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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 52 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 52 by desirenovel


What was intended to be an hour of swimming turned to an all-out intimate tryst until midnight. The snow moon’s first phase didn’t influence me. It was all me. All my accumulated desire for her freed in one night.

As a man who hadn’t touched a woman before, I was half-crazed, half-tempted to fuck her the whole night long, but I reminded myself she was a human. She was easily breakable, so preciously fragile, so I settled for four…four magnificent love makings: three inside the cave where I usually spend my time after court meetings and the last one, on her chamber.

The hot spring cave was my little solace. Now, I had shared it with another and with a woman, her, no less. I couldn’t be happier.

On our second, I stripped myself of the confining pants and soaked boots. Fully naked, I took her under the waterfall, in a hidden area where a slab of rock slanted. Warm water rushed behind her. It muffled her screams of ecstasy for awhile, screams that I preferred only I could enjoy.

The third was in the same area, but this time, I was half lying on a different slab of rock with her straddling me. She took charge. Impaled herself on my erection with her face writhing in passion. Her supple breasts, the ones I used to sneer at, became my favorite dessert. She obviously liked the sensations whenever I gave it the royal treatment. Together, we rode the wave of orgasm, reaching to new heights I had never been before.

I must admit, this was a million times better than jerking myself off.

Finally deciding to return to the castle, we both left the blessed cave. I didn’t transport us back to the castle using my ability to hop realms. I decided we return the same way we did when we went to Mount Thersa—her riding me. There was something delicate and special when she rode my wolf. Something that just seemed right.

Serena was kind enough to fold our clothes—my black pants and her riding dress—preferring not to leave it and soil nature. She embraced it before she climbed up on my back. Afterward, I ran and ran as a new wolf…a mated wolf.

With my shirt, she was protected by the elements and with my fur, she was warmed as I ran back to the castle. Once there, I immediately jumped to her balcony and entered her bedroom. In there, we did our fourth tryst of the night.

Slightly damp from swimming, I threaded her hair with my fingers just as I claimed her lips. She moaned under her breath and parted her mouth wider for my easier access.

This time, I undressed her, taking off my shirt that was three sizes bigger for her small frame. Slowly, I unbuttoned it, and slowly, I caressed her neck.

Her hand, probably impatient, wrapped my erection. Using her thumb, she teased the head and in reaction, I growled.

“You’re so sensitive, my king,” she chuckled, returning my words that I used to define her earlier.

“I’m not sensitive. Your hand is just wicked,” I sermoned.

“Oh yes?” she teased, grinning up at me.

“Yes,” I muttered, grinning back. It was my time to punish her wickedness.

Her feet left the floor when I lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me and once again, our sex contacted. The feel of her softness against my cock was driving me crazy. I wanted to take her right there and then; however, I resisted the temptation. Pleasuring her was my top priority.

In the king-sized bed, we sank: her, perfectly under me while I hovered above. I recaptured her lips, made most of our mouth fucking before I pulled back and knelt in between her legs.

With no water to restrain me this time, I hooked my arm underneath her calf and then pulled one leg up. As her ankle appropriately leveled with my face, I then ran my tongue slowly up to her knee.

“Aero…oh…” she whimpered.

Hearing this, my chest swelled with pride. I was doing it right. I was hitting her sensitive spots.

To continue, I worked my way up to her inner thigh: sucking on every inch of her skin along my path and leaving hickeys for as many as I could. She squirmed underneath me and sang more erotic sounds.

Closer to her center, my nostrils flared, indulging on her sweet scent that I had longed for since that particular morning. Due to the water earlier, I could never gauge just how soaking wet she was. Now spread wide for me in the bed, I could, plus more.

Thrusting my tongue out, it hit right at her center, specifically on her clit that had been throbbing nonstop. A hard suck twice and a heavy lick thrice, she belted out my name.


Encouraged with this, I did a continuous cycle. She arched her back in reflex and clamped her legs around my head.

“Ahhh! Oh god—ahhh!”

I claimed her cum that moment. She was gushing and I was eager to lap it all.

Funny how much I avoided her in the past when she was the answer to my self-imposed suffering.

My wrist mark, like how I expected it to react, warmed up to favor our union. It was giving me an ache that was nowhere near painful. No doubt, Serena was feeling the same too and I had a sudden epiphany because of this.

I hated the mark back then, now I was more than happy to be its receiving end.

“Save your voice, my queen. I’m not done yet,” I told her whilst kneeling back.

Looking all spent up and flushed red, she weakly stared at me and said, “Is the Alpha King tireless?”

I smirked at her. “I already warned you, didn’t I?”

She moistened her lips and blinked. “I thought you were just bluffing.”

“No,” I shook my head and looked at her darkly. “I don’t bluff.” My hands traveled down her inner thigh wherein once there, my right hand thumbed her clit while the other positioned my cock at her entrance. “Especially with you.”

With one swift motion, I entered her. We both cried out at the glorious feeling. The fullness of my cock inside her; her pussy so tight against mine, it was all the same as the first time, yet it had a special quality of its own.

“Aero! Ah!” she sharply cried out when I started moving. Back and forth, inch by inch, it was blowing my mind.

I stooped low and crushed her lips, unable to contain myself with how good she was making me feel. She reciprocated me, touched my tensed jaw even as gently as she could. She told me she was under my mercy, but no, I had to argue with that. In reality, it was the other way around.

As minutes ticked by, the pressure deep inside me grew. I sensed that she was the same.

“Aero, I’m close!” she cried out. “I’m so close!”

And I was too.

Releasing an animalistic sound, I quickened my pace, gave her powerful thrusts that drove us both insane.

Then, we both came.

I felt her stiffen. I felt her juice released all over my cock and groin while I was in my own share of bliss too.

All my foreplay had culminated into one powerful explosion. My mind blanked for awhile. My nerves snapped and reconnected itself. My whole body shook at every wave of ecstasy I felt and because of this, I reached another realization:

Pleasuring myself was child’s play. The real deal was so much better. Her pussy was so much better.

Feeling supremely satisfied, my large frame occupied her left side when I lay beside her.

“Sleep, my queen. I’ll grant you this much tonight,” I said whilst brushing a rogue lock off of her face.

“Stay?” she looked up at me with half-lidded eyes and gave me a small smile.

I inched forward and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. I thought it would be hard to do that super simple gesture considering I had never done that to anybody, but…doing it to her, it just came easy. Almost natural.

“I will,” I said and returned to my side of the pillow.

That night, I received the best sleep of my entire life.

Sunlight had already passed through Serena’s sheer curtains when I woke up. Lying supine, I blinked my sleep away and stared at the dome-shaped ceiling. I had forgotten this room was specifically built under my father’s order for my future wife. I used to scoff at the notion whenever he brought it up with me, but huh, look what had happened now. My father must have been laughing on his grave.

Releasing a long sigh, I redirected my attention to the very reason for my downfall.

Her. Serena.

She was still sleeping so peacefully, her face and body angled towards me. Her nakedness was covered by the duvet. I remembered arranging it on her at one point in the night. I was tempted to take her again at that time, but I was a man of my word, so I behaved.

Now, I was highly tempted again, so with a groan, I slipped out of her bed and went directly to her bathroom to take a very cold shower.

By the time I returned to her bedroom, I was refreshed, but to my dismay, my cock was still sporting a half-mast. It was quite visible under the white towel I wrapped around my waist.

I found Serena already awake and not only that, she was standing near the window, against the sunlight, with half her body—the intimate parts specifically—covered in thin linen, secured by her right hand. Her hair fell neatly behind her, covering her naked back.

She was smiling when she looked at me, it was enchanting, but what really caught my notice was her left hand hanging in the air with two rainbow-colored shimmering insects perched on her pointy finger. They were the same bugs that troubled me in the past few days, the same bugs that I saw in Ehnrelil. Five more were flying towards her coming from the half-open balcony door. This confused me.

“Good morning, Your Majesty,” she greeted, putting her hand down, showing not an ounce of irritation with the winged creatures’ presence.

“Good morning, my queen,” I replied, trying to keep myself from frowning.

Confidently, I strode towards her. She blushed when finally she noticed the scarcity of my dress and in effect, the erection that it hid.

“You are friends with these bugs?” I asked whilst tipping her chin up with my finger.

She parted her lips and stared at my mouth, showing her eagerness for something. I knew exactly what it was.

“I’d like to think so. I feel at ease with them,” she replied.

“Hmm, I must confess. I wanted to thank one of your friends. It served me well one time.” I combed my fingers through her hair, remembering our first morning sleeping together; my first morning tasting her. She reacted by closing her eyes and raising her head more towards me.

“I’m curious as to the story,” she murmured, tipping the corners of her mouth up.

I lowered my head and whispered the words in her ear, “Let’s just say the bug brought us closer.” My other hand found her waist, pressed her closer to me, and gave her a morning kiss-turned passionate and needy.

“I want…you…Serena,” I drawled to say in between kisses.

She hummed first, then awarded me a grin when she withdrew. “I would need to shower first though.”

“Let me bring you to the bathroom then.”

‘Brother, where the hell are you? I need to talk to you now,’ Elijah, with impeccable timing, connected in my mind.

Fuck. There goes my blessed morning.

′I’ll see you in the war room,′ I answered, inwardly groaning at the same time. In front of me, Serena patiently waited, but she seemed to notice my inattention.

“Its Elijah, he—”

“I know,” she butted in. “I figured as much you brothers know how to telepathically communicate. If you have to go, I won’t stop you.”

“I won’t take long,” I said, stroking her plump lips.

“It’s okay. I understand. You are the king after all. In the meantime, I’ll check on the fire victims.”

The bugs returned to perch on her bare shoulder. I was jealous for a moment, but I reminded myself they were just harmless insects. However, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that their presence in my kingdom and their attraction to Serena meant something.

I knew I had to closely monitor this.

“I’ll have William and Rhea accompany you. Don’t overdo your duties again or else we will be returning to the hot springs,” I stated.

She gave me a cheeky smile. “To cure my weary muscles or to add more hickeys on my thigh?”

“Both,” I frankly stated.

She bit her lip, lowered her lids to look at my bulge, and nodded. “I’ll be sure to put that in mind, Your Majesty.”

I clenched my hands when I left her room, teleporting myself to my chamber to choose a wardrobe. Whatever the crown prince was about to tell me, it had better be good, or else he’d kiss his junior goodbye.

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