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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1970 by desirenovel

Chapter 1970

Nicole also found this gap.

“Can’t she eat complementary food yet? Otherwise, it would be nice if you made milk powder for her earlier…”

Clayton smiled and touched the little head of the child: “I think you looked at it in the morning. He will be in a good mood after eating, so let him wait for you to eat together.”

Talking about the children: “…”

Nicole could only lower her head and eat with Clayton silently, pretending not to see the children.

Perhaps it was because Lil Chatty was too cute and painful, and Nicole didn’t continue to torture her.

After taking a few bites, she put down her chopsticks and carried her fleshy little body to the living room.

It was said that Lil Chatty was still reluctant to let go of her baby bottle, holding the baby bottle in one hand and Nicole’s face in the other, and poked at Nicole’s face from time to time.

He pinched her little finger, a little happy.

Mom and Dad are by her side!

Nicole didn’t plan to go out today, but the weather was fine, so she directly informed Julie and Aida to come to the house for dinner.

After a while, Aida came with little Levi Stanton.

Levi has the demeanor of Grant, is cold, doesn’t like to talk, hugs the bottle and ignores people.

Nicole coaxed her for a while, but Levi refused to give her a kiss.

In the end, it was said that the child had no choice but to take it away.

Clayton prepared tools and barbecue materials on the balcony.

Yvette and Ian also came happily.

It’s not surprising that Ian came, but isn’t Yvette in Cali?

Nicole was surprised when she saw Yvette.

Yvette was wearing a professional skirt, and her style became decisive and agile, quite like Aunty Quimbey.

Nicole was taken aback: “Ms. Quimbey has triumphed from Cali?”

Yvette rolled her eyes: “Don’t mention it, come back to celebrate my mommy’s birthday, just two days off.”

Nicole smiled knowingly, “Is it going well to go to Cali?”

Yvette snorted coldly: “Going smoothly, you hide in Tibet all day like filming a movie, why does Lance Sheldon’s broken group hide so many filthy places, it’s really hard! She complained, squatted down again, smiled and looked at friends and Levi Stanton.

“Two little babies, come over and let my aunty kiss!”

Ian was holding a large bag of toys behind him, as if moving.

Little Levi Stanton glanced at Yvette, then silently turned his head away and continued to play with the toy in his hand.

Said that the children were very face-saving, pouted, ran over, hugged Yvette’s face and took a sip.

At the beginning, the people behind it couldn’t stop.

Julie and Ian lined up behind to kiss. Talking about Lil Chatty, Nicole was stunned when she saw it.

Nicole couldn’t help but smiled, this scene was like a fan meeting.

Yvette took out her mobile phone and said that Lil Chatty took pictures. She was very envious. “I used to think that children were a burden, but if I were talking about a burden like a baby, I would rather have ten!”

Afraid of being frightened and talking about Lil Chatty, she kissed her phone a few times.

Julie looked at Lil Chatty with a smile, and stretched out her arms: “Auntie hug…”

Lil Chatty poked her fingers, a little shy, so she bypassed Julie and got in Ian’s arms.

Ian was so flattered that he didn’t dare to move.

Julie: “…”

Yvette: “…”

Let go of that Lil Chatty, let’s do it!

Nicole brought out the fruit from the kitchen and said with a smile, “Let’s say we prefer handsome boys!”

Said the Lil Chatty holding the bottle in one hand, poking Ian’s face with the other, and took a sip with a smile.

After the kiss, he ran without stopping.

Everyone looked up and laughed.

Little Levi Stanton became calmer. Not to mention people she don’t know, even Aida’s own mother is not very enthusiastic.

Aida came out of the kitchen and sighed: “Our Levi has completely inherited Grant’s fine traditions. he don’t like to talk, and he’s very cold!”

Julie walked over with a smile and touched Levi Stanton’s little hand:

“There are no crowds in the world of gifted children. Sister-in-law, every time Dad picks up Levi from school, he will take Levi to a friend’s house to show off his eldest grandson.

Other people’s children are this age. We are still crying with Mud, our Levi Stanton is bilingual in in two languages, why can’t others be envious?”

Aida smiled, but she didn’t worry about Levi. “I’m afraid that he has no friends and is too withdrawn. Unlike talk, he can play with anyone, so I put him together when I have time. Other people’s children don’t like Levi’s character. They can only say they like it!”

Nicole listened from a distance, busy working with Clayton on the balcony, and said sideways, “Your son is popular and has a good personality.”

Clayton didn’t lift his head, hummed, “As you want.”

In a word, Nicole brows and smiles.

The atmosphere here is lively, and Yvette’s circle of friends is rarely updated.

In the picture, it is said that the children are pouting their lips to kiss, and they are so cute.

Yvette added: I want to form a group to steal the children.

Immediately below someone replied: “I signed up. “

“I also signed up. “


Talking about children who have become the little darlings that others envy but can’t get. Talk about children who have never been shown in the public image.

Occasionally seen by others, it attracted a long time.

Ferguson Corporation.

Eric looked at the screenshot of the Moments sent by Keith Ludwig.

His dark eyes kept looking at this page, and he was silent. The people at the meeting had finished their reports and were waiting for Eric to speak.

But for a long, long time, He lowered his head and looked at the phone.

The emotions on his face were subtle and complicated.

No one could tell whether he was envious or unwilling.

The silence at the meeting lasted for three minutes.

Something that never happened.

It was Mitchell Collins who coughed boldly, looked at Eric, and swept over Eric’s cell phone with the corner of his eyes.

Immediately it became clear.

Of course he knew the precious son of the Nicole family, who was the jewel of everyone in the Stanton family, a baby bump that had never been seen before.

The fact that Eric always knew existed, but did not dare to face it.

Because originally, it might be his biological son.

Now, it’s someone else’s.

Mitchell also didn’t have the habit of reporting the life of the Stanton family to Eric, but no one knew whether Eric asked someone to investigate privately.

He paused and looked at the others: “Everyone, let’s break up the meeting first. President Ferguson and I will consider this matter.”

Everyone looked at each other and could only leave the conference room one after another.

Waiting for everyone to leave.

Eric didn’t say anything. He just sat there stiffly, staring straight at the photos on his phone.

The envy in his eyes made people feel distressed.

Mitchell coughed, “Mr. Ferguson, if the Stanton family doesn’t take up that project, we are ready here.”

After a few seconds.

Only then did Eric react. He touched the screen of his mobile phone and turned it off.

Standing up, his eyes were still grim: “I’ll go talk to Grant, do you have any news from my mother and Ingrid?”

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  1. Earlier in the book Nicole’s baby was a girl. Now y’all are changing the baby to a boy? Why? This is confusing. You can’t change the sex of the baby in the middle of the book!!!

  2. The writing on this story is getting pretty crappy, talking about Nicole’s daughter you use the words him instead of her and boy instead of girl. Among other s. It is becoming a bore to try and keep up with the mistakes!!!

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