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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 723 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 723 by desirenovel


Although sheepish about the intensity of her unsolicited advances, Jared did not restrain Lyanna. With one hand maintaining the energy transfer, the other stood at the ready in a defensive pose in case Poison King attempted an attack.

Despite the incessant inflow of spiritual energy, it did nothing to stabilize Lyanna’s condition. Jared frowned in consternation as the effect of the drug was more potent than he had anticipated.

Poison King was livid. “I’ll kill you for this, Jared!”

I’d spent twenty years raising Lyanna. Just when I’m about to reap the fruits of my labor, she’s currently moaning for Jared in his arms!

He threw a punch at Jared but did not exert his full force behind it for fear of injuring Lyanna. He was aware of the fact that he did not have what it takes to bear the wrath of the Empyrean Sect should anything happen to her.

Jared had to physically restrain Lyanna from removing his pants and was unable to block Poison King’s strike. As a last resort, he took her in his arms and leaped out of the window just before Poison King’s fist made contact.

The fact that Lyanna was unclothed was the last thing on his mind at that moment. Jared’s main priority was to bring her to a location where the process of energy transfer could continue undisturbed. He was worried that he might not be able to hold off the advances of the ravenous girl in his arms.

Poison King and his men who had heard the commotion gave chase. The flickering flames of their torches illuminated their murderous expressions as they stormed through the night in pursuit of their prisoner.

Jared maintained his lead despite the effort of holding Lyanna’s writhing body in his arms. After placing a considerable distance between them and their quarry, Jared produced a pouch of needles and speedily administered a needle each at three specific acupoints.

As the effect of the drug was not counteracted by spiritual energy alone, the only other option was to force the toxins out with the help of acupuncture.

Lyanna ceased her fierce struggling at once. She stared at Jared for several seconds before coughing up blood that was as black as tar.

Immediately, her eyes regained their usual sparkle as the lusty haze in them dissipated. The flush in her cheeks, however, did not.

Upon regaining her own mind, Lyanna stared at her bloodied nails in horror as she made the connection between her own naked body and Jared’s torn clothing.

Before she could say a word to Jared, Poison King’s men arrived and had the pair quickly surrounded.

Jared removed his tattered shirt at once and wrapped Lyanna up in it.

Poison King noticed the absence of the haze in Lyanna’s eyes and was startled to see how quickly the drug had worn off. How did Jared heal her this quickly?

Poison King rumbled sanctimoniously, “As a member of Mapleton, you knew that it was against orders to release Jared and engage in an illicit affair with him. Do you confess to your crimes, Lyanna?”

With so many of my subjects, including the five leaders present as witnesses, I can’t confess to the attempted rape of my goddaughter and that Jared had actually rescued her! That act would be met with condemnation by everybody in Mapleton. I’ll be dethroned and exiled in disgrace. Poison King thought to himself.

Lyanna was speechless with indignation at being falsely accused. At a complete loss for words, she merely glared at him with hatred in her eyes.

Jared was incensed by the lie as well. “How dare you drug and tried to rape her, you old scoundrel? I was the one who rescued her from you! Don’t you dare turn this around on us!”

“Preposterous!” Poison King shouted with convincing defiance. “Everybody in Mapleton knows that she is my goddaughter. I have raised her for twenty years and think of her as my own. How dare you accuse me of doing something as heinous as this? You were the one who sweet-talked her into letting you out and engaging in a forbidden union. The state of your clothes is proof enough! If I did not stumble in on you, who knows what else you might have done?”

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