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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 292

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 292

“Watch out!” warned Solomon. He was leading the way, but he saw what was happening, so he immediately turned around to rescue Sasha.

At that crucial moment, however, it was another arm that grabbed Sasha and pulled her away from danger. After ensuring her safety, he mercilessly kicked the dog over.


The dog whimpered on the ground after being kicked.

Sasha was stunned in place.

Even Solomon was staring in astonishment. He couldn’t react for quite some time.

This weak-looking fella is actually that skilled a fighter?


Lance seemed to have noticed that he did something wrong. He let go of Sasha’s hand right after he kicked the dog away, then he fearfully stood at her side with his head down.

He looked like a kid who had just been caught doing something bad.

Sasha swallowed hard.

She thought that something was off as well, but she instinctively wanted to protect her family. Hence, her first reaction was to shield her baby cousin.

“It’s fine. I’m okay. Don’t worry,” cooed Sasha before she took the initiative to stroke his slightly trembling shoulders and offered some comfort.

Lance finally stopped panicking.

He had his head down and fearfully snuck a peek at the dog before he started explaining himself, “There were a lot of dogs near the house I grew up in. They tended to bite others a lot, so I developed a habit of kicking them whenever they misbehaved.”

Sasha’s eyes glowed after hearing that. Any suspicion she previously had faltered.

“Yes, you are right. I forgot that you grew up in a village, and many villagers had dogs. I’m so sorry, Solomon. Lennie didn’t hold back just now and kicked the dog. We won’t be in trouble, will we?”

Solomon was stuck.

They had already gotten things to that state, so what else could he said?

However, he believed in Lance’s words when the latter claim that kicking the dog was a habit developed from growing up in a village.

He might’ve moved quickly just now, but there was no real technique in his kick. It is obvious that he only reacted that way because he does it all the time.

In the end, Solomon didn’t keep that incident in mind.

Still, when he met up with Andy in the garden, Solomon became proactive and gave Andy a magnificent gift as compensation for kicking his dog.

“We are so sorry, Mr. Rind, for causing so much trouble as soon as we drop by. If you don’t mind, I am willing to provide you with free legal counsel for two years to make up for it.”


The mixed-blood who had been flirting with a young woman was instantly delighted after hearing what Solomon said.

Sasha stared quietly from the side.

She didn’t actually like the guy, and that had been true ever since they first met.

He might be a Wall Street titan, but his aura didn’t suggest that he was a powerful businessman. Instead, he had a thick golden necklace around his neck and had dozens of terrifying tattoos all over him. That violent aura he exuded wasn’t that of a powerful man in Wall Street.

Instead, he looked like he was a gangster.

“Ms. Nancy, you’re finally here. I prayed to the stars and the moon above to meet you here.”

After exchanging some pleasantries with Solomon, Andy immediately shifted his attention to Sasha.

All he saw was a beautiful woman standing quietly at the side. She looked calm, her facial features were delicate, and her skin looked as smooth as porcelain. His eyes instantly glowed.

Sasha couldn’t help but feel disgusted after seeing that.

“Those are such kind words, Mr. Rind. I am the one who is truly delighted to meet you. I have been praying for a chance to collaborate with you.”

“Good, but Ms. Nancy, you don’t need to be so polite. You’re Solomon’s friend, so that makes you my friend, too. Come, take a seat. Let’s discuss the matter further.”

After saying his piece, the lustful man reached out to pull Sasha to him.

Sasha didn’t know what to do.

Solomon was pretty fast at that moment. Before Andy could touch Sasha, Solomon strategically shielded her and acted like he was just moving absent mindedly.

“Mr. Rind is right. Nancy, please go and retrieve the exquisite tea leaves I got as a gift. Let’s brew Mr. Rind a nice cup of tea, so we can discuss the matter in length.”


Sasha was extremely appreciative of that. She immediately turned around to retrieve the tea.

Lance was well-behaved and smart at that moment. When he saw his cousin approaching him, he opened the bag and the gift box for her. He asked, “Sha, is that Mr. Rind?”

“Yeah. Don’t get too close, okay? Just observe everything from here.”

“Understood,” replied Lance like a good boy after hearing Sasha’s advise.

Only then did Sasha go back with the tea leaves.

Since Solomon was the one to make the introduction, Andy was quick to grant Sasha an opportunity to work with him. Andy still needed to see if Sasha actually had what it took to do the job, so he laid a condition.

“I heard about your story and how you collaborated with the Leonard family. However, those could be rumors, and I only work with people who are actually talented. If you don’t mind, Ms. Nancy, please demonstrate your strength right here and right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“The stock market had just begun operating, and I have been monitoring the shares of a subsidiary under Hayes Corporation. It has been rising steadily. If you can turn things around and make the share price fall right now, then you would have proven that you really are talented and worthy of this job.”

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