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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 309

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 309

Sasha sent Vivian and Ian to their preschool.

It was the same one, but the Hayes had brought in a brand new team to run the school.

“Remember to come to pick us ya, Mommy!” Vivian reminded her repeatedly at the gate. She had gotten over her disappointment and was back to being the little clingy angel she used to be.

“Of course! I will bring a strawberry cake for my sweetie. And Ian, I will make you your favorite berry pie, ya,” Sasha joyfully promised them.

“Yes!” The cool little guy, Ian, could not hide his excitement and nodded happily.

After they entered the school compound, Sasha immediately went back home. She was extremely worried and wanted to examine Matteo herself to find out what was wrong with him.

Unfortunately, there were already a few men in black guarding the gate when she arrived.

“Ms. Wand, Mr. Hayes has given instructions that you are not allowed into the house.”

“Why? I am the children’s mother. Why can’t I go in?”

“He said you should know the reason. He wants you to leave immediately or we will have to throw you out.” The men coldly gave her the ultimatum.

Sasha did not expect this brutal blow.

I should know the reason?

Did he mean the time when I said I don’t want the kids anymore?

But it was an impulsive comment I made in the fit of anger. I never meant it!

Sasha panicked and hurriedly tried to explain to the men. “Please, listen to me. I said those words during a heated quarrel with him. It was said in the fit of anger; I did not mean it.”

“We do not need to know your conversation. We are only acting on Mr. Hayes’ instruction. Please do accordingly, Ms. Wand.” The men did not mince their words and had no intention of giving in.

Sasha was ashen-faced because she had not expected Sebastian would be so harsh on her.

However, she could not blame him for doing that. She had indeed said she did not want the kids anymore and then disappeared from their lives for a full two months. It wasn’t wrong of him to be angry or to stop her from seeing them now.

Sasha was utterly devastated. She stared longingly at the house for a long while, then listlessly dragged herself away.

After she left, the men made a call., “Mr. Scott, we have gotten rid of that woman.”

Luke was at a loss for words. He glanced toward the closed door of Sebastian’s office and silently hung up.

His boss was reacting abnormally, which made him worried. Although he had fumed when he heard Sasha was back and met the kids, he was unusually calm after that.

If Sebastian was his usual self, he would have raged at everyone who crossed his path and traumatized all the staff.

Why the calmness?

Is this the quiet before the storm? Or is he waiting for the right moment to seek revenge on her?

Luke was deeply disturbed.

“Mr. Scott, the receptionist at the lobby called to say a Ms. Wand is requesting to see Mr. Hayes. Should they let her in?”

“What?” Luke sputtered out the tea in his mouth in shock.

OMG! It really is Murphy’s law at work.

“Why let her in? Don’t you know one needs an appointment to meet Mr. Hayes?” He panicked and chided the clerk.

Stunned at his reaction, she could only hold back her tears and kept apologizing for her mistake.

“Damn…” Luke swore.

A moment later, the door to Sebastian’s office swung open, and Luke immediately stood up. “Mr. Hayes, are you heading out?”

“Yes, come along with me. I have an appointment at World Trade Center,” Sebastian listlessly said. His bloodshot eyes and tired look were evidence of the lack of a good rest.

There was no sign of anger in him, though.

Sebastian’s total lack of anger dazed Luke, but the latter soon snapped out of it as he grabbed the car keys and followed behind his boss.

Maybe he has really let go of the matter…

Sasha waited outside the building for a long time.

She did not know what happened or why the clerk suddenly turned hostile and chased her away when all she did was ask to meet Sebastian.

Anyhow, she decided she could wait on the street outside the building.

Sasha waited from morning to noon, then from noon till the office was about to close. Still, there was no sight of the man she had been waiting for.

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