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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 329

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 329

“Solomon? Why are you here?”

After coming out of her room, Sasha was stunned to see the man there in the middle of the night.


How is this possible? When did he return, and more importantly, how did he find me?

“It’s me. I came back on purpose to pick you up, Nancy. Something happened over at Wall Street. Since I couldn’t get through, I flew back at once.”

Despite having rushed back, Solomon calmly explained the reason for his presence. Behind that gold-rimmed specs of his was a warm and gentle smile.

Sasha’s attention was captured.

“What happened? Is Lance alright?”

“No, the issue just relates to the project Andy and you have been working on. The Wall Street regulators have their eyes on it. Hence, Andy wants you to come back and deal with it to cover up his wrongdoings.”

To prove that he was telling the truth, Solomon had brought some documents with him.

Sasha looked through them at once.

Given that Andy liked to involve himself in illegal businesses, Sasha wasn’t surprised by Solomon’s words.

The report stated that the project she and Andy were running before she returned was a scam.

“Is he crazy? Why isn’t there anything?”

“Given that Andy is involved, anything is possible.” Solomon could only state the facts.

Sasha’s expression darkened in response.

If the goods for the contract she negotiated never existed, the transaction would be considered a serious crime. In fact, she might even be sentenced to prison.

With no time to lose, the woman returned to her room and picked the sleeping Vivian up.

“Let’s head to the airport right away.”


Smiling gently, Solomon left with both mother and daughter.

At that moment, a white Maybach was speeding down the highway with its driver flooring the accelerator.

Thirty minutes later, it returned to the village.

Knock! Knock!

Sebastian was in a foul mood, given the circumstances. It was a miracle that he didn’t kick down the farmhouse door right away.

When the farmer heard the sharp knock, he jumped out of bed in fright and rushed to open the door.

“Why are there so many visitors tonight? Who are you?”

“Where are they?”

With a pale face, Sebastian had no patience to wait for a response from the host. Instead, he stormed into the house and started searching.

The farmer immediately knew what the man wanted.

“Are you searching for the mother and daughter duo? Someone picked them up earlier.”


Sebastian stopped searching and glared at the farmer as if his eyes could spitfire.

The farmer was so frightened that he could hardly stutter out a reply. “It… It was a bespectacled man about your age. He took them away.”

Upon hearing that, Sebastian’s heart sank.

Staring blankly into space, it took him a while to digest what had just occurred.

A bespectacled man of my age?

Who could it be?


The moment Solomon appeared in his mind, rage swelled within him.

Since when did they keep in touch? Did she stay here on purpose so that she could meet him? Did they plan this?

Losing his rationality, his thoughts veered toward the extreme.

Staring at him warily, the farmer didn’t dare utter another word until he heard a frightening voice ask, “Where did they go?”

“Th-they seemed to be heading to the airport.”

The farmer could feel a chill run down his spine as he spoke.

With that, Sebastian stormed off at once, slamming the door behind him with a loud bang.

In a blink of an eye, his car was nowhere to be seen.

He sure is a terrifying man!

I wonder if the mother and daughter will be alright?

Meanwhile, Sasha had arrived at the airport with Vivian and Solomon.

Along the way, Solomon asked her if she wanted to send Vivian home first.

However, Sasha declined his offer.

“Vivi, does Daddy know you’re his daughter?”

“No, he has never brought it up.”

“In that case, why do you call him Daddy?”

“After you left, I was miserable. He asked me to call him Daddy. Mommy, is Daddy abandoning us? Why didn’t he come looking for us?”

Vivian had awoken by then. When she saw that she wasn’t at home and in an unfamiliar environment instead, she huddled in Sasha’s embrace with a miserable expression.

Sasha’s nose burned as she withheld her emotions.

How am I supposed to explain things to her?

If he is aware that she is his daughter, he would definitely have come for her. Unfortunately, he hates the fact that she isn’t.

Sasha let out a forlorn smile at that thought.

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