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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1979 by desirenovel

Chapter 1979

Nicole patiently explained the problem of children taking a nap.

Then she showed Floyd her new necklace.

Floyd put on his glasses and squinted for a while.

“Don’t you have a lot of these necklaces in your safe?”

Nicole explained patiently: “Same color, different styles.”

Floyd couldn’t understand the girl’s obsession with jewelry details.

However, he still responded a few words before calling Clayton over:” Ian gets married next week, will you accompany Lil N?”

Everyone tacitly understands that there is a dangerous element now, and they can’t be careless.

Nicole got into the kitchen, said hello to Mr. Anderson, and then came out with a snack.

Clayton took out a tissue for her and wiped it clean.

Tacitly and unintentionally.

Three people’re eating.

Nicole lowered her head and ate seriously, but after a while, the bowl was filled with vegetables.

Clayton sees which one she likes to eat, and always chooses which one she likes.

Seeing Floyd burst into flames.

He couldn’t help it, put down his chopsticks and said: “Nutrition should be balanced, don’t be picky eaters, eat more of what she doesn’t like, and don’t get used to her bad habits.”

Clayton paused and nodded.

Nicole blinked, and couldn’t help but say, “Dad, I eat nutritious meals every day, just this one, there will be no uneven nutrition!”

Floyd snorted coldly.

Seeing how Clayton spoiled her so much, can she honestly eat nutritious meals?

It’s really hard to eat a meal!

It didn’t take long for Floyd to put down his chopsticks.

Nicole and Clayton also ate almost.

It was just that when Nicole drank the water, he didn’t notice that the water was very hot, so he took a sip and spit it out.

The two looked at her nervously.

Floyd’s face changed: “What’s the matter, call an ambulance, no no no, get the car ready, and go to the hospital!”

Clayton also went over nervously and hugged Nicole.

Nicole slowed down and stuck out her tongue: “It’s nothing, it’s just hot.”

Floyd and Clayton were still very nervous.

Nicole smiled and said, “I feel so much better seeing you all so nervous and worried about me!”

Clayton silently got up and took a glass of cold water.

Floyd: “…”

Is this girl stupid?


After a few days.

It was Ian’s wedding day.

Nicole had already prepared a gift, and what she had prepared was an equity transfer contract.

At the beginning, Ian failed to gain a firm foothold in the Carter Corporation, and was forced to step back. It was Nicole who won his opponent, which was equivalent to part of the equity nominally in Nicole’s hands, but she did not monopolize it.

Now that Ian is on his own, Nicole handing over his nominal equity can be considered a complete return to him.

There is also a pair of Patek Philippe couple watches, which are extremely valuable.

Clayton prepared an antique ornament. Except for being expensive, it has no other characteristics. It is the most suitable gift.

It is said that Ian’s marriage will not be too small in scale.

But for the wedding of the Carter family and the Makinen family, they also took into account the reputation of the Makinen family.

The matter between Lumi and Samuel was so noisy that there were scandals.

At this time, if there is a special case, the Lindstrom family’s face will not be able to hold back. After all, the Makinen family and the Lindstrom family have not completely turned their face.

So their wedding was just to entertain guests in the largest hotel, inviting relatives and friends to gather together.

It’s like telling everyone.

Although it was in the hotel, there were a lot of people coming.

Nicole, Yvette and Julie went one by one, and had seen many acquaintances.

But it’s too tiring to go to greet each other now, they took a bit of a slack and plan to go see today’s protagonist.

Clayton wanted to follow Nicole closely, but there were too many people who came to toast, so Mr. Carter took him to socialize again.

He could only ask Luca and the others to take good care of Nicole and not run outside alone.

When Clayton didn’t follow, Nicole became more free.

The bodyguards here are layer after layer, if you really want to do something, unless your brain is flooded.

Yvette, wearing a small dress, asked about the room directly, and went up to it.

They knocked on the door and heard the sound inside before everyone entered.

Ian was changing his clothes with a smile on his face. It looked like something was different.

The indomitable romance in his eyebrows has diminished, and he has become a little more mature and stable.

Looking at the push door and entering, he smiled: “I knew you would come.”

Julie smiled and looked at him: “Ian, congratulations!”

“Thank you.”

Ian’s eyes moved to Nicole’s face, he sighed: “If I get married, you won’t be the only one in my life, you have to take good care of yourself!”

You said each sentence to Nicole.

Nicole paused for a second: “It’s the same as saying that you will be finished tomorrow, of course we will take care of ourselves, you can rest assured!”

The atmosphere is not so rigid.

Ian lowered his head and smiled, looking at the three of them: “If you guys come to grab the marriage, then my reputation will be famous far and wide!”

Yvette pierced him: “No, it’s notorious, It will also implicate us!”

Everyone laughed.

Ian was wearing a neat suit and three-dimensionally handsome features.

Yvette saw that there was no one else in the room, then coughed and asked him, “Why didn’t I know you and Ms. Makinen’s were so close? Didn’t you always despise their two sisters for being hypocritical and brainless?

How long has she been divorced, did you all before her divorce…”

Yvette spoke without restraint, but every sentence asked the key point.

In the end, she added another sentence: “Is it because she is pregnant that she has to get married?”

Ian smiled helplessly and shrugged.

I know there are many speculations from the outside world, but Ian can’t do anything about it.

“Yes, you are all right. It was the time before her divorce. She was pregnant and I had to marry her.”

The atmosphere became quiet.

Even Julie and Nicole were speechless there.

On the hangers next to them were all the dresses they were going to change, and there were even the words “Happy” posted on the wall.

But behind the happy word, there may be many contributing reasons.

No one could have imagined.

Ian smiled, sat there, and rubbed his hands:

“Don’t look at me with such pitiful eyes, I’m married and have a child, isn’t it a double happiness?”

Yvette: “Are you a double blow?

Ian’s smile subsided a bit: ” You are my best friends, I will tell the truth. Although every step is beyond my expectations, I do not reject this result. You must know that I am so mixed up. For many years, I have never fallen for a woman. As for Lumi, all I can say is that I may not have feelings for her, but the time has come.”

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