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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 732 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 732 by desirenovel

Exciting Scene

More than a hundred young ladies took off their clothes and bathed in the spring pool. Some still wore swimsuits while others went fully naked. Jared was hiding behind a rock on the summit when he saw that magnificent scene. He was staring at them so hard that his eyes were about to pop out.


He swiftly lowered his head and noticed his nose was bleeding. A drop of blood had hit the ground.

“Da*mit!” He quickly tried to stop the bleeding.

Even an energy cultivator like him had a hard time controlling his excitement when he saw that.

However, Carlos, who was standing not far from the spring pool, had no reaction whatsoever as he stared at the naked young ladies.

It reinforced Jared’s theory that Carlos was definitely no longer a man.

Carlos slowly sat down and draw weird symbols with both of his hands in the air. Soon, a small vortex appeared in the air. Those ladies in the pool didn’t notice anything as they continued to play with each other.

Seconds later, a white mist began to rise from those ladies’ heads. It looked like steam rising from hot water.

Those white mists were swiftly sucked into the vortex. Jared knew those were those ladies’ negative energy, not normal steam.

As their negative energy continued to be sucked away, those ladies began to look pale. Their bodies started to shiver from a mysterious cold feeling.

However, they continued to stay in the pool because they wanted the water to make them look beautiful.

Jared shook his head resignedly. These ladies are going to die.

Still, it wasn’t time for him to show up yet as Carlos would notice him.

Thankfully, just as those ladies were about to keel over and die from negative energy depletion, the Senior Grandmaster who shouted loudly earlier showed up.

“All right, everyone. Time’s up. Please leave now. Mr. Xuereb has prepared gifts for you all,” he announced.

When those ladies heard there were presents for them, they instantly got off from the pool, dressed up, and left with the Senior Grandmaster. They didn’t know that they just lost more than ten years of their lives staying in the pool.

Once they all left, Carlos opened his mouth and swallowed the vortex in the air. “Ahh, there is so much negative energy! This will push my power to another level. I’ll finally be able to reach the Martial Arts Grandmaster level and surpass my father after I absorbed Lyanna’s negative energy.”

He stood up and laughed excitedly.

Unbeknownst to him, Jared was hiding behind a rock not far from him. Although Jared wasn’t really interested in him. It was the spirit spring that he was after.

After Carlos left, Jared hurriedly arrived at the source of the spring, which was so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen, and stretched his hand into it.

The moment he made contact, the spiritual energy erupted toward his body like a volatile volcano. He devoured the spiritual energy ravenously.

“There must be something inside…” When he touched the spring water, he knew the water itself didn’t have spiritual energy. It came from whatever was within the source of the spring. He didn’t know what it was, but it was definitely a magical item if it could release such a massive amount of spiritual energy.

Without any hesitation, he took off his clothes and dove right into it.

The deeper he went, the thicker the spiritual energy became. The surrounding also became darker as he dove deeper.

He could feel the pressure increasing as well. If not for his tough body, he would’ve been squashed into mush.

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