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The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 201

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 201

What is going on?

She gave the maid a puzzled look. “Wendy, what’s this?”

“This is the boys’ daily schedule. Look, it starts from the moment they wake up, have breakfast, and until the teacher comes over for home tutoring. Ms. Wand, there’s a lot to do every day.”

Realizing Sasha still didn’t understand, Wendy went through the list again and explained it line by line to her.

When Sasha first heard that it was about the children, she continued to listen intently. However, when she noticed the list included time slots for cleaning up the children’s room and delivering milk to them, it suddenly dawned upon her what was going on.

This isn’t right. Aren’t these the maid’s work? Why are they being handed to me?

Unless, that assh*le…

When she suddenly recalled what Sebastian had said last night, her eyes glowered in anger. “Wait a minute, Wendy. Who asked you to give this to me?”

“Mr. Hayes. He said that going forward, you will be in charge of everything related to the children. Don’t you know?”

Wendy looked at her in surprise.

Sasha was dumbfounded.

The f*ck I know anything.

That piece of shit just mentioned it in passing last night. Besides, I rejected him on the spot too. Who knew he would still insist on it this morning.

Fuming, Sasha stormed upstairs and looked for her phone in her bedroom.

Buzz… Buzz! Buzz!


After ringing for more than ten seconds, she finally got through and heard a voice answer languidly.

Sasha exploded in rage. “Sebastian, how dare you take me for a nanny? Are you crazy? Me, a nanny? I’m the mother of your children!”

Despite the fact she wasn’t on speaker, her voice was still loud enough to echo through the room.

Consequently, all the members of senior management in the meeting room became silent, especially the few who sat closest to Sebastian.

When they heard the words “mother of your children”, their ears were pricked with attention.

Mother of your children?

Isn’t that Mr. Hayes’ ex-wife? Since when are they still so close? Furthermore, even Ms. Green doesn’t dare to yell over the phone is such a ferocious tone.

All of them were suddenly excited over it.

After all, their president was always in a volatile mood. A trivial mistake would cause his temper to flare easily. However, he had no reaction whatsoever to the fuming voice on the phone.

“Is there a conflict between the two?”

“What do you think? I’m the children’s mother and yet you see me as their nanny? Are you nuts? Why should I lower my standing in front of my own children? Who gave you the right?”

When Sasha didn’t sense any remorse from him, she continued her tirade.

However, what surprised her was that Sebastian didn’t seem to be angry at all. Instead, he seemed to be enjoying himself listening to her rant.

“Just based on the fact that you can’t go out now and have to stay obediently at my place. Sasha, I don’t take in freeloaders. Besides, you are the one that assumes yourself to be the nanny. Haven’t you been taking care and waiting on the children all the time as their mother?”

Sasha had nothing to say against that.

After pondering about it, she realized that other than the fixed schedule, she was doing everything on the list after all.

“Furthermore, I still pay you a salary. As long as you take care of the children, your monthly pay plus bonus will total a hundred thousand. It’s a lot more than what they pay you at that dilapidated hospital. Sasha, aren’t you satisfied still?”

This is an utter insult!

However, the fury that Sasha felt gradually began to dissipate. With that, she ended the call with a click.

Forget it, Sebastian may be an idiot but he’s rich. There’s no point in refusing the good money he is paying.

Sasha decided to set her ego aside and accept the job.

Back in the meeting room, Sebastian saw all the members of senior management gaping at him. He raised his eyebrows in exasperation. “What are you staring at? Haven’t you seen someone have an argument before?”

Everyone meekly averted their gaze at once.

We really haven’t!

Finally, Sasha settled down in the villa. Her duty every day was to watch the children and accompany them during class. There were all kinds of classes arranged for the children and different teachers would arrive for their respective lessons.

Is there a need for so many lessons?

One day, when Sasha saw Matteo who was the most sensible among the children looking drained at piano class, she couldn’t help but ask Wendy about it.

“Wendy, why do they need to have so many classes?”

“Erm, it has always been this way. When Mr. Hayes was young, he had the same number of classes. So, when Ian was born, Mr. Hayes got him all those teachers. I suppose it’s for the sake of grooming him.”

Unable to give a good reason for it, Wendy simply told Sasha what she knew.

Having heard Wendy, Sasha turned her attention to the two boys and had a sudden realization.

That’s true. I’ve almost forgotten that those two boys aren’t the children of an ordinary family. They are the heirs to Hayes Corporation and will have to bear a heavy responsibility in the future.

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