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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1084 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1084 by desirenovel

Heading To The Northwest

Rayleigh smiled resignedly before elucidating, “It’s a long story. More than twenty years ago, there were altogether five villains instead of the current four villains in the Village of Villains. In fact, I was the fifth member back then…”

After a pause, he continued, “Your mother saved me when my mortal enemy was going after me. Since then, I left the Village of Villains and stayed by her side as her bodyguard. That’s how I became a member of the Deragon family and changed my name to Rayleigh Deragon. Time flies, and more than twenty years have gone. The Village of Villains’ power has also soared tremendously throughout these years. Nevertheless, the other four villains still show me some respect. As long as I ask for their help, they’re willing to help me without a second thought.”

It was then that realization dawned on Jared. So Rayleigh used to be one of the villains in the Village of Villains!

Nevertheless, he did not mention anything about the Dragon Sect to Rayleigh, as it was considered his last trump card. To play safe, he reckoned he’d better not let too many know about that.

After bidding farewell to Rayleigh, Jared headed straight to the airport with Lizbeth.

The northwest was relatively far from Jadeborough. It was located at the farthest end of Chanaea’s borderland and was known as the most barren place in the country. Even so, many martial artists loved to cultivate there because of the ideal environment and vast forest.

After Jared got off the plane, only then did he realize that the city was far more barren than any other place he had been. It was not even as developed as small cities like Horington.

“Mister, do you need a ride?” A taxi driver approached Jared right after he stepped out of the arrival hall.

Jared nodded and hopped into the taxi with Lizbeth in his arms.

“Mister, where do you plan to go?” the taxi driver asked him.

“Please take us to a bigger hotel first. We need to take a rest,” Jared requested.

Since he was clueless about the location of Karl’s residence, he had to find a way to track it down first.

“Mister, you’re not local, are you? You have a different accent. What brings you here? All the young ones here are currently working and settling down elsewhere. They’re not willing to stay in such a deserted place here.” The friendly taxi driver initiated small talk enthusiastically.

With his eyes closed, Jared replied casually, “I’m here to visit a friend.”

The taxi driver continued to blabber, “From the way you dress, I can tell you’re rich. I’ll take you to the only five-star hotel in the city then. I heard it’s lavishly designed. Anyway, I guess I won’t have the chance to spend a night there in this lifetime. If I’m not mistaken, it cost more than one billion to build the hotel. Good gracious! What a sum!”

“It doesn’t matter!” Jared responded casually.

He was not particular about the type of hotel. It was no different for him, regardless of where they would stay.

“Only the Baron of the Northwest from the Gardner family can afford to build a five-star hotel. However, I heard the Gardner family had been closely acquainted with other prominent families in Jadeborough lately. It seems the whole family intends to move there. If so, Xenhall will become more deserted.” The taxi driver let out a deep sigh.

Jared suddenly opened his eyes and asked excitedly, “Mister, so you know Karl Gardner, the Baron of the Northwest, don’t you?”

The taxi driver was momentarily stunned before piping up, “Of course, I know! The Gardner family is deemed the most prominent family in the northwest. I heard no one in the northwest can defeat the Baron of the Northwest. Everyone is terrified of him.”

“No one in the northwest can defeat him?” Jared’s lips curled into an ambiguous smile.

Obviously, Jared did not believe the taxi driver’s words. Karl Gardner is at most an Eighth Level Martial Arts Grandmaster. How’s it possible that no one in the whole northwest can defeat him?

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