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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 1

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 1

I was taking a shower but I felt like I was being watched.

These days, I have been totally captivated by and restlessly researching merpeople.

This is also because a merman started appearing in my dreams a few days ago.

He was majestic, young, and about three meters tall. His upper body was muscular and his tail was a sparkling black. A tail so powerful that with just a single movement, could cause a huge, engulfing wave.

But my dream wasn’t related to my research topic at all, because this merman was lewd and s*xually obsessed!

And now I felt like I was being watched in the comfort of my own university dormitory bathroom.

The walls of the bathroom and the floor below my feet felt like they had turned into glass, and a pair of sharp glowing eyes were staring at me from below. My entire body including my private regions were being peeped at and observed from below!

I grabbed a nearby towel and quickly covered up my body.

Just then, a fragrance came over me, drowning all my senses. My hand weakly slipped from the wall and my entire body collapsed to the ground. I suddenly had no energy to pick myself up.

I was supposed to be lying on the ground but at this moment, my body seemed to be floating on the surface of water, drifting along with the current.

In an instant, my body felt like it was covered in something cold. Its icy cold feeling was similar to seawater. The fragrance grew stronger and I started to smell the saltiness of the seawater.

I wanted to escape but I was unable to muster any energy, especially in my legs which felt like they were entangled in something wet and slippery.

I looked down and saw a black fishtail restraining my legs. The tailfin had red speckles on it, similar to that of a blood-thirsty dagger.

My upper body was stuck with another humanoid body. Although its body temperature was lower than a normal human being, its strength was incomparable.

It had a pair of hands, or more accurately, a pair of webbed claws with a transparent membrane between each of its fingers.

This pair of hands were caressing the area above my belly button, causing a tingling feeling and eventually they trailed up try to touch my chest.

A breath of satisfaction emerged from behind me.

Right then, I felt something hard poking at my butt.

If I guessed correctly, that was the merman’s “thing” and it was larger than those of regular human men by several inches! That “thing” stubbornly poked at my butt repeatedly.

I felt alarmed and scared. This brute intends to… I am a human, what will he do to me?

His hands started to massage my chest and roughly pinched my body.

His agile tail slowly separated my legs and the tail fin traversed up towards my pelvic area.

My body shuddered and I wanted so badly to resist, but my body couldn’t put up against the stimulation.

Just then, a wet and slippery tongue licked my ear and a fragrance filled the space around me.

My body flushed to a shade of red and unbeknownst to me, my legs opened in a welcoming position.

The hard and erect object slid forward and backward along my inner thighs as the area was already completely wet.

I heard a chuckle come from behind me as a slippery tongue excitedly started to explore my ear.

This must be a dream. I must have delved too deep into my research on merpeople, that’s why I’m having a dream like this.

Even if there was such a thing as a live merperson, why would it suddenly appear in my bathroom?

But the dream felt so real.

It was hard to believe that this was a dream. The erect object was already at my entrance, and I couldn’t help but shiver.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened.

“Ah!” shouted my roommate, “Linda, why are you lying on the floor?”

I felt so embarrassed, did she see me look like I was playing with myself?

My mouth gaped open but I couldn’t utter a word.

The cool sensation behind my back was gone, and the strong fragrance slowly disappeared.

My roommate helped me up and said with concern, “You must have been tired out from your research on the merpeople and passed out in the bathroom.”

“You’re about to set off to find traces of the merpeople with the professor. You’ve got to take care of yourself, otherwise it might happen again at sea.”

Dazedly, I started to have suspicions about the experience earlier.

Was I really so tired that I just fainted?

So what happened earlier was just a dream?

Why was it I kept having the same dream these past few days?

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