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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1968 by desirenovel

Chapter 1968

Nicole finally got his wish and hugged him softly and talked about Lil Chatty.

Suddenly her heart melted.

It was said that Lil Chatty generously gave a wet kiss and bubbles, which made Nicole wonder whether to laugh or cry.

Your own son, can’t be too disgusted.

During the meal, Tigger accompanied her to talk about Lil Chatty playing.

When Lil Chatty wanted to fall, Tigger would always stand behind her as a pillow.

Tigger, this stupid tiger thought she was joking with him, so he ran around endlessly, biting a small toy in her mouth to make her crawl and run after him!

After dinner, Floyd took Clayton to the study to speak.

Grant didn’t go, and took Aida to pick up Levi from school.

Kai leaned up and said, “Did you really go to Yvette’s place yesterday? Why can’t I see Yvette’s Moments without you!”

If Nicole was there, Yvette couldn’t have not posted it!

Nicole’s heart tightened and she glared at him. “We did it on purpose.”

Kai paused, “Did you go too when you know? I didn’t contact her last night?”

Nicole was taken aback.

Kai chuckled lightly.

“You quarreled again?”

Kai stretched out his hand and made a fork: “No, quarrels are the catalyst of feelings. That’s not called quarrels with her, it’s called enhanced feelings!”

Nicole watched Kai’s serious nonsense. She wanted to get this topic out of the way. “Don’t worry about our girls’ business.”

Kai wanted to ask something else, but this time Clayton come over.

“There’s something in the company, do you want to come with me first and then go home?”

Nicole of course agreed, and she would be exposed sooner or later when she was interrogated here.

She stood up immediately and said that Lil Chatty seemed to know that Mom and Dad were leaving, and immediately ran over to hug Clayton’s leg.

Clayton looked down, his heart softened, and he hugged Lil Chatty: “How many days to stay home with Dad? Can’t disturb Mummy’s rest…”

Lil Chatty nodded vaguely and happily hugging his neck and not letting go.

Nicole went over and took her bag, which contained things that Lil Chatty would use with them.

Floyd frowned: “It would be nice to send the talk tomorrow, it’s getting late today…”

Nicole knew that Floyd was reluctant to bear Lil Chatty, but mainly wanted to leave room for them.

“It doesn’t matter, my aunt is taking care of them.”

Their apartment was opened up. The upper two floors were Clayton’s house, and the lower two floors were Nicole’s.

Now there are four floors up and down, very spacious, and quiet and comfortable.

Auntie lives on the second floor with Lil Chatty, while Nicole and Clayton live on the third floor. After a professional interior designer adjusted the interior decoration structure, the current residence is very bright and warm, which is more comfortable than a single-family small western-style building.

On the way, I said hello to my aunt at home, and my aunt was ready to welcome the little friend home.

Nicole sat in the back and stroked the hair she was talking about. The facial features became more and more beautiful, and those crystal clear eyes were the most beautiful.

As soon as she acts like a spoiled child, she becomes a little worm with no bones, and she is reluctant to break away from you.

She’s looking at the direction of Clayton’s driving doesn’t look like the direction to the company.

Nicole was stunned for a moment. “Isn’t there something wrong in the company?”

Clayton smiled in front of her. Those slender and clean hands were placed on the steering wheel. The skin color contrast was obvious, and the knuckles were slender, like a pair of works of art.

“It’s just a small matter, I won’t say that, I’m afraid I’m going to spend the night in the old house. I want to be alone with you today, don’t you miss me?”

Nicole was caught off guard by Clayton’s straightforwardness. She didn’t really restrain at all and was silent for a while.

Clayton’s eyes still seemed to fall on her behind. It was as if he would not give up without getting her answer.

Said that Lil Chatty spit out a bubble for herself, and her big eyes were rolling back and forth in front and back.

Finally, with a wow, she opened her hands and wanted Nicole to hug her.

Nicole reassured her, “Sit in your own seat, and Mommy will hug you when you get home.” As she spoke, she handed over the bottle.

Lil Chatty who got the bottle soon stopped worrying about whether to hold or not, and began to drink milk with relish.

The atmosphere was quiet again.

Clayton asked again, “Huh? Don’t you miss me?”

Nicole took a deep breath and looked up at him: “In front of the small light bulb, please restrain your eyes?”

Clayton smiled, with a bit of helplessness: “I know, if the small light bulb grows up, it will become a big light bulb.”

Nicole also followed. After laughing, she suddenly thought of something:

“Lil Michael, are you ready? Do you want to bring him back?”

After all, he was targeted before, which was already a very dangerous thing.

Clayton raised his eyebrows, with a bit of coldness in his eyes, and his tone was very firm: “No, he has experienced many things since he was a child, and he has also experienced more thrilling than these. What’s more, the bodyguard beside him. You can block ten with one enemy, that Filipino servant is also a professional secret agent, and he will be vigilant after being by his side for so many years.”

Nicole was a little shocked by the capable people around Lil Michael.

She seems to have seen it once, the bodyguard looks like a big stupid man, and the Filipino maid is also unremarkable.

Really careless.

Clayton chuckled lightly: “His side is ten times safer than you, and you are the one to worry about.”

Nicole was still secretly relieved.

“That’s good, but now it’s my territory, I don’t need to worry anymore.”

Clayton smiled and didn’t speak.

If you leave here, you really don’t have to worry.

His eyes darkened a bit.

They arrived at home. The servant came up to him, and Clayton handed over the talk directly.

He dragged Nicole a few steps slower, then inadvertently blocked her against the wall.

Nicole was surprised for a moment, still carrying the big bag he was talking about.

It also fell to the ground at this time.

Clayton put one hand around her waist, lowered his head and rubbed the tip of her nose with the tip of his nose. The low, quiet and cold fragrance lingered around her, and the familiar feeling came up instantly.

His breath was hot, and his eyes looked straight at her, reflecting her bright facial features. Obsessed and nostalgic.

“You haven’t answered me yet, eh?”

Do you really miss me?

Nicole gave him a quick push.

But Clayton didn’t push away, he hugged even tighter.

Out of the corner of the window, Nicole watched the servant lead the child to the toy room, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

In front of outsiders, it is somewhat uncomfortable.

Gradually, His eyes are deep, with a warm smile at the corners of his eyes, it is easy for people to fall into it accidentally.

Nicole looked at it, her eyes moistened unconsciously.

Clayton reached out to wrap his arms around her neck, went up to meet her, and kissed her lips lightly.

Nicole finally didn’t evade anything, looked at him with water in her eyes, and said bluntly: “I think, I really want to, I think of you every day.”

As soon as the words came out, Clayton directly kissed her lips.

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