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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 210

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 210

Sasha was equally baffled, but the Emmanuel family did not intimidate her.

Instead, she remembered Sebastian’s aunt had married a member of the Emmanuel family.

“Speaking of which, does the Hayes know? Do you Do you even know we’re related? I’m telling you the little boy’s grandmother is the sister of Mr. Hayes Sr.! Are we clear?”

The middle-aged woman got increasingly arrogant when she brought up the relationship they had with the Hayes, behaving as though she couldn’t wait to take Sasha and her sons out.

There was a dead silence in the theater.

Although the onlookers sympathized with the mother and sons’ predicament, no one dared to stand up for them because they were intimidated by the Hayes’ presence.

It turned out the arrogant little boy was the grandchild of Matilda Hayes, Sebastian’s aunt. His identity pretty much summed up the reason behind his attitude.

Sasha’s frown intensified.

Matilda was never fond of her. Someone would definitely tell the woman about today. If Matilda found out Sasha had picked on her grandchild, she would definitely return the favor.

After much consideration, Sasha decided to keep her frustration to herself.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Emmanuel. What can I do to resolve this peacefully? Do you need me to compensate you for your medical bills? Just let me know how much you need, and I’ll give it to you!”

“Mommy!” Matteo and Ian protested in unison when they heard their mother’s humble reply.

Sasha caressed her sons’ heads, a signal that they would talk about it when they were home. Then she reached for her phone in an attempt to honor her words.

Despite her giving in to all the absurd demands, the vicious middle-aged woman had no intention to stop.

“Do you really think you can get away with this? Ha! In your dream! Your money is the last thing the Emmanuel family needs! If you want to get away unscathed, why don’t you get your sons to grovel at my nephew’s feet? If they’re willing to admit they’re the ones at fault, I’ll consider forgiving them.”

“Y-You…” Sasha was seething with anger.

She didn’t know the little boy on her left had loosened his hand, but by the time she could grasp the situation, he had catapulted forward.


It was the sound of bones cracking. The little boy dressed in white, standing by the middle-aged woman, got down on his knees in front of everyone.

Shocked by what they had just witnessed, the onlookers gasped in disbelief.

“Don’t you want someone to grovel at his feet? Let’s get him to do it! Oh, have I mentioned I’m Mr. Hayes’ grandson? The woman you’re talking about is my grandfather’s sister! Shall we get her over and see if she can get you out of this?”

The five-year-old Matteo stepped on his legs again. As a result, the boy dressed in white yelped in pain and started pointing at him.

The onlookers, including Sasha, were dumbfounded by the little boy’s brutal retaliation.

Meanwhile, Ian, who was right by Sasha’s side, got in touch with his father through his smartwatch.

“Daddy! Hurry up! The members of the Emmanuel family are making a fool of themselves again!”

No ordinary child, apart from the members of the Hayes, would speak in such a manner, much less had the guts to pick on the Emmanuels.

The middle-aged woman stared at Ian for a few seconds before she finally realized the sullen-faced little boy resembled a man she knew.

She suddenly collapsed in front of the trio. Why does he remind me of Sebastian?

We’re doomed!

The Emmanuels saw Sebastian rushed into the theater.

Apart from them, the Grahams had shown up too. Matilda’s daughter married one of the Grahams and gave birth to the little boy in white.

The moment the members of the two renowned families saw Sebastian, they approached him with courteous smiles on their faces.

“I’m so sorry, Sebastian! That brat from our family must have gotten full of himself again!”

“I assure you I’ll teach him a lesson once we’re home!”

The little boy’s parents, Matilda’s daughter and son-in-law, broke the silence.

Regardless of their sugarcoated promise, Sebastian ignored them as he strode around the hall indifferently and continued his search.

He had but one goal in mind—locating the people who had summoned him over.

Finally, he caught a glimpse of a woman crawling on the ground with three children by her side.

His heart sank; he thought she was beaten up by others. He ignored everyone else and strode his way over in her direction.

The moment he reached her side, Sebastian leaned over and grasped the woman’s wrist anxiously. “Sasha, what’s wrong with you?”


Sasha was in the middle of locating the sound card Matteo had accidentally lost. Confused, she looked up to see who was lifting her off the ground.

“S-Sebastian! You’re here!”

Despite her unkempt hair and sweaty face, she beamed with joy when she saw him.

Is she delighted because I’m here for her?

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