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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 259

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 259

Brandon lunged at the henchman and swung a punch right into his face.

After that, he hurried into the room and rushed towards Sasha, who got kicked to the floor. “Sasha, you okay? Are you hurt?”

However, Sasha could hardly say anything.

She was curled up on the floor and had her arms around her chest. Beads of sweat were rolling down her pale face.

“I… I’m fine. Go get them. Don’t let them… get away.”

Even in pain, the only thing on her mind was not letting the two women escape.

Brandon immediately turned around and stared at Kelly.

He noticed that Kelly did not seem worried at first, but when she saw him, her pupils constricted, and she shouted instantly, “She has an accomplice! Quick! Catch him too! Don’t let him escape!”

Kelly recognized Brandon, so out of panic, she wanted to use the crowd there to slow Brandon and Sasha down so she could escape with her niece.

She was smart, so there was no way she could not figure out why the two were there.

With that, Brandon was soon surrounded by men, with Sasha in his arms. There was no way out.

“Leave… me. Go get them, Quick!”

Sasha kept pushing Brandon away, enraged.

So, Brandon eventually stood up and got ready to break through to chase after them.

Nonetheless, things were not as simple as he thought.

The people around him were all influenced by Kelly. On top of that, with Xandra covered in blood, it was going to be hard for him to protect himself, let alone escape.


All of a sudden, someone smashed a chair onto Sasha out of nowhere.

Brandon heard the cry and turned around to find the woman behind him collapsed once again after just sitting back up. She was not moving.

“I’m going to kill you guys!”

Brandon went haywire.

He gave up on the notion of chasing after the two, clenched his fists, and threw himself into the crowd.

Total chaos ensued.

As soon as that happened, Kelly’s lips curled into a smirk as she quickly dragged her niece out through the front door.

She had no more time to raise money. She needed to leave the town immediately as things were going to get problematic for her and Xandra.

That said, she would have never expected that the moment she stepped outside, there would be a bunch of black cars arriving. They were like beasts finally pouncing on their prey.


Xandra, who was at her last leg, was shocked by the scene and almost blacked out then and there.

Kelly’s expression also darkened.

Especially when she saw the cars stop right in front of them and a young man came out. He had the presence of an emperor, sending shivers down Kelly’s spine.


“Seize them!”

The look in Sebastian’s eye grew cold. It was like he just climbed his way out of the hell, terrifying, to say the least.

He had a straight face, but the chills in his gaze emanated his frightening intent to kill. And after he gave out the order, he strode inside.

At the same time, Kelly blacked out and collapsed.

She was smart enough to know that if Sebastian was there at a time like that, he was definitely on to her from the very beginning.

So when she was reveling in the satisfaction of being able to toy around with the most prominent person in the industry, she was actually right in the palm of his hand.

Naturally, Kelly knew what was going to happen to her and that the tide had changed.

Meanwhile, inside the Sanders’ residence, the fight on the second floor was still going on.

A lot more men came pouring in because of Kelly’s slander and Brandon’s savage counterattack.

They were all trying to capture the so-called murderers.

“Beat him! Beat him to death! As long as he’s alive, the police won’t say anything about it.”

One of the men rallied more men to attack Sasha and Brandon.

So, they were trapped inside the room, getting beaten up. If it were not for Brandon shielding Sasha, she might have actually been beaten to death.


There was a sudden gunshot in the living room while the men were conducting their heroic deed.

At that moment, no one realized it, but the guy that was rallying everyone got a bullet straight through his skull and collapsed.


With that, everyone stopped what they were doing and started screaming with their hands over their heads.

Especially the women.

However, as soon as they started screaming, another two bangs sounded. This time, the gigantic chandelier was shot down, and the place turned dark.

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