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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1063 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 1063 by desirenovel

The First Five Moves

Sure enough, as Jared’s body glowed with a golden light, Edgar reappeared in mid-air above Jared and aimed a blow at his head.

Jared crossed his fists and raised them in one swift motion to block the attack.


The sound of something striking another heavily reverberated through the air, and Jared’s feet sank into the arena’s floor. Even the durable marble cracked, sending broken chunks and rubble scattering everywhere.

In the crowd’s eyes, that one attack had been sufficient to relegate Jared to a disadvantageous position.

“Once a genius, always a genius. As expected of Jadeborough’s most gifted young man, Edgar’s attack has the aura of a Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster,” someone commented.

“I’m afraid Jared won’t even be able to withstand ten attacks. It looks like we’ll be turning a profit today.”

Another said, “I thought this fight would pack a punch, but it looks like there won’t be much excitement.”

The onlookers began discussing among themselves upon seeing what had happened.

However, they failed to notice that although Jared’s feet had sunk into the floor and he was getting pressed down by Edgar from above, he did not look the least bit panicked. In fact, there was even a hint of a smile on his lips.

For some reason, Edgar felt a chill run down his spine when he saw the expression on Jared’s face.

To prevent Jared from getting up to any tricks, Edgar suddenly pushed himself away from the former. Then, he put some distance between them before landing steadily on his feet opposite Jared.

“That was the first move…” Jared remarked impassively.

Everyone was puzzled by his words, and even Edgar looked somewhat dumbfounded.

None of them understood what Jared meant by his random remark.

Suddenly, Colin’s eyes lit up, and he exclaimed, “I know! That means Jared is giving Edgar a head start and letting Edgar make the first three moves!”

Surprised by what he had said, everyone turned toward Jared at the same time.

Is Jared serious about letting his opponent make the first three moves when he’s up against the talented Edgar in this arena?

No one believed it was true!

Edgar narrowed his eyes, and the muscles at the corners of his eyes twitched. He felt that that was the biggest slap in his face!

Looking at Jared as he stood in the arena, Howard asked, “Jared, what did you mean by that? Are you allowing him to deal three blows on you first before you make your move?”

Jared turned to him with a slight smile. “Your guess is only partially correct. I’m not letting him make the first three moves, but the first five…”

“Five moves?”

Howard was flabbergasted.

In a match between highly-skilled fighters, a moment’s negligence could sometimes result in the loss of life. Hence, who would want to let their opponent strike five blows without fighting back?

The others also gasped. They could not help feeling shocked by Jared’s answer.

Incensed by Jared’s reply, Ryker stood up abruptly and snapped, “Is spouting a load of hot air the only thing you’re good at, Jared? Edgar, don’t go easy on him. Cripple this insolent b*stard! I want him to suffer a fate worse than death!”

Given the time and place, Jared’s words were undeniably the biggest snub to the Deragon family, and there was no way Ryker would tolerate it.

Meanwhile, Edgar was so enraged that he trembled with anger, and his eyes reddened.

“You’ve got some nerve, Jared. I’m going to skin you today!”

He gritted his teeth as his aura surged wildly. Then, a ball of blue light appeared above his fist.

“Sacred Light Fist!” Edgar roared, launching a vicious punch toward Jared’s chest.

Edgar’s mentor, Derrell, had created that secret technique, and it could easily smash through mountains and crush rocks.

“That’s… That’s Master Derrell’s secret technique! I didn’t expect Edgar to have learned it!” someone cried out.

“I’ve witnessed the power of Master Derrell’s Sacred Light Fist before. A single punch was enough to make a small hill crumble and collapse!” said another person.

“Jared is doomed now. Where did he get the guts to say he’d allow his opponent to strike five blows on him? Isn’t he digging his own grave?”

Everyone was stunned to see that Edgar had used Sacred Light Fist.

With a loud thud, Edgar’s blow struck Jared directly on his chest.

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