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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1169 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1169 by desirenovel

Who Is Stronger

The power of someone ranked at the Semi Martial Arts Marquis had revealed itself. The rank was the next one after Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster, but it was apparent that those ranked as Semi Martial Arts Marquises had a more intense aura.

Unfortunately, that strong aura did not work on Jared.

He stood there firmly as though nothing was wrong.

When Quintus saw how steady Jared was, he increased the intensity of his aura by several folds. Jared retaliated by moving his shoulders a bit. A golden, majestic aura burst out of the latter’s body.

The two auras crashed into one another and instantly caused an explosion.

At that moment, the sky turned dark, and neither the sun nor the moon could be seen. The earth trembled, and the Wood family’s mansion began to crumble.

The huge energy wave affected everyone, causing them to back away constantly.

Xavier waved his arms and summoned a powerful force field around the place to confine the explosion as much as possible.

“Jared, don’t fight here. If you do, the entire Southernshire would be destroyed.”

Xavier looked troubled, as though he was straining. He bit down and exuded some aura to negate the aftereffects of the two auras clashing.

Jared quickly stopped when he saw what was happening. He turned to Quintus after that and taunted, “We’ll go to the rural areas to fight… That is… if you have the guts to do so.”

“Hah! I’ve long wanted to kill you, so why would I chicken out now?” replied Quintus before he harrumphed.

Jared jumped instantly. It didn’t take long before he saw a dark shadow chasing after him and heading up the mountain.

Quintus was right behind him, and the former’s speed was incredible.

Xavier sighed deeply before quickly leading his men and chasing after the two of them.

By then, Jared and Quintus had already reached their destination.

Quintus attacked the second he landed.

He assembled a wave of incredible aura and hurled it toward Jared, making it rush to him like a tsunami.

The terrifying aura caused the boulders and stones to fly everywhere in the wilderness, and the mountain’s peak started breaking apart.

Before anyone knew it, the incredible aura had gathered above Jared’s head.

It turned into a humongous hammer right there!

The golden glow made it look as though the hammer was dropped from heaven.

On top of that hammer was a bolt of lightning that mercilessly struck down.

In an instant, the earth grumbled, and the boulders and trees were pulverized. There was even a moment when Jared’s body seemed to have been burnt, causing the smell of smoked flesh to spread out.

Xavier was at the bottom of the mountain at the time, and seeing all that stunned him.

“Quintus had grown so much within such a short time. It’s insane…”

Xavier didn’t know that Quintus had grown exponentially over the past few years. It was obvious that the latter had grown much faster than the former had.

It actually made sense. Demonic Cultivation was meant to allow rapid growth. Why else would anyone risk getting killed just to master it?

“I guess that means Jared is not a match against Quintus, huh?” asked a member of the Law Enforcement Department as he turned to Xavier.

“I can’t say anything for sure now. Jared might have Golem Body, but Quintus’ strength suggests that he is about to be a Martial Arts Marquis. Hence, there is no saying who is stronger at this point.”

Xavier had his eyes trained on the peak and was monitoring the fight.

At that moment, Jared’s body began glowing in bright gold. One by one, golden scales grew out of Jared’s body, creating an impenetrable armor on him.


Another lightning struck Jared, but he withstood the immense pressure and jumped into the sky.

Jared clenched his fist and engulfed it in a golden light.

“Sacred Light Fist!”

Jared threw his punch and hit the humongous hammer that had formed out of nowhere.

When his fist touched the hammer, the solidified hammer instantly broke apart and turned into droplets of lights before fading away completely.

Jared, on the other hand, hovered in the sky like a deity. It was as though he were a celestial being monitoring the entire world.

Xavier tilted his head up and practically gawked at Jared. Admiration and surprise filled the former’s eyes. “Jared’s strength is ridiculous. He is definitely a blessed genius. No wonder Mr. Sanders has high hopes for him.”

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