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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 700 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 700 by desirenovel


Since the girl was unconscious, Jared put her in his room and locked the door to prevent her from escaping. After that, Jared contacted Rayleigh and told him everything.

Rayleigh was shocked upon hearing it. He asked Jared to keep an eye on the girl. Then, he immediately rushed from Jadeborough to Horington with Melanie.

When dawn arrived, Rayleigh and Melanie reached Horington and saw Jared sleeping on the couch in the living room.

Jared vigilantly opened his eyes once he felt that someone was approaching. After seeing that it was Rayleigh and Melanie, he heaved a sigh and said, “Mr. Deragon, that girl is in the bedroom. I locked her in it so that she can’t escape.”

With that, Jared led Rayleigh and Melanie to the bedroom. As they were walking, Jared kept looking at Melanie. Deep down, Jared thought Melanie and the girl looked alike, with the only difference being the girl exuded a cold aura.

“Jared, why are you staring at me? Does that girl really look that much like me?” Melanie asked when she noticed that Jared kept gazing at her.

“Well, you two look practically identical,” Jared replied affirmatively.

At that, Melanie felt curious and was eager to meet the girl.

“Jared, did you say the girl used Seduction Technique as well?”

Jared nodded and replied, “Yes. She used Seduction Technique against me in the bar last night. At that time, I thought she was Melanie! Mr. Deragon, did you know who Melanie’s family was when you adopted her? Does she have any siblings?”

Rayleigh shook his head in response and said, “I didn’t meet Melanie in the first place. Someone else found her and handed her over to me. Hence, I have no idea if she has any siblings.”

Jared was surprised to know that Rayleigh wasn’t the first person who found Melanie.

They soon arrived at the bedroom. However, once Jared opened the door, a dagger plunged toward him.

Fortunately, Jared swiftly reached out and grabbed the dagger. The next moment, he crushed it into pieces with little force.

After the girl failed to hurt Jared, she wanted to escape. However, she was rooted to the floor upon seeing Melanie.

In the meantime, Melanie’s eyes went wide with shock when she saw the girl.

Since the two girls looked alike, they appeared to be reflections of one another in front of a mirror. The only difference was that they were wearing different clothes.

Rayleigh’s jaw dropped upon seeing them.

“I told you that you look just like my friend. Do you believe me now?” Jared said to the girl, who was still in a daze.

The girl didn’t respond to Jared, merely stared at Melanie. After a while, Melanie and the girl walked closer with their gazes locked on each other.

When there was about a meter between Melanie and the girl, rays of faint light suddenly exuded from their bodies before intertwining.

At that moment, Melanie and the girl could feel a strong sense of kinship, so much so that tears streamed down their faces.

“My older sister.” As tears of joy brimmed in Melanie’s eyes, she instinctively called the girl her elder sister.

“My younger sister.” The girl reciprocated while she was shedding tears of joy.

Melanie and the girl instinctively called each other sisters even though they didn’t know each other before, not to mention who was older.

Then, they tightly embraced each other.

Meanwhile, Jared and Rayleigh couldn’t believe their eyes.

Since Rayleigh had adopted Melanie when she was young, he knew that she had never met her family. Hence, he couldn’t fathom how Melanie instantly knew that the girl was her older sister. Is it just because they look alike? Even if they are twins, how did they tell who is the elder sister? Can’t Melanie be the elder one?

Rayleigh was dumbfounded as a series of questions flashed through his mind.

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