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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 323

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 323

Wendy was stunned by his crude answer.

She had initially wanted to ask Sebastian if he was mistaken. The children’s mother was already there, yet he had asked another woman to accompany them for the trip.

However, at that moment, Sasha had already passed the suitcases and the kids over to her.

“Wendy, send them over.”


“It’s fine.” Sasha shook her head, trying her best to make herself look nonchalant. Then, she shoved the handle of the suitcase into Wendy’s hand.

Naturally, she would be fine.

She would have to confront this issue sooner or later; it was just a matter of time.

Sasha turned after telling Wendy what to do, preparing to go back into the house.

“No! I don’t want Ms. Rocke! I want Mommy! I have Mommy here, so why do I need another woman to accompany me for my trip?”

Suddenly, Vivian started yelling loudly in Sebastian’s arms. She shot a furious glance at Roxanne before struggling to break free from her father’s arms.

“Come back, Vivi!” When her father saw her acting like that, he tried to grab her furiously.

Although Vivian usually looked adorable and blur, she ran extremely fast at such a critical juncture. In a short while, she had caught up with Sasha.

“Mommy, don’t abandon us! If you aren’t going, I won’t go too!”

Vivian hugged Sasha’s legs and burst into tears.

When Sasha saw that, she quickly squatted and hugged her daughter tight. Her heart ached as if daggers were piercing it.

“Don’t cry. I’m here, aren’t I? I won’t leave. I’ll wait for you at home, okay? Go with Daddy and Ms. Rocke. When you come back, I’ll cook some delicious food for you.”


Vivian was like her mother’s most loyal fan. No matter what Sasha said or how she tried to convince her, the little girl would not change her mind.

Sasha was speechless.

Just when she was at a loss for what to do, Matteo and Ian, who were initially standing beside Wendy, immediately ran toward Sasha.

“Yeah, we won’t go either!”

“We won’t go!”

The children’s minds changed simultaneously within a few seconds.

Sebastian was so furious that his face fell. Just when he was about to stride over and drag the three kids away, Wendy quickly intervened. “Mr. Hayes, if that’s the case, just bring Ms. Wand along.”

“Dream on!”

“Mr. Hayes, this is supposed to be a happy occasion for the kids. It won’t matter even if you bring an extra person along, right? Since you have three kids, you can let Ms. Wand take care of one of them. Don’t spoil the kids’ fun!” persuaded Wendy.

It was true that her suggestion was the best solution for now.

Roxanne was quick to catch on. When she noticed what was going on, she agreed, “Yeah, Wendy’s right. Let her take care of this little girl. I can’t take care of so many children alone too.”

Only then did the furious man show any signs of relenting.

After ten minutes, they set off in two groups. One group consisted of Sebastian, Roxanne, and the twins in his Maybach.

The other team consisted of Sasha, who seemed so out of place among everyone else, and Vivian.

Sasha instructed a bodyguard to send a car over before driving off.

“Mommy, I don’t like Daddy. He’s so mean! I can’t believe he didn’t let you tag along. Instead, he asked another woman to come!” complained Vivian gloomily as she sat on the children’s seat at the back of the car.

Sasha, who was focused on driving, could not help but feel touched when she heard the girl say that.

However, she still tried to educate her the right way. “You can’t think that way. Daddy loves all of you. He asked Ms. Rocke to accompany you because he wants to take care of you. You mustn’t dislike him, okay?”

I see…

Although Vivian was still quite unhappy when she heard that, she stopped complaining about her father.

They drove for about an hour before arriving at the destination.

As they had departed late, the other children in the preschool and their parents had already arrived at the village.

“Vivi, why are you so late? Everyone has already received their tasks.”


Panting, Sasha reached the field while carrying her daughter. When she saw another parent greeting her, she quickly placed Vivian onto the ground.

“We were caught in traffic congestion. That’s why we’re late.”

“I see. In that case, you can only look for the preschool teacher. There are a lot of tasks today—planting, fruit picking, harvesting, and more. You should see what tasks are left.”

The parent was very kind to explain things. When she saw that Sasha and her child had arrived late, she explained what happened in detail.

The trip was not only a family bonding activity, but it was also an opportunity to train the children to work hard.

Sasha and the parent went to look for the preschool teacher.

While Vivian was being led away by Sasha, she started chatting with the kid beside her. “Molly, have you seen my brothers? They came before me.”

“Yeah! They went to farm with your father,” said Molly enthusiastically to Vivian.

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