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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 965 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 965 by desirenovel

Official Start

Meanwhile, Zion, Warren, and the rest of the higher-ups within the Warriors Alliance had gathered. The next day would be the start of the Trial. They needed to consider every minor detail as the organizers of the martial arts association. If there were any mistakes, they would be held responsible.

“President Zeigler, the Trial venue this time is at the thousands of years old underground Emperor’s Mausoleum. There might be a mother lode of magical items in there. Should the Warriors Alliance send a few men in there to secretly sneak some out?” Warren asked Zion cautiously.

Zion shook his head. “Mr. Sanders will be monitoring the venue personally, so we might get caught if we sneak some men in.”

“Then, are we just going to watch the magical items get taken away by other Sects and families?”

Warren was unhappy and thought that it was such a waste.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already discussed it with Ryker. You’ll be the one to lead the group for this Trial, but you’ll need to give extra care to the Deragons. When the time comes, they will split their haul of magical items and resources with us fifty-fifty.”

Zion already had a plan in mind.

“I understand.” Warren nodded his head.

The next day, the Trial officially began.

Jared and Theodore rushed over to the Trial venue. When they arrived, there was already a sea of people there. Many of the Sects and families had already arrived.

As for the tiny mound Jared discovered, it had already been flattened and surrounded by towering fences, leaving only an entrance. Two Seventh Level Martial Arts Grandmasters were standing there, guarding the entrance to prevent anyone from sneaking in.

“Please show your invitation. You won’t be allowed entry without an invitation.”

When Jared and Theodore reached the entrance, the two guards stretched their arms out to block the opening.

Jared flashed his invitation and went through the opening with Theodore.

He spotted a deep chasm immediately upon entering. Within the chasm, a massive stone gate was blocking further entry. A push of the stone gate and they would enter the interior of the Emperor’s Mausoleum.

Looking at the size of the Emperor’s Mausoleum, Jared was certain there would be uncountable magical items and traps within it.


Jared’s observation of the Emperor’s Mausoleum was cut short when he heard someone calling him.

Looking in the direction of the caller, he spotted Colin and two other Martial Arts Grandmasters trailing behind him.

“Colin? What are you doing here?” Jared asked with confusion.

Colin would become a laughingstock if he participated in the Trial with his current ability.

“I’m here to participate in the Trial, of course!” Colin exclaimed excitedly.

Jared was rendered speechless at his answer. He didn’t expect Colin to be a participant as well.

“Aren’t you digging your own grave by participating in the Trial with your ability? Don’t you know how dangerous it is inside the sealed Emperor’s Mausoleum that’s thousands of years old?”

Jared didn’t understand why Leviathan would allow Colin to participate in the Trial.

“I’m not scared. My dad told me you would be participating in the Trial too, and asked me to follow you. Besides, I brought two elites with me.”

Colin pointed at the two men behind him with his thumb.

“Mr. Chance,” the two men greeted Jared respectfully at the cue.

Jared greeted them with a slight nod. Two Third Level Martial Arts Grandmasters. They aren’t weak, but they aren’t strong either, compared to the fighters the other Sects and families had sent.

“Follow me, and don’t stray from my side. There are many unknown dangers within the Emperor’s Mausoleum. Even I’m not sure if I can handle them,” Jared told Colin.

“Don’t worry, Jared. I’ll listen to your every word. My dad has told us to protect you with our lives should you get into any trouble,” Colin said with a wide smile.

Jared gave a few pats on Colin’s shoulders and said, “We’ll be fine if we’re careful.”

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