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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 733 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 733 by desirenovel

Big Turtle

Jared concentrated and passively absorbed the spiritual energy around him instead of diving further. The level he arrived at that moment had enough spiritual energy for him to raise his power to even greater heights in just a few days.

However, he wouldn’t be able to spend too much time cultivating there. July 15 was right around the corner, and Lyanna was still in the Empyrean Sect. Carlos would have done something to her by then.

So, after resting for a while, he dove deeper and deeper. Logically, the surrounding should have become darker as well, but it was oddly brighter the further he went.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure approached him. He furrowed his eyebrows. How can something survive in such a deep level?

When the shadowy figure got close enough to him, he realized it was a turtle. It was the first time he met a turtle with a meter-long shell.

The turtle was staring at him with hostility. There were unknown symbols carved into its shell.

Is this turtle the reason there’s so much spiritual energy here? He stared at the animal motionlessly.

The turtle glanced at him for a little longer before diving back down. He let out a sigh of relief when the animal decided not to attack him.

Jared quickly followed behind the turtle to figure out how it got there.

However, he only managed to follow for a couple more meters before the turtle swam back. This time, the symbols on the turtle’s shell began to glow in gold.

Soon, the golden glow covered the entire area like a big net. He was trapped in the middle.

An arcane array? His eyes stared wide at the golden glow around him. It’s not just a mere magecraft. It’s a genuine technique of an immortal, a real arcane array. Why did someone place such a powerful arcane array on a turtle’s shell?

He was pleasantly surprised to see someone placed an arcane array on the turtle’s shell because it meant there must be a valuable magical item hidden somewhere below.

Despite his desire to dive deeper, the golden glow had completely wrapped itself around his body. He couldn’t even swim up to the surface, much less dive in deeper.

It was making him panic. Am I going to get trapped here?

Then, his eyes narrowed before he punched the turtle. If I can kill the turtle, the arcane array will be broken.

When he threw his punch, it formed a water pillar that struck the turtle.


Jared felt a powerful force strike back at him while the turtle remained unscathed.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

After he attacked the turtle, the arcane array on the shell glowed in gold again. Martial energy formed ripples as it was shot in his direction. It allowed him to see where it was coming from.

However, since his movements were restricted, he had no way to dodge. Thus, he could only use his tough body to endure the martial energy attacks.

A wave of searing pain was felt on his arm. When he glanced at his arm, he saw a cut there. Blood was spilling out and coloring the surrounding water red.

It would appear that the spring water tainted by his blood was also restricted by the arcane array. It didn’t spread out.

He quickly covered his wound to make it heal. At the same time, the arcane array on the turtle’s shell had stopped attacking him.

It was only using the arcane array to prevent Jared from diving further.

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