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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 53 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 53 by desirenovel


Transporting myself inside the war room, a deep scowl was already etched on my face. Elijah was already sitting in one of the chairs of the oval table, dressed still in his travel clothes. Agotta, or the realm of the witches, was a fifteen-day ride by horseback and five days lesser when traveled in wolf form. There were two gates through it when a visitor wishes to cross. It cuts the travel time in just a day, but even then, it would still cost the traveler tired muscles and a whole lot of migraine.

That was exactly the second reason why I didn’t want to visit that place. The first was simply because that realm was filled with women. The first and last time I visited Agotta was with my father when I was young. Like Ehnrelil, I couldn’t stomach how glimmering and bright their world looked.

Elijah had volunteered to be my vassal when dealing with the witches and I was under the impression he had enjoyed each of his visits there. Our magical food and the ability to be already wearing clothes post-shift were one of the many gifts given to him by the witches. Of course, despite my refusal, he talked me into accepting them for the benefit of the general ′were′ community.

Staring at him now, he didn’t look like he suffered complications post-travel, but he wasn’t the usual jovial man either.

“Speak,” I started, my voice almost sounding like a growl. I sat at the head chair and glared at him, ready to execute my anger at a moment’s notice. “But I’ll warn you ahead, Elijah, make your report count.”

“Oww, someone is stingy this morning,” he feigned hurt, wincing, but then he threw a toothy grin at me.

I stand corrected. It seemed his playful side was still intact.

“What now? Did you and Queen Serena bicker again?” he asked.

My sour expression didn’t change, but at the back of my head, I snickered at his remark. Oh, we did bicker alright and more. So much more.

“What news have you brought me?” I asked him again, diverting his attention from the sensitive subject. He didn’t need to know Serena and I consummated our so-called fake marriage. If he did, he’d likely pester and tease me with how quick I caved in.

Elijah, clueless, leaned forward towards the table and released a long sigh.

“I got good and bad news for you. Which—”

“The good,” I interjected, preferring to set aside the nitty-gritty parts for later.

“Well,” he broke into a smile. “Lady Yllana and the Order of Witches met with me. The good news is they didn’t suspect us killing the three witches despite finding them in our realm. They understood our side and they are willing to help with regards to the investigation.”

Hmm, that’s wasn’t painful to hear.

“And the bad?” I asked, continuing to frown.

“We did the autopsy of the bodies and Lady Yllana used a spell to see their past and mayhap, see the face of the killer, but it was to no avail. There seems to be a force hiding the truth. She said the power was either ancient or novel, something she needed more time researching.”

I frowned even more. This definitely wasn’t a good sign.

“And another thing brother,” Elijah continued, making a serious face, “one of the killed witches was an elemental witch. She uses fire.”

“Fire?” My brow arched.

“Yes,” he nodded. “I heard the market of Cirelles was half engulfed in flames yesterday. Do you think it could be connected?”

“I am yet to meet with General Halcynos, William, and Alpha Aaron, but all possibilities are taken into consideration, Elijah,” I answered, clenching my jaw in anger.

He looked at me somewhat taken aback; his arms crossed while he gave me a raised brow.

“I thought you already attended to this problem yesterday? It is unlike you to put a matter like this for another day.”

I lowered my lashes and subtly stared at the bulge on my pants. “I was…preoccupied.”

“Hmm, well, I am not surprised,” he shook his head as if he was disappointed. “With you still rejecting the queen, it is no wonder you would try your best to avoid her, thereby avoiding your duties in the castle too. You’d probably turn out to be an old and lonely wolf in the future.”

Again, my subconscious side laughed. Oh, what would my dear brother say when he finds out the truth?

“What I want to know is how the witches and that murderer arrived in our realm,” I went on and huffed. “Farryl must have been slacking in her responsibilities as the guardian of our gate.”

“I can’t blame her,” he shrugged his shoulders. “You’re being hardheaded with your hate on women, Aero. In return, she hates you for it.” But then, he also released a long sigh and sank on his chair. “However, despite this, she had taken the oath to protect Phanteon. Could there be a possibility she didn’t know of this just like what happened in the past with that dead vampire?”

I groaned at the unwelcomed memory of the past. Roughly twenty years ago, a female vampire was found dead on the outskirts of Trevana, a town west of my manor. Since I was near, I personally attended on the matter. Two days old, skin, muscles, and bones eaten by worms, and with a face that looked like dried plum — those were my first observations on the corpse once I saw it. The second was the bite marks on her neck, like a wolf’s, and scratch marks on her body which again looked like from a wolf’s.

I personally delivered the corpse to Kerus. A trial was made thereafter. Obviously, I pleaded not guilty on behalf of Phanteon and my people’s innocence was proven. In the end, this case was placed on a standstill. No other evidence was found and just like the dead witches now, the spell of seeing the past proved to be a failure. The killer was certainly making sure its identity wouldn’t be tracked down.

“Farryl claims innocence and was proven by the council of guardians,” I stated, returning to our conversation. “I hope she remains innocent on this ‘witch matter’ or else I will personally deliver her death.”

“I will talk to her, brother, leave it to me,” Elijah volunteered.

I nodded.

“See to it that that happens, and while you’re at it, schedule an audience with the guardian of Ehnrelil. I have an important matter to discuss with him.”

With that, thoughts of the mysterious insects around Serena occupied me. I couldn’t ignore their presence anymore.

“I’ll do that,” he agreed.

“The evidence we have so far leads me to believe someone is trying to frame us on the death of the witches,” I said in a grim tone. “If the queen wasn’t there to witness it, we would have one great misunderstanding with the Order.”

“We dodged war with Agotta, brother,” Elijah remarked with a sigh, “all thanks to Queen Serena.”

The corner of my mouth quirked up. Pride filling up my chest.

“Yes, she is a blessing in disguise…”

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