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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 699 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 699 by desirenovel

A Misunderstanding

“Well, since you called me a pervert, it’s only right that I show you how a pervert behaves,” said Jared.

He smiled menacingly and went after the lady.


The lady screamed while running and holding on to her clothes.

If anyone were to show up at that moment, they would’ve assumed that Jared was bullying the lady. No one would even suspect that she was the one who tried to murder him.

Jared chuckled when he saw her panicking like that. One quick step was all it took for him to zip to her side. The lady instinctively slapped him when she saw him there.

She forgot her hands were the only thing keeping her clothes intact, and that slap caused the fabric to move to the side, revealing her undergarment and shoulder.

“Huh, this is surprising. Who would’ve thought that a woman like you would wear red undergarments?” teased Jared evilly.

The lady was surprised. She realized that she had exposed herself, so she quickly tugged at her clothes to keep herself covered.

“You hooligan. I will haunt you to your grave!”

She glared evilly and parted her mouth. It seemed she was actually going to bite her own tongue off.

Jared knew she was serious about committing suicide, so he was frightened as well. He pushed her cheeks together to stop her from biting down, then knock the back of her head to render her unconscious.

“That was intense.”

Jared couldn’t help but frown at the fainted lady.

He wouldn’t let her die until he learned all about her true identity and why she wanted to capture him. He was curious because he didn’t recall ever stepping on her toe. So why is she so determined to capture me?

Jared had no choice at that moment. As unwilling as he was, he had to carry the lady and go back to the mansion in Dragon Bay.

As he traveled over, he thought about how he’d explain the situation to Josephine and Lizbeth. They were sensitive women, especially when they were together.

When he reached the mansion, he realized that neither Josephine nor Lizbeth had gone to bed. They were watching some dramatic soap opera on the tv. Ugh, I hate those shows.

When the ladies saw Jared coming home with an unconscious woman, they both sprang up from the couch.

“Jared, who is she?” asked Josephine.

“S-She’s someone I saw on the road. I felt bad for her because she was drunk,” lied Jared. He truly had no idea how to explain the situation.

Lizbeth, however, spoke up as soon as he finished speaking. “Oy, quit lying, Jared. She’s the woman who came looking for you a few days ago. She even gave you a bronze mirror. Gah, what is her name again?”

Lizbeth exposed Jared’s lie as soon as she saw the lady’s face.

“Her name is Melanie Woodlands,” replied Josephine.

“Ah, yes! That’s her.”

Lizbeth nodded.

Jared was instantly stumped. He forgot Josephine and Lizbeth had met Melanie in the past. He didn’t think to lie better because the woman in his arms wasn’t Melanie at all. She was just someone who looked identical to Melanie.

“Oh my gosh, you are a piece of work, Jared. I can’t believe you lied and claimed she’s just a drunk you met on the road. Do you take me as an idiot?” demanded Josephine as she glared at Jared.

“No, no. Listen to me. She’s not Melanie but some who looks like Melanie. That’s all.”

Jared tried to explain the situation to Josephine, but she didn’t believe a word he said. That was understandable. If Jared had heard a story like that, he wouldn’t have believed it either. In fact, the girl looked so much like Melanie that even he mistook her identity earlier.

“Go have fun with the woman, Jared. I’ll leave!” roared Josephine.

She left in a puff.

Lizbeth glared at Jared as well. After that, she left to chase after Josephine.

“Wait, Josephine. Lizbeth!”

Jared had the lady in his arms and watched as both Josephine and Lizbeth walked away. Hopelessness and annoyance engulfed him. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I figure everything out. Only then will I be able to explain the situation to Josephine.

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