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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 708 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 708 by desirenovel

Get Yourself Killed

In actuality, Josephine did not oppose the idea of Jared being with Lizbeth. After all, she and Lizbeth were best friends. If Jared took Lizbeth as an additional companion, Josephine would always have her best friend with her.

Although Josephine could accept Lizbeth, it did not mean that she could allow Jared to be with any other woman. She would surely oppose if Jared were to take Melanie or Lyanna as his additional companion.

The mood in the living room became a little awkward. Suddenly, Lyanna screamed and pressed her hands tightly to her head. She seemed to be in pain.

“Lyanna… Lyanna… What’s wrong?” Melanie rushed to stop Lyanna from falling.

“Godfather is calling for me. I have to speak to him.” Lyanna frowned and seemed at a loss.

She did not know what she could report to Poison King. Lyanna knew she would be in trouble if she told him the truth.

However, if she lied to him, Poison King would eventually find out the truth. After all, she could not bring Jared to him.

“Lyanna, you shouldn’t return to Mapleton. We are not sure whether Poison King killed our parents. Let’s investigate it first.” Melanie did not want Lyanna to return to Mapleton. If Poison King killed their parents, Lyanna would be returning to a murderer.

“No, I don’t have a choice. If I don’t return immediately, Godfather would activate the parasite and make me suffer. If the parasite dies, I would die too…” Lyanna shook her head. Poison King had many subordinates, and he controlled them using this method.

“Don’t worry about that. Mr. Deragon can help you to remove the parasite. He is a renowned cultivator,” Melanie advised Lyanna.

Lyanna shook her head. “My godfather has raised me for many years. I can’t just leave him like this…”

“Lyanna, what would you do if Poison King was the one who killed our parents? Are you going to accept our parents’ murderer as your kin? Furthermore, Poison King wanted you to capture Jared. Since you can’t capture him, he will punish you when you return.” Melanie was worried and kept trying to get Lyanna to stay.

Lyanna remained silent before saying calmly, “I will ask Godfather about our parents. As for my failure to capture Jared, I don’t think he will do anything to me. After all, he has raised me for many years.”

Lyanna insisted on returning to Mapleton. She could not bear to leave the place she grew up.

“Brody would not lie. Since he said Poison King planted the wasp venom in your parents, it must be true. You could be in danger if you insist on going there,” Rayleigh warned Lyanna.

“I don’t care that it might be dangerous. I have to go back and ask Godfather.” Lyanna refused to back down.

“I will go with you,” Jared said suddenly.

“Jared, are you crazy? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” Josephine became worried when Jared proposed to go to Mapleton with Lyanna.

“Since Poison King wants to capture me, he will keep sending someone to abduct me. Therefore, I might as well go to Mapleton and meet him. Poison King is not even at Xander’s level of power. Since I killed Xander, why should I be afraid of Poison King.” Jared seemed unconcerned.

Lyanna looked at Jared with an astonished expression. She did not expect him to volunteer to go to Mapleton with her.

“You should not underestimate my Godfather’s abilities. Although he is only a Senior Grandmaster, he is adept with poison. Furthermore…” Lyanna hesitated but decided not to continue. It seemed that Poison King still had some secrets that Lyanna did not dare to divulge.

“Poisons don’t work on me, so I have nothing to be afraid of. You can take me there,” Jared replied.

There was another reason why Jared asked Lyanna to take him to Mapleton. To Jared, the poisonous creatures in Mapleton were good resources for his cultivation.

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