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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 710 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 710 by desirenovel

Twenty Years Of Grudge

“After we get off the plan, you must obey my instructions. You are besotted with me because I have seduced you. Therefore, you need to appear love-struck. Otherwise, they could see through the act,” Lyanna whispered to remind Jared.

Jared nodded slightly and hugged Lyanna tighter. He took a deep sniff of her scent and looked at her with obsessive yearning.

Meanwhile, Poison King looked at himself in the mirror in his bedroom in Mapleton. Then, he slowly took out a photo. It had turned slightly yellow with age and showed a man and a woman.

The man was a young Poison King. At the time, he had dark hair and looked handsome. Meanwhile, the woman in the photo was beautiful and vibrant in her floral dress. Her face looked similar to Melanie and Lyanna’s.

Poison King looked at the woman in the photo and caressed her face. His gaze turned gentle as he said, “Faye, it has been twenty years. Time passes so quickly, and now, your daughter has grown up. She looks so much like you. I think of you whenever I see her. You had betrayed me twenty years ago. Now, I will make your daughter pay for your sins. See, I have prepared the room. Once she has returned, I will make her my wife. I believe when I bed your daughter, it would feel just like doing it with you…”

Poison King muttered to the photo, and desire burned in his eyes. Soon, the woman’s face grew blurry from his constant rubbing.

Suddenly, someone opened the bedroom door and rushed in, causing Poison King to jump in shock. He quickly threw the photo onto the table.

It was one of Poison King’s subordinates. He became afraid when he saw that Poison King was in a bad mood. His face turned pale as he explained quickly, “Poison King, Ms. Lyanna has gotten off the plane. She should be arriving in Mapleton in a few hours…”

The subordinate looked down and did not dare to meet Poison King’s gaze.

“Sure, I understand.” Poison King nodded and waved his hand. The subordinate immediately shivered, and a black insect flew out of his mouth.

After the insect flew out, the subordinate’s eyes widened, and he vomited blood before dropping dead.

“Someone come here and get rid of this body!” Poison King commanded. He did not bother to spare another glance at the dead body.

Soon, someone came in and dragged the body away. Then, Poison King looked through the window with eyes full of desire. “I have resisted for twenty years. Now, I can finally act out my desires.”

With that, Poison King took out a small bottle from his pocket. The label said aphrodisiac.

He had raised Lyanna for twenty years and knew her character well. Although Lyanna was born with seductive charm, she would not let any man touch her. Therefore, he needed extra measures to get her to bed.

Meanwhile, Jared and Lyanna had arrived in a city in the southwest. They walked out of an airport like a young couple in love.

The weather here was much warmer than Horington, so everyone dressed lightly. One could see many young ladies in shorts.

Lyanna had also changed her clothes. She now wore small denim shorts paired with a white singlet and a large pair of sunglasses. Her looks attracted the gaze of many men. If Jared did not keep holding her arm, a few men would have tried to hit on her by now.

Lyanna was a rare beauty. Therefore, many men could not help feeling jealous seeing Jared sticking so closely to her. They glared at him with hostility, but Jared did not care.

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