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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 299

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 299

“That’s right! Hayes Corporation could have turned the tide and maybe even gained a billion! Why did Sebastian veto that? I wonder what his motive is?”

It was a quiet afternoon, and a few minor shareholders were gathered in the garden of a villa, discussing Sebastian’s decision.

“Don’t say that! Mr. Hayes must have his own reasons for making that decision,” Patrick chided. He was the villa owner and had a bigger shareholding compared to the rest.

“Why? Don’t forget he is not quite right up there, Mr. Young. Who knows what he is up to?” One of the aggrieved men retorted, pointing to his head to indicate Sebastian’s rumored mental problem.

Patrick’s face fell, and he warned, “Mind your words! Don’t go around spreading unverified rumors!”

Although he defended Sebastian, he was actually a two-faced, cunning man.

It would not be easy to oust the president in a direct confrontation, so he used other underhanded means to achieve his aim.

After the other men left, Patrick went back to his study, and his secretary followed closely.

When they were alone, the secretary couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Young, will the new successor of Hayes Corporation really give us what we want if we managed to oust Sebastian?”

“Of course! Otherwise, he can kiss Hayes Corporation goodbye!” Patrick laughed confidently as he happily picked up his golf bag and headed out.

Meanwhile, over at Wall Street in Moranta, Sasha was in distress.

She had only closed one contract worth a few hundred thousand that day, and that was to be executed six months later. At the rate she was going, she would be in financial trouble soon.

Sasha was in a sullen mood when she got back to her temporary accommodation, a place that belonged to Solomon’s friend.

Lance had left her alone and kept to himself for the past few days. It was only when he realized she had no plans to leave the place that he approached her for a discussion.

“Sha, shall we move out?”

“Huh? Move? Where to?” Sasha asked him in return.

“It may not be nice for us to stay here when Solomon is not in. Since we have no plans to leave Moranta soon, it would be better to find our own place. What do you think?” Lance reasoned.

“Oh, you are right! It slipped my mind. Sure! Could you help look around for it?” Sasha agreed.

“Okay.” He immediately turned to leave.

Sasha was preoccupied with her own thoughts, so it took her a while to realize her mistake. Lance was not familiar with the place and the language there. She should not have given him the task of looking for their accommodation.

About an hour later, her cousin came back with the good news that he had found them an apartment.

“How did you manage that? I thought you couldn’t speak the language here?” Sasha asked in disbelief.

Lance’s expression changed briefly. “I… Erm… we communicated in writing since I could read,” he stammered.

I see!

Sasha accepted his explanation, and they moved into the apartment immediately.

Solomon heard about that in the evening. He called to ask her about it, followed by an explanation that he went away for just a couple of days to settle some matters in Clear, but he would be back soon.

Sasha did not want him to feel bad, so she made up an excuse. “I found a place closer to Wall Street. Since I am working with Mr. Rind now, that would be a more convenient location for me.”

“Oh, alright then. By the way, I heard you’re working with him on the Jetroina project. Is it true that he hasn’t been giving you many lucrative leads after assigning you to handle some futures contracts?” Solomon asked.

Feeling aggrieved about that, so she took the opportunity to grouch, “It’s true! I think he is not too happy with my stand and doesn’t trust me yet.”

“Your stand about making money the legal way?”

“Yes. Those who went with me were earning millions after being allocated the hottest financing projects!” she complained in frustration.

It was indeed easier and faster to earn big money in investment banking.

On the other end of the phone, as Solomon was talking to Sasha, he was flipping through the file on the Jetroina project. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he suggested, “How about you contact the person in charge of the Jetroina project directly?”

“What? Contact him directly?”

“Yes. The lead might have come from Andy, but if you close the deal and share your earnings with him, I am sure he would not object to it. What do you think about that?”

His proposal for her to bypass her boss and negotiate with Sky Precision directly was tempting.

Just then, Lance came in with a bowl of dessert for Sasha. She ended her call with Solomon and casually sought her cousin’s opinion. “Lennie, Solomon said we should bypass Mr. Rind and negotiate with Sky Precision directly. What do you think?”

“No way! That is inappropriate.”

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