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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 55 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 55 by desirenovel


Hearing Serena’s message through the messenger, I felt all my plans crashed down. My idea was to bring her to the manor and eat lunch there after a swim in a nearby lake. It would have been a great experience for both of us, but then she chose to spend time with my people.

Them over me. Huh.

I gripped the arm-handle of my throne tightly, choosing to displace my anger through it. The messenger waited for my reply, but with my unstable state, I shooed him away without giving him a single word.

Disappointment etched my face, but a part of me knew I was being unreasonable. I was throwing a tantrum. I was like a boy who couldn’t get a lollipop and was acting pathetic.

I understood her side of the story. She was being kind. She was doing her duties like a good queen was supposed to do. But still, fuck. I just couldn’t keep myself from acting childish.

What’s worse, hell, I didn’t realize I was getting romantic by the second, and that sickened me. I wasn’t like this the day before. I certainly hadn’t chased a messenger away just because of a woman.

But oh no, not just any woman. Her. My wife. My queen.


With all things considered, I thought all of this sickeningly sweet feeling was worth it. Goddammit, she was worth it.

And after realizing I screwed up by not giving her a reply, I decided to join her in the south wing. However, before I could even poof my way out of the throne hall, the double doors opened, and in came General Halcynos, Alpha Aaron, and William.

I inwardly groaned. Damn it, I forgot we were supposed to have a meeting. That was exactly the reason why I was sitting in this blasted throne in the first place.

“Your Majesty, we are here to report on the fire incident yesterday,” Alpha Aaron began right after they lowered their heads in deference to me.

Begrudgingly, I returned to my seat and cooled myself off. Now was not the time to be distracted by my queen.

“What caused the fire?” I asked straight ahead.

Alpha Aaron and General Halcynos exchanged glances first before the former answered.

“I initially thought it to be just a case of faulty wiring, Your Majesty, but after the queen found a flaming rune behind one of the charred trees, I realized it must be arson. My suspicion was confirmed when the queen said she saw the arsonist.”

“A rune?” My brow arched. Heck, runes were tools that only witches could use. However, with Prince Elijah’s story earlier, they couldn’t have been the culprits. Something just didn’t add up.

“Yes, Your Majesty. This leads me to believe it is the work of a witch,” Alpha Aaron confessed.

“Careful now with your words, Aaron. We could never be sure unless we capture the arsonist,” I warned, scowling.

“My men and I searched the whole town and even extended to the whole kingdom, Your Majesty. The culprit is very slippery and it seems it used a cover spell,” Halcynos, wearing his priced battle armor, butted in, informing me whilst carefully avoiding using the witch word. “We couldn’t track it down because it doesn’t have a scent. We are on high alert now.”

Halcynos, out of all the Alphas, was the oldest, but despite the graying hair and visible wrinkles on his face, his strength could equal that of a young Alpha. As the leader of the army pack, he had given the royal family great pride, and as my father’s beta, he served as a father figure to me. I trusted him more than the others and hold high regard in his decisions. If he said they were having difficulty tracking down the culprit, then I believed it without hesitation.

Two seasons after the snow moon wanes, he’d probably choose a new alpha to take his position. A coveted rank for sure, but not an easy one to take hold. The new alpha had to show the kingdom his strength and irrevocable loyalty to the crown, and he had to go through me in a battle of arms; something that I enjoy immensely if it were to show all why I became the Alpha King.

Returning to the matter at hand, I gave the general a nod of approval. His proactive attitude had spared me a great deal of burden. With how distracted I was yesterday, I didn’t think I could send orders properly.

“With what happened in the Baltic Forest and in Cirelles, it appears we have ourselves a troublemaker gentlemen,” I remarked, smelling already the stench of blood in the air. “Whether it be a witch or another creature, he or she will be sure to face our wrath. I’ll keep Prince Elijah and your accounts in mind. For now, I’m going to have to secure the statement of our queen. We have to complete the puzzle gentlemen, and she likely has the last piece.”

“Your Majesty, with your permission, I bring news about Her Highness,” William stepped in and lowered his head.

“Speak,” I signaled.

“Queen Serena has called for a meeting with all the Alphas by late afternoon today, Your Majesty. The topic would revolve around the rebuilding of the market and the needs of the fire victims.”

“Really now?” I restrained myself from grinning.

Seeing her and some of the Alphas yesterday, I knew already she secured a soft spot in their hearts. I was confident she would gain the majority’s favor. What I was curious about was how she would handle a big task like this. Will she be overwhelmed? Or will she carry herself with grace?

It would be interesting to find that out.

“You’re dismissed,” I told them with a wave of my hand. They exited without a fuss, but surely, in their minds, they were also looking forward to the meeting later.

A queen asking for a meeting? That was unheard of. My fucked up mother never did that during her reign. She was busy frolicking with cocks to care.

Anyway, as King, I was expected to attend, but since this was Serena’s order, I would give her all the spotlight she needs.

When the grandfather clock of my conference hall hit five in the afternoon, I was already present, but not quite visible to everyone. I sat near the viewing glass of a room that was still connected to the hall. This area had served my father well when he wanted to be just an audience in a council meeting. Now, I was about to do the same; the first time ever since I was crowned king of Phanteon.

Below my room were rows upon rows of pews and they were occupied by my Alphas—all fourteen of them.

And my queen?

Well, she stood in front of them, on a raised platform that was used to situate the royal family. She looked confident and sure of herself. Her back was straight, her chin raised. There was not a single sign that exposed her nerves—if she ever was feeling that now.

She chose the safest gown in her closet. A gown that was enough to cover all my prized hickeys, but with my angle in the viewing room, I could see one that was angry red peeking just behind her turtleneck.

I couldn’t stop myself from remembering our tryst last night; our lewd voices mixed into one, her tightness, my thrusts…and because of that, I couldn’t stop my cock from hardening again. Shit.

“Alphas of Phanteon, thank you for answering my call,” she started, forcing me back to reality. I cleared my throat and renewed my attention to the happening below.

Quite contrary to tradition, Serena actually lowered her head to them. My mother never showed that sincerity to her subordinates. She always kept a haughty face to all who met her, me and Elijah included.


“You all know what happened yesterday. A big fire has caused undue hardship, stress, and agony to the people of Cirelles,” Serena continued, placing a hand over her chest. “It brings me great grief watching them suffer. I am here now as their voice. I am seeking your help. Tell me please, what plans do you have in order to help these people regain their normal lives?”

Silence filled the whole room. It stretched until Serena started to wander her eyes. Then, she saw me. I gave her a short nod, my face neutral with any expression. She did the same, minus the nod, and then returned her attention to the Alphas.

I felt a rush of excitement then, coupled with the warming of my wrist mark. We connected, she and I, and I was sure she felt the same, but hmm, credit to her for hiding her emotions well.

“Your Highness, Alpha Trevor, at your service,” the first man to heed her call stood up. Where I sat, I was only able to see his broad back, but that didn’t hinder me from arching a brow. From long locks, Alpha Trevor, the young leader of the Sotana pack, now sported short hair. It had just been days since I last saw him inside the castle. The heat of the sun must have finally affected him.

“Here we have a blueprint of the new Cirelles market. It will be new construction, but my colleagues and I target to finish it in five days,” he continued, handing the queen a spread of papers.

She placed them in a readied table just below the platform and studied them for a few minutes.

“Very well, this is a promising start,” she stated thereafter, “but isn’t five days too tight?”

Alpha Trevor confidently shook his head. “It won’t be, Your Highness. Our pack has enough people to get it done.”

“Oh, sweet,” Serena smiled. “Thank you, Alpha Trevor. That is good news.”

“It is my pleasure, Your Highness.” He bowed again and returned to his seat.

“My queen, I am Alpha Edmond,” another man stood up and called her attention. This alpha here was old-school, literally. He, along with General Halcynos, served my father well and the same with the general, he would soon relinquish his status as the Alpha of Cydan—the benevolent ones.

“My pack is working on the basic commodities needed by the affected families. With your permission, we could start purchasing the items so that it would be ready once they transfer to their new abode.”

Serena neared him just enough that she could take a lengthwise piece of paper from his grasp. Then, she examined it again, twisting her lips while doing so, and the whole god-forsaken time I was practically distracted by those lips.

Fuck, just when will this meeting end?

“This is great, but be sure to customize the list per family,” she finally commented, looking back at him. “Each has its own unique needs that won’t be covered by the basics. We aim to fulfill these needs. Prioritize medicine and their sleeping implements. A healthy body and a good sleep make for a productive day.”

And just like that, I saw all heads nodded in agreement.

“This is highly noted, my queen. Thank you,” Alpha Edmond stated.

Another Alpha stood up, then another, and another and so on and so forth all of them reporting their plans for the benefit of the people. The meeting went on for two hours with Serena praising them, scrutinizing their plans, and sometimes adding her own ideas. She afforded them with respect and treated all with equality.

The whole time, I was with bated breath, but it looked like my council—a group of testosterone-filled men—were in awe of her. It granted me a bit of ease, but overall, my chest filled with pride.

She did it. She really did.

She carried herself with grace and power that it made me admire her more.

While the Alphas started leaving the conference hall, Serena stole a glance at my direction. I captured her gaze that instant and quirked my mouth up. ′Congratulations,′ I worded.

She responded by just smiling.

This woman, she’ll be receiving a gift from me later for doing a good job.

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