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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 406

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 406

“Upset? You must have mistaken. She was just disappointed that her plan failed again.” Suddenly, the man broke the silence.

Karl glanced at the rearview mirror.

Plan? Did I hear that correctly? Does that woman have a plan?

Staring at his employer in surprise, Karl asked, “Mr. Hayes, what does that mean?”

“Rufus Wand is about to be released. The best way to gain a firm foothold in Avenport is to establish connections with me. With my support, the Wand family will be able to make a comeback.”

“You mean Ms. Wand’s return is to help her father? She came to you to gain your support?” Finally, Karl understood what was going on.

He felt a stab of anger.

I’ve never seen such a heartless woman. She blamed everything on Boss who isn’t directly responsible. How could she be that heartless? Can’t she see what he has done for them?

With that, he stepped on the accelerator and sped away.

Sasha was allowed to leave the hospital by noon.

She entered the bathroom and changed into the new clothes.

When she came out of the bathroom, her phone was buzzing.


“Sasha, this is Travis Lozano. Have you left? If you’re still here, why don’t you come to meet us now? According to Frank, there’s an exhibition at Commerce Tower right now. Do you want to check it out?”

Turns out it was the owner of Gerrain Enterprise.

Exhibition? Hmm, perhaps I can head there to seek opportunities for potential business partners.

Sasha’s eyes lit up instantly. She hailed a cab and headed to the stated location.

As a matter of fact, Sasha didn’t have high hopes when she came to them. She had no idea they would end up being friends after last night’s events.

Soon, she met up with them.

“Sasha, are you alright? Who was the man? I was about to summon someone to beat him up, but I didn’t do so after you went out after him,” Frank immediately inquired upon seeing her.

Sasha could only flash an awkward smile.

Beat him up? Frank would’ve died before laying a finger on him.

“Uh, that was my ex-husband. Sorry for giving you a fright,” she explained apologetically.

Both Frank and Travis were shocked into silence.

Never in their wildest dreams did they expect that this young lady in her early twenties was divorced.

Of course, if they discovered who her ex-husband was, they might faint on the spot.

Soon, they arrived at the exhibition.

Sasha was thrilled to see many companies she was interested in at the exhibition. There were many famous and big corporations there, too.

She couldn’t hide her delight as she told the other two men, “Mr. Lozano, Mr. Wheatley, I’m going to look around. I’ll contact you again after this.”

“Sure. Sasha, go ahead.”

The three of them went separate ways to get clients for their respective companies.

Sasha was an expert in finance, but no one taught her how to run a business. Hence, she was flustered after making her rounds around the venue.

“Miss, are you looking for a trading company importing plastic products?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

Sasha flashed a surprise smile at the lady who came to strike up a conversation with her.

Hurricane Trading Company? That sounds familiar. Sasha took a look at the company’s name and mused silently.

The lady clad in a professional suit invited her to take a seat. “Our company specializes in that field. Miss, how much is your monthly production?”

“Err, how many does your company need?”

“If your product fulfills our requirements, we will need at least one million monthly.”

The woman showed Sasha a few samples on the table.

Actually, Sasha didn’t know that much about the plastic industry, but after reinstating Wand Enterprise, she hired a few employees that used to work in the company.

Hence, there would be no problem producing these products.

Tamping down her excitement, Sasha held the samples and asked, “That works. Can I take these bottles back as samples?”

“Sure. These are samples used in the exhibition. If you need them, we’ll have to go to our company to retrieve them. Of course, you can take the opportunity to visit our company.”

“No problem!”

Sasha would be a fool to reject the offer.

At once, she sent a text to Travis.

Travis and Frank didn’t mind her leaving first, of course.

Nevertheless, from that day onward, Lance, who had been waiting for her return at Avenport, lost contact with her.

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