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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1070 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1070 by desirenovel

Drinking Blood

No one could stop themselves from gasping in shock at the scene.

Ryker was filled with anger and shame.

His son was the golden child of the Deragon family.

Yet, at the moment, he was as limp as a rag doll in Jared’s hand.

Edgar glared at Jared with furious eyes. “Jared Chance, do you actually dare to kill me? Not only will the Deragons not let you off the hook, but even the Warriors Alliance will be after you if you kill me.”

“I’m not scared of anyone.”

Jared tightened his fists. When he thought about how his biological mother was still suffering in the Deragon residence, hatred surged through him, and in the next second, he smashed a fist onto Edgar.

Edgar was already severely injured. The punch from Jared instantly took away his ability to even stand.

Then, Jared flung Edgar to the ground before stepping on Edgar’s head. Jared then looked up at Ryker.

A taunting look was apparent in Jared’s eyes, and only Ryker understood why Jared was staring at him that way.

In response, Ryker clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

The Deragon family had been greatly humiliated by the battle of that day.

While Jared was fixing his gaze on Ryker, Edgar took out a small glass bottle.

When he opened it, a pungent scent of blood wafted in the air.

Without hesitation, Edgar drank the bottle of blood.

Edgar’s aura rapidly recovered right after he drank the blood. Even his weak body was starting to regain its strength as a layer of red flame began burning on his skin. As a matter of fact, even Edgar’s eyes turned crimson.

Jared drew his brows together and swiftly retreated. After he studied the changes on Edgar’s body and smelled the metallic scent in the air, Jared turned even more livid.

“Josephine! This is Josephine’s blood!” Jared glared at Edgar. “D*mn you! I’m going to skin you alive!”

Jared was already feeling extremely guilty for not being able to rescue Josephine.

Yet, Edgar was drinking Josephine’s blood in front of Jared. That only infuriated Jared even more.

“The one who should die is you!”

Edgar’s body was alight, burning like a ball of fire, as he dashed toward Jared.

Jared extended his hand and summoned the Dragonslayer Sword. Like Edgar, the Dragonslayer Sword was on fire as well.

“What did Edgar drink? How did he recover his aura so quickly?”

“It looked like blood. I wonder what kind of blood it was to make him recover so rapidly in such a short period of time.”

“The Deragons have many treasures, and only now is Edgar using one of them. It seems like he can’t defend himself against Jared anymore.”

“I’m shocked that Jared still has an ace up his sleeve. That sword in his hand doesn’t look like any ordinary sword…”

The crowd chattered among themselves.

In the meantime, Edgar and Jared began to exchange blows again. They were like two sparks of flames clashing against each other when they fought.

Jared swung his Dragonslayer Sword across Edgar’s chest, and blood gushed out as the flames on Edgar began dying down.

“I’m going to use your lives to compensate Josephine for the pain she has suffered!”

Blinding rays of light flashed out from the Dragonslayer Sword, and Jared stabbed it at Edgar again.

At that very moment, a bronze handbell manifested in Edgar’s hand.

Ring! Ring!

Edgar gently shook the bronze handbell, and a pleasant sound came from it.

Then, a wave of energy washed over everyone present.

Time seemed to have stopped, and the sword Jared stabbed toward Edgar froze a hair’s breadth away from Edgar.

The second Jared halted, Edgar threw out a punch. The force of that punch pierced through Jared!

Like a kite with its string cut, Jared flew backward before crashing onto the ground.

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