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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 395

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 395

With a wry smile on her face, Sasha headed back home feeling utterly disappointed.

It pained Vivian to see her mommy so upset. “Why didn’t Daddy come over for dinner, Mommy? Does he not want us anymore?”

Sasha didn’t know what to say in response to her question.

Maybe he really doesn’t want us anymore… No… Now that I’ve decided to take the first step, I won’t let him abandon us!

Having regained her fighting spirit, she gave Vivian’s chubby body a hug and said, “No, Daddy is just a little busy, that’s all. Since we’re moving in tomorrow, we can go to Frontier Bay and invite them over for a meal! Both Daddy and your brothers. What do you think?”


Vivian giggled and clapped her hands happily.

Avoiding me, are you? Fine, I’ll show up at your doorstep, then! Let’s see how you can hide from that!

Sasha thought to herself with a decisive look in her eyes.

After Matteo and Ian returned to Royal Court One in Frontier Bay, the two of them ran upstairs to confront Sebastian who was in the study.

“Why didn’t you show up for dinner at Grandpa’s, Daddy? Was that on purpose?”

Roxanne was in the study too, and she quickly defended Sebastian when she heard what Matteo said. “That’s where you’re wrong, Matteo. Can’t you see that your daddy is busy working right now?”

However, that only made Matteo even angrier.

“That’s not true! You wouldn’t let Daddy go because you’re afraid of him seeing Mommy! Do you think I don’t know your plans, you evil woman?”


Roxanne got mad and stood up from the couch.

Ian quickly pulled his brother behind him. “What are you doing?”

Despite his young age, his tone was almost as cold as Sebastian’s, much to Roxanne’s chagrin.

Eventually, she swallowed her anger and walked up to Sebastian who had been sitting quietly by the desk the whole time. “Sebastian Hayes! Are you going to just sit around and let your kids slander me like this?”

The way she had rudely addressed him by his full name was a lot different from Xandra’s more cautious approach.

However, what Roxanne failed to realize was the fact that she had changed a lot over time.

Instead of just losing her temper and lashing out angrily on the spot like she normally would have, Roxanne was actually trying to please Sebastian without even noticing it.

Having taken a shower and changed into a light grey casual attire, Sebastian’s icy-cold aura had diminished significantly with the faint scent of shower gel and relaxed appearance.

However, that only made the cold look in his eyes a lot more intense as he glared at them.

“Ian, take your brother downstairs and go to bed.”


“You two went over to your Grandpa’s today without my permission. Ian, I’m being very lenient here by allowing you boys to see her, but you’d better not push it or you’ll regret it dearly!” Sebastian said, and the cold look in his eyes made it clear that he wasn’t kidding.

Matteo’s eyes reddened as he stood behind Ian.

“Daddy, you meanie! I don’t love you anymore!” he shouted as he ran off with tears rolling down his face, and his cries could be heard from the study upstairs for quite a long time.

Ian went livid with rage and glared daggers at Sebastian before going after his brother.

Roxanne grinned gleefully as she watched from the side.

Despite being overjoyed, she put on a magnanimous act and said, “Now, now… Don’t be so angry, Sebastian. They’re still kids, after all!”

I was actually worried about Sasha’s sudden return as I feared Sebastian would go see her and end up rekindling their past relationship. However, it seems my concerns were completely unnecessary after all! Sebastian’s cold and indifferent attitude toward her proves that his memory has truly been erased!

With that in mind, Roxanne left the room with a huge smile on her face.

A few minutes later, Sebastian came downstairs to see Matteo and Ian.

“The boys are already asleep, Mr. Hayes,” Wendy said.

She had come over to comfort them and tuck them in when she heard Matteo crying earlier.

Sebastian gave her a slight nod and scanned the bedroom to make sure they were really asleep.

He was about to return to his bedroom upstairs when Wendy called out to him from behind, “Wait, Mr. Hayes! There’s something I need to talk to you about!”

In view of her many years of service, Sebastian stopped in his tracks and turned around to face her.

Wendy swallowed nervously before continuing, “Mr. Hayes, they’re still too young to understand adult affairs. Right now, all they wish for is to be with their parents. If you have the time, and if they aren’t asking for too much, perhaps you could try to fulfill their request.”

Given her status as a housemaid, what she said was really out of line, and Sebastian had a displeased look on his face when he heard that.

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