my eyes upon the island. Instead, my heart was filled with eagerness to arrive at the island. It was a bait that no marine biologist could deny.

But at the same time, I couldn’t help but recall what Dicken had told me when we were locked in the cargo hold as well as the red-haired merman I met. My excitement dissipated, and my heart sank as I now felt conflicted about going to the island.

I was worried something terrible would happen once I got there. I hoped that the unique characteristics of my body wouldn’t catch the eye of another merman aside from Dicken, including that red-haired merman. Regrettably, I didn’t pick up any self- defense skills, so I was just an utterly defenseless woman. The only thing I could do was establish a cordial relationship with Gary, as he was the only one I could rely on when we arrived. As for Laura and the other military-affiliated personnel, I couldn’t trust them at all.

‘But how can I mend my relationship with Gary? Too much had happened between us and I can’t face him like a regular student anymore. Moreover, he had seen what Dicken had done to me too many times…’

When my mind drifted to this thought, the frustration made me punch the floorboard several times to vent my anger. I leaned forward to rest my head against the railing, stuck my legs out in between the horizontal bars of the railing, and stared in the direction of Lemenland. I had initially wanted to take the time to organize my thoughts, but I unexpectedly fell asleep from exhaustion.

Night had come by the time I woke up, but I could clearly see the outline of the mysterious island even without the help of binoculars. The island glowed with an eerie green light in the foggy darkness of light. Compared to when I saw it in the daytime , the island looked much more sinister now. Due to the mixture of cold night air and fear of what might come, I started to shiver.

I looked up and saw numerous clouds hanging low as they blanketed the sky. It looked like a storm was brewing, so I quickly stood up and ran back into my cabin.

Everyone on board was filled with excitement for the next two days as they waited to arrive at the island. Gary seemed eager to reconcile with me as he stopped bringing up the previous events. This made me feel at ease, and I could finally relax around him. The two days of peace and tranquility were rare and precious, although I knew this illusion wouldn’t last much longer.

This pirate ship sustained damages during the battle against the pelican eels, so the sailors were still engaged in repairs. That was why our sailing speed had slowed. I used the time to rest, regain my energy, and even had Gary teach me some self-defense moves. I had also procured a sharp military- issued dagger and a handgun.

Of course, Laura had no idea about any of this. Gary probably complied with my request out of guilt, hoping that I could escape from Dicken’s grasp the next time I saw him.

But for some reason, I didn’t see Dicken again ever since he leaped out of the window that day.(fast update at desirenovel dot com)

I resumed my habit of writing in my diary, but my heart couldn’t stop beating whenever I wrote Dicken’s name. It was like his name had been carved into the depths of my body. Even when he wasn’t around, I could still feel his presence around me.

‘If I continue down this train of thought, I wouldn’t be able to resume writing…’

So, I quickly closed the diary and hit my head on the table several times.

‘Keep it together, Linda! Stop thinking about him! He might not come see you again…’

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