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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 247

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 247

“Aunt Kelly, our plan failed.”

“We’re lucky that Matilda did not rat us out. I’m warning you, you better not mess up again, or I will kill you!”

Kelly, who had been in trepidation for the past two days, grew angry when her niece mentioned it again.

They were indeed in dire straits.

When their plan had failed, they did not expect Sebastian to put an end to the Emmanuels. He even handed over his aunt to the police.

Thanks to her quick thinking, Kelly had gotten someone to pacify Matilda and promised her the safety of the Emmanuels. Otherwise, she and her niece would not be where they were now if Matilda had confessed.

Kelly was bogged down by it.

Xandra stopped talking and repeatedly looked at the book in her hand. She stared at the word that was in the book—schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia. Her guess was right.

The man had a skeleton in the cupboard, so why should they still be suppressed by him? After all, the cards were in their hands now.

She stroked the word with her red nails, and a satisfying smile spread across her face.

Sasha slept soundly that night, probably because she had a load off her mind. Besides, she had not fully recovered yet, considering she had just fled from the hospital.

When she woke up the next day, it was a particularly bright day for her.

“Ian, shall we wait for Mommy to have calzone together?”

“Yes, it’s Christmas Eve today.”

She could hear the soft voices of children whispering in the quiet room.

Sasha sat up in bed and saw two children sitting on the mat near the window in her bedroom.

One was a handsome and cool child, and the other was cute and innocent.

It was Ian and Vivian.

Sasha got out of bed and said, “Good morning, my dear children.”

“You’re finally up, Mommy.” At the sound of her voice, Vivian quickly got up from the mat and dashed towards her.

Sasha bent over and cuddled her daughter, and then she looked at her eldest son who was walking towards her.

“I’m sorry, I overslept. Have you both eaten yet?”

“Not yet. It’s Christmas Eve, so Ms. Dolivo made some calzone. But Grandpa and that bad woman are here. Do you want to go down, Mommy?” Vivian asked as she blinked her big eyes.

Sasha was startled.

Grandpa and the bad woman?


“You don’t have to go down, Mommy. We’ll send the food up.” In a snap, Ian made the decision. His domineering and cold character was just like his father.

She pulled her son into a tight embrace and caressed his head.

Although Sasha was touched by Ian’s thoughtfulness, she felt she should go down to meet Frederick and the woman. They were probably here to see her anyway.

She gave a small, self-deprecating smile as she thought back to yesterday’s chaos.

Afterward, she sent her children out of her room and went to the bathroom to wash up.

Ten minutes later, when she came out from the bathroom, she looked fresh. There wasn’t the slightest trace of sickly pallor on her face.


Vivian was still in the room. She was not familiar with the people downstairs. Since she wasn’t feeling courageous, she stayed in the room to wait for her mother.

Upon seeing that, Sasha stepped forward and held her daughter’s little hand.

Both mother and child made their way down the stairs.

“Vivi, you’ve finally come down. The calzone is ready, come and have a bite.”

When they came down, they saw Xandra in an apron. Her chestnut-colored curly hair was casually clipped behind her head with a hairpin.

At the sight of Sasha, Xandra immediately greeted her warmly.

Sasha raised her eyebrows at her odd appearance, and she felt a little uncomfortable about it.

What’s the matter?

Is she playing another trick again? Is she playing the role of a virtuous lady of the house?

With Vivian’s hand in hers, Sasha’s face was devoid of emotions as she walked past Xandra. “Wendy, are the children’s breakfast ready?”

“Yes. Vivi’s milk, Mr. Ian’s cereal, and Mr. Matteo’s tarts are ready. They’ve been waiting for you to come down for breakfast.”

From Wendy’s tone, it was obvious that she paid no heed to Xandra, who came here early in the morning to play hostess.

Sasha took the children in with her.

Not once did she look at the woman.

In an instant, Xandra became infuriated, and she ground her teeth in anger. She wanted so badly to dump the calzone into the trash.

However, she put on a big smile when she saw Frederick coming in with the two children from the gate.

“Mr. Hayes, Sasha has come down. Let’s go have breakfast.”


The old man with the walking cane nodded and walked to the dining hall with the two children in tow.

Sasha came in together with her daughter from the kitchen.

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