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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 969 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 969 by desirenovel

A Leak

“Mr. Dunn, if I remember correctly, the list of participants for the Trial doesn’t contain any names from the Dunn family, does it?” Warren asked Howard as he approached.

Howard took out an invitation card from his jacket and handed it to Warren. “My dad has spoken to President Zeigler to allow me to join you. Nonetheless, the Dunn family will not be taking anything from the site. My goal is just to have some fun out of curiosity. As for the treasures inside, I have no interest in them at all.”

After reading the invitation, Warren didn’t comment any further.

Subsequently, Howard led his men to a side and waited for the Trial to begin.

“Who is that guy?”

Jared was curious. Although Howard was similar in strength to Edgar, he had never seen the former before. Not only did he not see him at the victory celebration, but he also hadn’t heard of the Dunn family before.

“Mr. Chance, that man is a son of the Dunn family. He had achieved the level of Martial Arts Grandmaster when he was in his teens. However, for some strange reason, his progress slowed significantly in recent years,” Theodore explained.

“The Dunn family? Why didn’t we see them at the celebration?” Jared asked curiously.

“Well, there are many martial art families in Chanaea. Even in Jadeborough alone, there are plenty of such families who are not part of the Warriors Alliance. Hence, they fall out of the alliance’s purview. As the Dunn family is one of them, their name is consequently not on the Trial’s participant list,” Theodore related.

Jared understood right away.

It seems that not all the prominent families of the Jadeborough martial arts world participate in the Trial. Instead, only those from the Warriors Alliance are selected for it. If one isn’t a member of the alliance, one wouldn’t qualify to do so. From the looks of it, it’s hard to fathom the depths of the martial arts world. Just the prominent families within the Warriors Alliance alone contain many titans. Thus, I can’t imagine how many more are there outside of it.

In that instant, Jared felt as if he was an insignificant speck of dust and still had a long road of training ahead of him.

“Skylar Norton is here!”

Just then, a suave looking youth walked in.

Following behind him was a hunched-back old man who appeared to be in his seventies. Coughing intermittently, he looked as if he would collapse just from the wind.

In spite of that, the elderly man emitted an impressive aura of a Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster.

In other words, he was just as powerful as Warren.

“Mr. Norton, fancy seeing you here.”

Howard, who had ignored everyone throughout, unexpectedly took the initiative to approach Skylar and greet him.

Skylar answered, “I was bored, so I came here to kill some time.”

When others gradually greeted him, Skylar responded to their greeting with a congenial smile, unlike the distant Howard.

Edgar walked up to him and greeted, “Mr. Norton.”

“Mr. Deragon, I didn’t expect to see you here!” Momentarily stunned, Skylar asked, “I heard that you were not going to participate in the Trial this year. That’s why I was surprised to see you. Wouldn’t it be getting in the way of your cultivation if you don’t get anything out of the event? After all, you’re on track to becoming the youngest Martial Arts Marquis after breaking through the rank of Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster!”

“That’s not true. Don’t listen to silly rumors.” Edgar waved his hand with an awkward expression.

“You’re really modest, Mr. Deragon. I was just thinking of getting some pointers from you,” Skylar remarked with a smile.

Skylar’s words put Edgar in a spot. In the end, he simply left without further comment.

At that moment, Edgar was shocked after having his progress revealed by Skylar. As few knew of the matters related to his cultivation, he was surprised that news of it had spread. He made up his mind to find out after the Trial who was responsible for the leak.

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