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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 369

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 369

Vivian’s eyes instantly turned red at that thought.

Sasha noticed it and assumed that she had a bad day at preschool. Hence, she quickly squatted down and asked, “What’s wrong, sweetie? Did something happen?”

“No. It’s just that… I miss Matt and Ian. Mommy, perhaps Daddy doesn’t want us anymore?” Vivian glanced at her with eyes filled with tears.

Sasha was stunned by her words.

Vivian’s words were like a sharp knife that pierced through her heart. She thought she had forgotten about the pain. Yet, it was now gushing through her heart like waves.

I’ve always known that she kept in contact with her two brothers, but I didn’t expose her for the sake of their relationship. In fact, I’m glad that they could still talk to each other without feeling awkward. Besides, I would be able to gain some information from them.

But, what’s with her sudden question? What does it mean?

Sasha picked Vivian up and hugged her. “Of course not. Why would they do so when they love you so much? They’re just very busy.”

“But Daddy doesn’t talk about me anymore. He spends all his time with Ms. Rocke nowadays. I guess he doesn’t want me anymore.”

Sasha was overwhelmed with sadness when she heard Vivian speak about her true feelings.

I guess she must be very hurt.

So he’s with Roxanne all the time, huh? Perhaps he’s completely forgotten about us.

Sasha held her daughter as her heart was filled with devastation. Then, she recalled Roxanne’s words when she met her at the entrance of the Hayes residence.

She said that Sebastian did not forget me, but I didn’t believe her. But now that I think about it, there seems to be some truth in her words.

For example, he once said he’d feed me to the dogs. Yet, he didn’t do anything to me when we were at the dog pound. Instead, he treated me with kindness.

Similarly, did he really appear at the Blue Enchantress nightclub just to spy on Robert? Was it really just a coincidence? Furthermore, he even carried me to the hotel and made meticulous arrangements for me.

As she recalled the incidents that had happened, she suddenly felt her chest tighten, and it was too painful for her to breathe.

“Don’t worry. Mommy will take you to them on your birthday, alright? Then, you’ll be able to meet them!” she said.


Vivian instantly stopped crying. Her large, reddened eyes gleamed with surprise as she looked at Sasha.

Woohoo! Mommy’s taking me over to visit them! I must quickly tell Ian and Matt this good news!

Once Vivian stopped crying, Sasha placed her on her feet and went to the kitchen to make dinner.

A few minutes later, Ian who lived in Avenport received a call from Vivi.

“Are you saying that Mommy’s coming to visit us on our birthday?”

“Yes! Mommy told me just now. She said she’d take me with her to visit both of you. Aren’t you excited?” Vivian exclaimed.

Of course! Why wouldn’t we be?

But I wonder if Daddy would allow them to see us under such circumstances. He was even infuriated when we mentioned Mommy in front of him, forbidding us to bring her up again in the household.


Matteo hung up the call on his smartwatch. He sighed as he sat on his bed and looked at the bright stars outside his windows.

There was a time difference between Avenport and Moranta. Thus, it was past midnight when Vivian called.

Ian was woken up by Matteo’s sigh and looked at his brother with his sleepy yet bright eyes.

“What is it?”

“Vivi said Mommy will visit on our birthday. Vivi would be coming along too.”

“That’s good news!” Ian’s face lit up.

Yet, Matteo let out a long sigh.

“Yes, of course. But haven’t you seen how Daddy’s been like these days? He doesn’t even allow us to talk about Mommy! Do you really think he would let us meet her?”

“Don’t worry. Leave the talking to me,” Ian said.

Ian resembled Sebastian in many ways. For instance, once he had his mind set out to do something, no one could stop him.

Hence, as Sebastian was about to send them to preschool that morning, Ian carried his small backpack and stood in front of Sebastian with a solemn look.

“Daddy, I have to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

Sebastian was used to his son talking to him in this manner. After all, he was the one who brought the latter up.

Ian stood before the towering man and looked up to meet his eyes. “I’ve spoken to Mommy on the phone, and she told us that she would be visiting us on our birthday with Vivi. Then, we can finally reunite,” he said.

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