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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 288

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 288

“Brandon? Are you awake? It’s time to go pick Lance up.”

No one spoke.

Sasha knocked on the door for quite some time before she heard a groggy voice saying, “Got it.”

Sasha didn’t leave until she heard his reply.

When it came to Lance, Sasha’s plan went as follows. He was willing to follow her lead, so she will make him begin as her assistant. She planned on making a killing in the finance industry, then had Lance manage the money she made.

I heard that the kid majored in accounting when he was in university.

Brandon left the house an hour later.

To his surprise, someone blocked the road while he was on his way over.

“Holy f*ck, when did you get here? Darn it, we’re already ridiculously careful at covering our tracks. How did you find us so quickly? Do you have super hearing or something?”

Brandon cussed aloud as soon as he saw who the person was.

Sebastian scoffed. He didn’t say anything. Instead, he flicked his finger and got several men in black to show up behind him. They rushed toward Brandon immediately after.

F*ck! He’s not going to kill me, is he?

Brandon was frightened. He opened the door to his car, got out, and admitted defeat right away. “My dear, sweet cousin, w-what are you doing? I-I’ve never done anything to hurt you before.”

“You kidnapped my wife. Does that not count as hurting me?”

“What? She’s your wife? No way! She’s just your ex-wife,” complained Brandon aloud. He refused to accept the fake crime that was forced onto him.

The part that got Brandon utterly hopeless, however, was when Sebastian toss him a booklet after hearing his protest.

“Take a good, long look at the valid marriage certificate. Is she my ex-wife?”

Brandon could no longer speak. His handsome face instantly lost its colors, and it was as if someone had sucked the life out of him.

They’re married? Then w-why would he treat her like that? Does he not know how much she had sacrificed for him?

Brandon’s eyes reddened with tears. He recalled that fateful night when Sasha went to look for him. She looked drained and sorrowful. A sharp pain tugged at Brandon’s heart upon recalling that memory, and immense fury rose.

“Fine, so she’s not your ex-wife, but that doesn’t mean you get to treat her like this. She is a human being. She’s not an inanimate object that has no feelings! What gives you the right to hurt her repeatedly?”

Sebastian was speechless.

He narrowed his eyes and scanned the man, who roared and scolded him.

If I am right, this cousin of mine has finally lost his last brain cell. How dare he fall for my wife?

Sebastian walked over and hovered over Brandon. The former wasn’t angry, but his handsome face exuded a chilly aura that told the latter to back off.

“That was just a misunderstanding. I came to talk to her to solve the issue.”

“A misunderstanding? You killed her uncle’s daughter! How is that a misunderstanding?” challenged Brandon before he scoffed.

The vein on Sebastian’s head was jumping, and he almost couldn’t contain his anger.

This jacka*s really needs a good beating. He took my wife away multiple times! Who the hell gave him permission to do so?

Sebastian was mostly jealous, though. And that woman actually regards him as the person she trusts the most. She went to him whenever our arguments spiraled out of control!

Sebastian forced himself to calm down before he did anything else.

“I’ve done my part and told you that I am innocent. I don’t care if you believe me. All I want to know is what she has been doing lately. What is her plan?”

“Pfft, you’re asking me? Too bad I won’t tell…”

Brandon didn’t get to say that last word because someone had dragged him out of the car. It was obvious that the men in black that Sebastian brought with him were all highly trained.

What the hell?

“Mr. Emmanuel, you better answer Mr. Hayes question without delay or you will never see Mrs. Emmanuel or your brother and his family ever again,” threatened the man in black as he whispered in an icy tone.

Brandon heard everything and was instantly infuriated.

This f*cking assh*le!

Unfortunately, Brandon was too cowardly to do anything. It seemed that Sebastian was the only one in the family who could scare Brandon.

Gah, I am so f*cking mad!

In the end, Brandon was dragged into a cafe where he was forced to share Sasha’s plan with Sebastian.

“She won’t do anything to hurt Hayes Corporation. All she wants is to go back into the finance industry and help rebuild the Wand family. Why would someone like her, who doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, go after Hayes Corporation?”

Brandon’s last sentence was nothing more than an angry interrogation.

Sebastian’s expression froze over. He couldn’t speak.

Brandon is right. That woman doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, but… she wants to work in the finance industry again!

Sebastian’s expression turned grim.

“Is she going at it alone?”

“Who else can she do it with? Do you not think that she can do it on her own? Hah! If so, then you are sadly mistaken. You have no idea what her true strength is or what she is capable of!”

Sebastian was rendered speechless once more.

Naturally, Sebastian knew what Sasha was truly capable of.

What upset him was the fact that Brandon knew everything that Sebastian had just recently learned. Were they already that close back in the days?

Sebastian couldn’t contain his emotions as jealousy ran wild again.

“So what if she is skilled? The finance industry is not an industry where anyone can just thrive in. She cooperated with the Leonard family in the past, but that was only because she was lucky. She’d need a lot of money to use as capital if she really wants to jump back into it.”

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