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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 717 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 717 by desirenovel

Water From The Spirit Spring

“Sure! We’re more than happy if the Empyrean Sect is willing to reconcile with us!” Poison King replied at once, over the moon.

After all, there were countless sects other than Mapleton and the Empyrean Sect in the whole of the southwest. Subsequently, everyone fought over the limited resources for cultivation and expanding their turfs. That explained why Poison King had discreetly instructed Fabian to work his way to Jazona.

Since Mapleton and the Empyrean Sect had been battling against each other and sustaining losses for decades, other sects had benefitted from it. In other words, their members had steadily been gaining tremendous advancement in their combat prowess, whereas the martial prowess of Mapleton had been stagnant.

Nowadays, most of the members from the other sects had become Martial Arts Grandmasters one by one. Nonetheless, Poison King was still stuck at Top Level Senior Grandmaster without the slightest sign of having a breakthrough. As a result, he was feeling pressured and anxious.

That was the reason he wished to cultivate a cadaver king desperately. He presumed the other sects would not be a threat to Mapleton any longer if they could cultivate one successfully.

“Poison King, since you have no objection, it’s time the Empyrean Sect and Mapleton let bygones be bygones. To express our utmost sincerity, I’ve brought some goodies exclusively for you this time around,” Carlos uttered earnestly.

The next second, one of the subordinates standing behind him whipped out a glass bottle containing crystal-clear water.

Poison King looked at it and asked quizzically, “Mr. Xuereb, it looks like ordinary water from mountain springs. How could it be an invaluable treasure?”

“Poison King, since the Empyrean Sect and Mapleton will mend their relationship and form an alliance, I’ll not keep things under wraps from you. Do you know how we’ve become stronger so fast within these few years? So far, there are almost twenty new Senior Grandmasters in our sect. Moreover, my father even became a Martial Arts Grandmaster within a short span after being stuck at Top Level Senior Grandmaster for ten years!” Carlos stated, smiling mysteriously.

Poison King shook his head. “I’ve no idea. Mr. Xuereb, can you tell me why?”

Poison King could hardly wait to know how the Empyrean Sect became that much stronger. All the other members of Mapleton perked up their ears out of curiosity too.

In the meantime, only Jared kept his eyes glued to the glass bottle. He racked his brain on why he could seem to detect spiritual energy from it.

There was no way for the glass bottle to contain spiritual energy. Thus, he was convinced that it was from the water in the bottle. But how is it possible for the water to contain spiritual energy? Ah! Could it be water from the spirit spring?

As Jared was deep in thought, Carlos continued to explain, “Poison King, let me be frank with you. Three years ago, a mountain spring suddenly appeared somewhere near our base on the mountain. Initially, there was nothing unusual about this mountain spring. But somehow, all our disciples love to drink the water from there because of its natural sweetness. Not long after that, we gradually discovered that it could strengthen our bodies and health. Furthermore, consuming the water long-term boosts our combat prowess other than curing our injuries and illness. My father had great advancement and finally became a Martial Arts Grandmaster after consuming the miraculous water too!”

Poison King was dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Weston and the others wore a look of sheer disbelief. There are many mountain springs on our turfs too. Moreover, the water from those mountain springs forms a stream that flows across our land. Hence, most of us from Mapleton has been consuming the water from the mountain spring. Yet, why didn’t we feel anything after consuming it?

“Mr. Xuereb, you’re not bluffing me, are you? Do you mean to say that water from a mountain spring is able to enhance our health and let us achieve a breakthrough?” Poison King asked in bewilderment.

To him, it did not make sense that water from a mountain spring could do miracles. How is it possible for someone stuck at the same level for ten years to gain a breakthrough abruptly after drinking the water from a mountain spring?

“Poison King, what’s the point for me to lie to you? I’ve brought some water from the mountain spring. If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try yourself.”

Next, he handed the glass bottle to Poison King.

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