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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 409

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 409

Trevor rushed to Summerbank without further delay.

After learning about Sebastian’s ex-wife, he told his daughter not to get into a fight with the former.

No matter what, the woman was the children’s mother. If Roxanne did anything to harm her, Frederick would be the first one to protest.

After what happened previously, Sebastian even let the matter go.

Clearly, he didn’t want to put Sasha in a tough spot.

Hence, it was best to stay away from her.

Yet, he didn’t expect his daughter would create havoc that quickly.

“Mr. Frost, can you tell me about the current situation? What happened to Ms. Wand?”

“She can’t wake up. The doctor said she’s in a deep hypnotic state. It has been five days since she lost consciousness. Mr. Rocke, Mr. Hayes is worried she might forget about her kids. What should we do if that happens?” Karl uttered and shot him an icy glare.

The color fell from Trevor’s face.

What do I do now? My daughter can marry into the Hayes family, but the kids’ mother will always be Sasha Wand. If that is true, then the marriage will be over.

Suddenly, Trevor realized why Sebastian summoned him instead of his daughter.

Soon, they arrived at Summerbank Hospital.

To their utter surprise, they saw Sasha up and about.

As the evening dusk shone into the ward, the young lady sought help to sit up. She was coughing violently and soon spat out a mouthful of blood.

“A-Are you alright?” asked Sebastian, his tensed face drained of color.

He was afraid about something else, but as Sasha didn’t say anything after waking up, he had no choice but to wait. It felt like he had one foot at the edge of a cliff.

Finally, Sasha felt much better and lay back in her bed. Her lashes fluttered as sweat dripped down her forehead.

“I-I’m fine. I felt uncomfortable because the needle was stuck in my mouth, that’s all,” came her weak reply.

“Needle?” Sebastian was shocked.

He instinctively turned to stare at the pool of blood on the ground.

Indeed, there was a long and thin needle lying among the filthy mess. It was the needle she brought everywhere with her.

Sebastian felt his heart thumping furiously at the sight.

“Roxanne is stupid. We’re both doctors. I can’t believe she thought she could harm me with that useless trick of her? I was kind enough to spare her life!” Sasha exclaimed after regaining her strength.

She was capable of killing Roxanne.

Even an expert in hypnotizing would need an obliging patient.

Back then, after Sasha was taken away, she saw Roxanne and immediately realized what the woman wanted to do. Sasha’s needle was ten times swifter than Roxanne’s hypnotizing skills.

In the end, she didn’t do that.

Sasha had no intention of killing someone else. If I kill Roxanne, we’ll grow apart. After all, Roxanne is his first love. He won’t forgive me, will he?

Sasha lowered her head and licked her chapped lips. Her heart was aching inwardly.

Sebastian watched her closely in silence.

When she started cursing, he nearly ran over to pull her into his arms.

Her memory is still intact. Foolish woman. She ended up protecting herself this way. Doesn’t it hurt to place that needle in her own mouth?

Sebastian’s hands were trembling by his sides. His eyes grew red as though a dam was about to erupt from his within.

Nevertheless, he tamped down the urge to burst into tears as he had spotted Trevor at the door.

“Are you both still young? Why did you end up fighting? Didn’t you learn your lesson from the past events?” he demanded.

“What did you say?”

Sasha was wallowing when she heard the man’s words. She immediately looked up at him.

What was that about? I’m the victim! I didn’t harm that woman. How dare he blame me for what happened?

“I didn’t offend her!” Sasha’s eyes reddened. “She was the one who came to me and harmed me. Was that my fault?”

“If you didn’t offend her, why would she hypnotize you? Did she have too much free time?”

“How would I know? She’s crazy. She doesn’t need a reason to attack others!”

Sasha’s tears streamed down her cheeks instantly. Why is he being so unreasonable? It wasn’t even my fault! He must hate me a lot to jump to conclusions!

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