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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 58 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 58 by desirenovel


We passed by one hallway and one flight of stairs before we reached the swimming pool of the house. It was connected to the main living area where Aero just pressed a button and a mechanism opened up the whole room to the poolside.

Under the safety of his arms, I made a mental note of how sterile and modern the interior was. The inner paint was of two tones: gray and white. Pops of sky blue and lime green were also visible in the form of decorative pieces. The ceiling was high, the furniture complemented each other, and the hardwood floor spanned across the entire square footage of the house.

The glass panels of his bedroom continued to the kitchen and living spaces. I figured this house must have been built with that in mind to fully take advantage of the view outside.

Once we arrived in the pool area, he placed me down and gave me a devilish smirk. He seemed to be up to something, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

“The water awaits you, my queen,” he said.

I arched a brow at him and placed a hand on my waist. “Join me?” I asked; my eyes trying not to wander down his nether regions. Under the heat of the sun, I was pretty sure what would welcome me there.

He simply shook his head, acting still secretive. “Later. I have something to do first.”

“Hmm, right,” I surrendered and turned around to face the pool. This was when I admired how breathtaking the view was.

We were on top a cliff it seems and the only building present. Around us, there were trees and trees everywhere and around the trees was a vast color of blue: the ocean.

In this angle I could see the lighthouse and next to it was a modest one-floor house. Common sense told me the whole place was an island, a C-shape at that, and a private one surely since the owner…uhumm…the alpha king…had a prickly attitude towards strangers.

Slowly, I tested the waters first before I fully submerged my body. The temperature was just right; not too cold, not too hot, and I found it a blessing since I was butt naked and vulnerable to the elements.

The pool was rectangular in shape, enough for me to be able to swim from one point to the other, and so, I did. I swam and swam, but then, I suddenly noticed the water shake.

I resurfaced and scanned the whole area around me. Nothing was amiss, except for the king, grinning from ear to ear with a remote control in hand.

“What are you doing?” I narrowed my eyes at him, really suspecting him to be the cause of the vibration.

“Just something to give you a shock, my queen,” he answered, eyes filled with mischief.

That’s when I saw how the water drastically moved.

What was supposed to be stationary water, now turned to a river. I felt a mild current underneath my feet as the water started moving towards the edges of the pool. From where I was, I saw the ground on the sides open up to reveal an infinity pool. It was surprising, yes, but what really gave me a fright was how the floor opened up to reveal a hundred-foot drop to the sea below.

On instinct, I cried and swam back to the deck. Then, in my anger, I marched towards my dear husband who was infuriatingly still grinning and jabbed him at the ribs.

“You…bully!” I cried.

Naturally, he was quick to block it, and I was under his mercy in the next second; caged in by his arms; my breasts pressed up against his chest.

“Alright, I’m satisfied with your reaction,” he murmured near my mouth. Then, captured my lips for another intense, toe-curling kiss.

What delicious show must it have been if someone was watching us, but I was at ease knowing no one was around.

“This place is beautiful, Aero,” I remarked when we pulled back. He didn’t release my waist when I turned around and watched the greens, the turquoise, and all the colors in between that comprised Greece’s magnificent ocean.

“I told you so,” he replied with pride. One hand started kneading my breast while the other was slowly creeping down my folds.

I bit the inside of my cheek and savored his touch.

“I own this island,” he explained in a hushed tone that I deemed sexy. “I have a caretaker who takes care of the lighthouse and maintains the beach. His wife cleans the house and trims the garden.”

“Hm…hmmh,” I acknowledged, closing my eyes.

“In fact, they might be arriving here soon.”

“What?!” My lids shot open and all my senses jumped anew. “Aero—”

“Be still now, I’m yet to make love to you,” he warned against my ear as I started squirming under his sudden tight hold.

“But the caretaker and his wife!” I cried out, feeling concerned now. I certainly didn’t want them to find us spread-eagled in the pool’s lounger.

“It will be fine,” he said, then started lapping my neck, sending renewed tingles all over my skin. Though there was still this feeling of apprehension, I decided to trust him, put my worries at the back of my head, and just submit to our passion.

Aero brought me in a twin-size chaise lounge of the poolside and in there, pounded me hard and rough dog—or in this case—wolf-style.

Maybe if indeed our visitors had arrived, they must have heard a woman singing the operatic sound of orgasm…


Taking her in broad daylight was another new for me and I must admit, that somehow added to the excitement of our lovemaking. Yes, I was beginning to grow insane for this woman and I knew it had nothing to do with the snow moon.

Promising that the customized pool was safe, she returned to swimming and I took note of her joyful expression seeing the view below. Elijah used to tell me I was crazy for demanding this from the architect, but he and his team pulled it off just like I expected them to. Of course, I rewarded them for a job well done.

Elijah added his touch and had the architect construct a lighthouse. Since we were always away, we hired a couple living closely in the mainland to care for the island. Greece had numerous picturesque islands, but this was the only place we found worthy of our attention.

After swimming, she asked me if we could tour the island. That was already my plan so naturally, I agreed.

Since there were no female clothes available inside the house, she used my beach short and over-sized white t-shirt. I, on the other hand, just stayed half-naked, wearing my drawers since I planned to shift into my wolf form and let her ride my back. Since Earth clothes didn’t have witch enchantments, I let her bring a duffel bag with my clothes to wear for later.

For half an hour, we toured the whole island. Each stop allowed Serena to admire the place more. I continued to watch her and the way her eyes twinkled. It became my treasured time.

The last area we visited was the lighthouse. We blessed it with a quickie: her back against the huge lamp while I penetrated her standing up…

“A yacht?” she remarked, once we arrived in the dock a couple of meters away from the house.

I shifted back to my human form and nodded.

“A useful mode of transport for a secluded island like this,” I said.

She handed me the duffel bag with her cheeks blushing a dark red. “Please wear your clothes. The sun is ravishing you.”

“As my queen wishes,” I replied and gave her a grin, hinting a dirty thought in my head. I was proud of my nakedness and I was proud of how my cock stood for her.

We boarded the sailboat together and once there, I left her to tour the place herself while I changed into suitable clothes. Minutes later, I found her in the control room, absentmindedly touching the steering wheel.

“You want to drive?” I asked, nearing her.

She immediately backed away from the wheel and waved her hands in the air. “Oh no, I can’t possibly do that. We’d be stranded in the middle of the ocean if you let me drive.”

“I can teach you,” I offered bluntly. “Come here.”

She hesitantly moved, but I quickly grabbed her wrist and arranged her hand on the wheel.

“It’s easy, Serena,” I murmured on her ear as she stood in front of me, “just as easy as you turning me on.”

I started the ignition, pressed some buttons first, and then guided her hand to the lever.

“There,” I said as the water transport started moving. “Easy as giving me a blowjob.”

She laughed at my remark and elbowed my ribs. Damn, it hurt a little. “I didn’t know you have a dirty mouth, Your Majesty.”

“It can get dirtier tonight,” I said, surprised myself with how bold I was becoming. She looked at me and from the looks of her eyes, I knew she knew what my words meant.

“Or we can do it now while I put the yacht on autopilot mode,” I offered, my wolf and lycan sides agreeing with me, always looking forward to tasting her again, licking her folds, and sucking out her juices.

Inside my embrace, she managed to turn and face me. “You really are insatiable, Aero,” she said, silently agreeing with me by way of a deep kiss.

Thirty minutes was all it took for us to reach the mainland and half of that time, I spent it with making my queen cry her lungs out…

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