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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 359

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 359

It was a silent night without anyone around. The atmosphere and congenial environment made the two stand out in the picture, in an intimate way.

As the gentle breeze lifted the hem of the woman’s skirt, the man instantly held it down for fear of being seen by others.

How close are they for him to make such a move?

Roxanne almost smashed her phone into pieces.

No, this can’t be!

How could the hypnosis go wrong? I’m a well-known psychology prodigy in the country as well as internationally. How could a little hypnotism possibly fail?

Infuriated, she grabbed her handbag and left the residence.

On her way out, she ran into her mother. “Where are you going at this hour, Roxanne?”

“Leave me alone!” she replied rudely.

Then, she sped off.

What she did not know was that a black BMW was lurking in the dark nearby, waiting for her appearance.

When she was seen leaving the house, the man inside the BMW took out his phone and reported, “Hello, Boss, she has set off.”

“I see. She should be on her way to see Sebastian. If I’m not wrong, this woman will definitely make another move once she starts doubting her own medical skills.”

“So, what you’re saying is that… she will hypnotize Sebastian again?”

“That’s possible. No matter what, she will surely check if he has recovered from amnesia. You can easily launch your attack then,” the man reminded him in a sinister manner over the phone.

Upon hearing that, the man in the BMW stared at the gun in his hand and fell into a deep thought.

Why is he doing all these? He actually did not quite understand the plan.

This gun and its bullets are meant to kill people. Why does this boss want to go through so much trouble instead of loading it now and get rid of the person once and for all? Conversely, he’s asking me to pull the trigger only when Sebastian’s fiancée is hypnotizing him.

What on earth is going on?

With a mixed emotion, he kept his gun.

“Oh by the way, Boss, I don’t think Robert can hold on any longer. Should we save him?”

“Whatever for? He has accomplished his mission. Retiring from the plot is the best ending to us all. Just focus on your task and I won’t let you lose out on your reward.”

He did not expect to hear such a determined response about Robert.

Retiring from the plot?

The best ending for Robert is to be beaten to death?

The man in the BMW broke out in cold sweats at the thought of it.

Robert is one of the Hayes too, isn’t he?

Meanwhile, it was already midnight when Sebastian got home.

Supposedly, the two children and their housemaids should have been fast asleep with all lights switched off at that time.

However, the living room was still brightly lit.

“Roxanne? Why are you still here?”

He was astonished to see that woman sitting on his couch, watching television at an ungodly hour.

Roxanne had never spent the night at his villa because the kids would not allow it.

In order to respect their opinions, he had never let her stay overnight.

Therefore, Roxanne would always return home no matter how late it was.

What’s up with her tonight?

After changing into his slippers, Sebastian strode across the room with his car key.

Calm and composed, Roxanne quietly examined him from head to toe.

Her gaze did not leave his body at all.

She realized that he did not bring home his laptop.

He reeked of blood and there was also a faint scent lingering around him. Many thoughts ran across her mind, making her enraged. “Where did you go? Why are you back this late?”


Displeased at how she was interrogating him, Sebastian’s expression turned grim.

“Work issue. Why? What’s the matter?” he said indifferently. He initially wanted to walk toward her, but switched his direction and headed to the dining room.

Upset, Roxanne could no longer control her anger.

Jumping up from the couch, she darted across the room and bombarded him with more questions, “Did you go and see that woman? You didn’t suffer from a memory loss, did you?”

“What are you talking about? What memory loss?”

“Don’t try to act in front of me, Sebastian! I know that you didn’t fall for my hypnosis, right? You’re still keeping all of your memories about her. You’ve never forgotten about her. Is that so?”

What’s wrong with this woman? Look at her veins, they’re bulging out. She looks like a lunatic, barking loudly in the dining room in the wee hours.

It turns out to be true that people who’re extremely talented in a certain field act differently from ordinary people, especially when their pride is challenged.

Sebastian could not be bothered arguing with her.

Pushing her aside, he grabbed a glass and headed toward the water dispenser.

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