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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1068 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1068 by desirenovel

Millesimal Gravitation

Even Warren had a solemn look on his face. “No wonder Master Derrell dared to speak such confident words. He said that he’d get Edgar to fight with me and that Edgar would definitely win against me. Now, it seems like Edgar will really be surpassing me if he trains for a period of time!”

Warren was starting to feel a sense of pressure. Although he was currently the director of the Warriors Alliance, no one would be willing to work under him unless he was genuinely capable. If a junior were to surpass him, his reputation would suffer, and the people working under him would have much less respect for him.

“Mr. Deragon, Mr. Edgar used Millesimal Gravitation! He might be in danger himself if he doesn’t use it well!” Godrick whispered to Ryker.

By then, Ryker’s expression was grim. However, there was nothing he could do anymore. He could only pray that Edgar would succeed in using Millesimal Gravitation.

Right then, the bloody mist rose from Edgar’s body and toward the dark clouds.

Jared’s face was grave as he stared at the bloody mist on Edgar. Jared’s muscles were tense, and he readjusted the Power of Dragons to make the golden light on him brighter.

“Jared, you’ve underestimated me,” Edgar said as he manipulated the shroud of bloody mist.

In the next second, as if it was a magnet, the bloody mist attracted the lightning in the dark clouds.

Jared frowned. So Edgar’s trying to use the electricity in the lightning to fight against my indestructible body.


Edgar swung his hands, and the red mist instantly shrouded Jared. Then, the lightning from the dark clouds shot toward Jared.

The bolt of lightning that Edgar directed toward Jared was a move as mighty as if Edgar had thrown a mountain at him. After all, the bolt of lightning was a powerful force originating from the energy of heaven and earth, and it was not easy to defend against it.


Finally, the bolt of lightning came crashing down on Jared.

Jared roared as the golden light around him became brighter. Then, a golden dragon appeared.

It, too, roared before colliding against the bolt of lightning.

The resulting explosion shook the earth and made the winds blow past everything. The people around them quickly used their auras to keep themselves rooted to their spots.


Again, another bolt of lightning struck down from the dark clouds.


The golden glow on Jared was becoming more and more radiant. Again, Jared condensed the Power of Dragons into a golden dragon before using it to strike that bolt of lightning.

“What technique is Jared using?”

As Zion studied the golden dragon that Jared manifested, he frowned.

“I’m not sure. However, I’ve heard that Jared had encountered a miraculous event in his life too. I wonder if it’s related to this golden dragon.”

Warren shook his head.

Meanwhile, the dark clouds in the sky were still gathering, and lightning was still flashing in them.

“You’ve used your last chance,” Jared announced.

Then, as he let out a roar, a terrifying amount of power surged out from him.

The golden light surrounding Jared skyrocketed toward the sky.

It cleared up the dark clouds in seconds, and the sun reappeared again.

At that, Edgar hastily converted the red mist into a sword and aimed it at Jared.

What Edgar was trying to do was to take the opportunity and kill Jared now that Jared no longer had the golden glow protecting him.

Yet, to everyone’s surprise, Jared shot out a punch when he saw Edgar aiming the sword at him.

A wave of mighty energy burst out from Jared’s punch and dissipated Edgar’s sword made of red mist.


The next thing Edgar could feel was his chest tightening as his body flew backward.

A second later, he crashed onto the ground, and a crater formed from the impact.

“How can this be?”

Ryker paled, and he shot to his feet as he was filled with concern for his son.

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