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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 721 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 721 by desirenovel

Twenty Year Old Grudge

“My mother?” repeated Lyanna, stunned. “How did you know my mother?”

“Your mother and I were childhood friends. Your grandfather, her father, was once the Poison King of Mapleton. After sustaining heavy injuries during a battle with the Empyrean Sect, he betrothed your mother to me in addition to naming me his heir to the throne as he knew that he did not have long to live.”

Poison King paused to drain another glass of wine before continuing. “On the eve of our wedding night, your mother ran away with another man from Mapleton. It took me a year to track them down before I learned that your mother was pregnant. Imagine my fury when I found out. After all, she was meant for me! Backing out of our wedding and carrying another man’s child was all the insult I can bear.”

As he spoke, the cold glint in his eyes became more pronounced. It was obvious that the passage of time had done little to assuage his resentment.

Lyanna’s eyes went wide with surprise. “Did you have my parents killed?”

Poison King nodded after recovering from his momentary surprise. “That’s right, I did. When I found out that your mother was pregnant, I ordered for them to be hunted down like dogs in my rage. In the end, after being wounded by my wasps, I found out that she had already given birth to a girl. I brought the child back and raised her as my own. I think you’re smart enough to piece the rest of the story together.”

Lyanna was nonplussed. “If you hated my parents so much, why didn’t you have me killed back then? Why bring me back?”

“You will find out very soon,” replied Poison King with a leer which sent a shiver down Lyanna’s spine.

“By the way,” he added, “how did you find out that your parents died by my hand?”

“When I was in Horington to capture Jared, I met a woman who look exactly like me. She turned out to be my younger sister. My mother had given birth to twins back then. You didn’t know that, did you? You’d only managed to steal away one! They’d put her up for adoption when they were on the run from you. I found out that my sister’s adoptive parents were killed by wasp venom native to Mapleton. So, I put two and two together.”

Lyanna gazed coldly at her godfather with sudden and intense mistrust. The man who raised me turned out to be the one responsible for the death of my parents.

Poison King was stunned. “You have a sister? No wonder your parents didn’t seem too upset about leaving you behind after sustaining heavy injuries! Turns out there was another girl. They must have abandoned you to protect your sister, Lyanna.”

“I believe the choice to leave me behind must have been a difficult one to make,” she said curtly, bristling with rage. “I’ve made my peace with their decision. Your words are not going to hurt me.”

Since he’d shown his hand, I’ll show mine too.

“I do regret not being more thorough in my investigation,” Poison King lamented. “If I had, I would have two of you who looked exactly like your mother.”

There was suddenly something primal in his gaze upon his goddaughter.

Lyanna became deeply uneasy. Turning around with the intention to leave, she slumped over as soon as she got up which necessitated her to brace herself against the table for support.

“What was in that wine?” she gasped with a terrified gaze at him.

“Oh, just something to loosen you up. You asked me why I kept you for twenty years instead of killing you along with your parents, didn’t you? Well, it’s for this very moment. I will have you please me in your mother’s place.”

By that moment, the maniacal glint in Poison King’s eye was no longer fleeting. His lust was becoming insatiable.

“You scum!” Lyanna’s eyes blazed with fury as she attempted to raise her hand to slap him. To her horror, her body failed to obey her.

“Calm down. We have all night,” Poison King crooned as he scooped her up and dumped her on the bed. “Soon, you will be begging to be ravished. After waiting twenty years, I’m not going to let my hard work go to waste by letting Carlos have the pleasure of deflowering you. I’ll have my way with you before delivering you, used and degraded, over to him. Treat me well tonight and you might get to keep your life. If you don’t… I’m sure you’re aware of what the parasites are capable of.”

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