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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 718 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 718 by desirenovel

He Intends To Marry Lyanna

The moment Poison King twisted open the bottle cap, he was greeted by a whiff of sweetness and felt refreshed instantaneously.

“Poison King, don’t drink it impulsively!” Nevertheless, Weston stopped him when he was about to take a sip.

Weston could not help but snort inwardly. Mapleton and the Empyrean Sect have been harboring grudges against each other for such a long time. How’s it possible for both parties to mend the relationship with just a few words? If the water was poisoned, Poison King would only be putting himself on the line if he takes it!

“Haha! Master Weston, you’re really cautious. Who could know better than all of you from Mapleton about poison in the whole southwest region? Anyone who dares to challenge you on that must have lost their minds!” Carlos mocked and took the bottle back. After that, he took a mouthful to convince them.

Meanwhile, Poison King reprimanded Weston, “Get out of my way now!”

He was flattered by Carlos’ words. Hmph! Those who dare to poison us must be digging their own graves!

“Mr. Xuereb, please excuse my subordinate’s rudeness,” Poison King said in embarrassment.

Next, he took the glass bottle and gulped down the water.

Seconds later, he felt refreshed and even sensed an instant ripple of warmth flowing continuously in his elixir field.

“Poison King, how do you feel now?” Carlos asked, flashing him a smile.

“Wow! It’s indeed a goody!” Poison King gasped, tossing away his earlier doubt of Carlos’ words.

“Poison King, I’ll bring you more next round since you like it. I believe it’s a matter of time for you to break through your current stage and become a Martial Arts Grandmaster with the help of this magical water.” Carlos chuckled.

“Mr. Xuereb, you’ve brought us such a wonderful treasure. We feel bad if there’s nothing to give you back in return. Just tell me right away if there’s anything you wish to obtain from us.” Poison King cut to the chase.

He was sure as h*ll that the Empyrean Sect had an ulterior motive for offering him something so miraculous.

Carlos cast a look at Lyanna alongside him before his lips curved into a smile. “Poison King, I’ve fallen for Ms. Lyanna ever since I first set my eyes on her many years ago. Now that we’ve grown up, I hope you can grant my wish to marry her. By then, the Empyrean Sect and Mapleton will be in-laws. Isn’t that fabulous since we’re going to form an alliance?”

Poison King furrowed his brows as he threw a glance at Lyanna. Undeniably, he had long since treated her as his woman after bringing her up painstakingly for twenty years. Now that Carlos had requested to marry her, he was reluctant to let go of her.

Nevertheless, the miraculous water from the mountain spring was irresistible for Poison King. Prevailed by his desire to break through his current stage and become a Martial Arts Grandmaster, he eventually gritted his teeth. “Okay! Mr. Xuereb, I’ll grant your wish. When do you plan to escort her back to the Empyrean Sect?”

“Three days later!” Wearing a look of sheer triumph, Carlos held out three fingers.

Even though Carlos was seemingly an eligible bachelor, Lyanna did not like him. Her heart thumped when Poison King gave in to Carlos. The next moment, she knelt in front of him and pled, “Godfather, I feel that I’m still young. I wish to be by your side forever, so I don’t feel like marrying anyone…”

Poison King glared at her and snapped, “The decision lies in my hands. Lyanna, are you planning to go against my will, huh?”

“No! Godfather, I would never have such an intention!” Lyanna yelled out apprehensively. She had no choice but to bite her lip as she got to her feet and stepped backward.

On the other hand, Jared had been scrutinizing Carlos all this while. He was astounded that the latter seemed to be emanating negative energy. His gut instinct told him that Carlos must have gone through Demonic Cultivation. Hmph! This fellow must have something up his sleeve since he insists on marrying Lyanna!

“Lyanna is mine! How dare anyone requests to marry her?” he suddenly fumed and wrapped his arms around Lyanna. There was even surging fury in his eyes.

The sudden twist caught Lyanna off guard. Carlos was also flabbergasted. Initially, he assumed Jared was just an ordinary member of Mapleton. It never came to his mind that the latter would dare to hug Lyanna, claiming that she was his woman in front of everyone!

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