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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 47 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 47 by desirenovel


I couldn’t deny it, Ehnrelil boasted a beauty unlike any of the kingdoms I had come to visit. Just as I remembered, their ground looked like silver bricks. Their sky, a neon color of orange, blue and pink. Their houses were invisible, only arches of flowers and leaves gave clues to its existence. There were a variety of greenery in every corner I looked, all mixed up with the kingdom’s glowing quality. There were waterfalls everywhere and with these waterfalls came mists that surrounded the greenery. Such was its sight, but a sight I couldn’t stomach that long.

I was itching to go back to my own world, but due to royal duties, I had to stay until the crowning of Ehnrelil’s new king. The way Queen Adna and High Elder Geraden gave me looks of contempt earlier didn’t warrant any of my respect, but again, to show face, I had to attend the ritual.

But while waiting for that to happen, I decided to avoid any company. Choosing to spend my time on top one of Ehnrelil’s towers, I looked down and observed the frenzy of the faes. They were a bunch of glittery, vomit-inducing shimmery creatures that were jovial for today’s event. The fact that most of them in the streets were females all the more gave me a headache. The males, I reckon, were probably under armors and helmets, instructed to guard their posts or guard the coronation hall.

While watching, I then sensed someone behind me. I was supposed to be on guard, but no, this one was not hostile.

“Let me guess, you’re scouting, right? Checking if the fae realm is any good for your weres to visit?”

I didn’t need to face him to know who he was.

“Unfortunately, you’re wrong, King Lucien. I prefer peace that’s why I’m here,” I answered. “But scouting this realm won’t be a bad idea too. I might reconsider it, although I doubt my subjects would like to visit such a sickeningly bright world.”

He let out a deep, throaty chuckle afterward and a mere second later, I felt his presence on my left.

“It is sickening indeed.”

“I heard you’ve been in and out of Earth for some time now,” I started, still looking at the frenzy below. “What’s so special there that you had to leave Zaxonia under the care of your sister?”

“Hmm, my wife and children of course. I have twins,” he answered without delay. I sensed pride in his voice and that little hint of genuine happiness with the hum on his chest.

The corner of my lips grew a small smile. “Well, good for you, Your Majesty.”

“Destiny has its way of providing for us kings. You’ll soon have yours when the right time comes.”

“Hmf, I highly doubt that,” I voiced out, chuckling in disbelief, but at the back of my head, Serena’s face popped out.

The. Fuck.

“You’ll stay longer here?” he asked, stepping back.

“Yes,” I answered; my mouth in a neutral line.

“Then, I’ll go ahead. See you at the coronation hall.”

“Reserve a seat for me will you?” I faced him and dipped my head.

“Gladly,” he answered and in a blink of an eye, transformed mid-flight into his beast form; stretching his enormous wings and his scorpion-like tail.

A second later, he was gone.

“Fucking show off,” I muttered, grinning.

After another half hour of observing, finally, the sounds of trumpets filled the air. I watched as faes dressed in their best clothes emerged from the flower arches and flocked the footpaths going to the coronation hall. That said coronation hall was a kilometer away from where I stood. I could have easily just transported myself there, but because of my limitations inside this kingdom, I couldn’t. I had to trek in the same footpath the way the locals do.

I bid my time until there was little to no fae visible. Just to be clear, their footpaths were somewhat like puzzles, narrow enough to only accommodate two standard-sized coaches and walled on each side with white luminescent rocks covered in vines. They were interconnected with each other like cobwebs and organized in a way that only fae creatures could understand. I excelled in tracking and reading directions, so getting lost was far from my worries.

I jumped down from the tower and landed smoothly in one of the footpaths. The impact created a considerable crack on the road, but I just shrugged the problem off. Let the locals fix it for all I care.

I admit. It was initially my intention to leisurely walk towards the hall. If I was lucky enough, the coronation would be done by the time I arrive. But again, to show face, I had to be there on time.

Walking the footpaths was easy. I was satisfied enough with the peace and quiet I was getting until a bothersome creature blocked my path.

It was the size of my foot, poised in all fours, with its snout sticking up as if sniffing me. It was slender in built, with a weird-looking coiled tail and fur that was shiny, the color of midnight blue.

Experience taught me not to trust such creatures especially with stiff ears and big, feline eyes, so I shooed it away, but it audaciously ran to my boot, wrapping its tail around my left leg. It purred and nudged its head lovingly against my ankle.

I clenched my teeth. Now up close, I could definitely remember why I hated this animal.

“So, you’re still alive huh?” I wriggled my leg but it clung to me like a leech. “Get off me or I’ll skewer you piece by piece. You’d like that don’t you?”

The animal looked up, giving me googly eyes, but I wasn’t affected.

Bending down, I picked it up by its fur and held it in line with my vision. It squirmed on my hold as a result but squirming in a sense that it wasn’t trying to escape. It was trying to reach to me, most likely to cuddle me again.

Damn feline.

“You never listen huh?” I growled low. I watched as no one other than me was on the footpath. “Right,” I grinned at my idea, “then, goodbye.”

With that, I tossed it over the footpath and into the waterfall below. It screeched, probably asking for help, but its sound didn’t last long. I opened a portal underneath it just before it touched the water, consequently transporting the damn animal in another place. To what portal it was for or to what realm it ended up to, I had no idea, and fucking I didn’t care. Let the animal help itself for all I care.

Now, back to the matter at hand, I continued to my destination without feeling any kind of guilt, but as I trekked, I couldn’t take my mind off the fact that that animal had an owner, or owners so to speak.

“Adamar and Adaen,” I murmured. Maybe this coronation might give me a chance to meet them again.

I grinned and for the first time since I stepped in this realm, I felt hopeful.

“Hmf, I can’t wait to see these two.”

The coronation ended smoothly in a way most coronations do, but High Elder-now-King Geraden made it so that it dwarfed the other realms’ coronation rights. He ended it with flamboyance and a long fucked up speech. I was bored to death, but I also couldn’t shake the cold feeling in my gut. This man’s coronation might as well be the downfall of the fae realm.

Would I care for such a thing? No. Unless he starts knocking my doors in a way that doesn’t fare well with me or my kingdom.

The celebration continued to the grand hall of Ehnrelil’s main castle. As royalty in each realm, we were conveniently placed near the throne of King Geraden, in a long table that faced all the guests and the entertainment.

It was fine by me, especially when I could easily spot two faes wearing their shining, gold armor.

Adamar and Adaen.

Two faes that I befriended in my childhood years. They were brothers and despite how different they looked, they were twins.

‘Twins,’ my mind scoffed, just as I glimpsed at King Lucien who was on a binge drinking session with the King of Sattus.

“You look good, Your Majesty,” Adaen spoke first when they both neared me. He had amber eyes, an aquiline nose, and pale brown hair that reached his waist.

“Yet still with your perpetual scowl I see,” Adamar added whilst smirking.

Once upon a time in the past, we used to have this childish hand and arm signal to greet each other. Now that we’re older and in different statuses, it was unwarranted, but a proper greeting was still due.

“Adamar, Adaen, good to see you again,” I stated just as I slightly dipped my head.

They reciprocated the gesture and even went as far as placing their right arm up to their chest—a sign that was universal, but faes only give it to those whom they deem worthy.

And that indeed flattered me. We had a good past, them and me, and then some…

“We knew we were going to see you in King Geraden’s coronation,” Adamar, the taller twin, sporting icy blue eyes, stated. He had the same length of hair as his twin brother but the shade was even darker.

“I’m bound by my royal duties to do so, but in truth, you know me, I prefer to run free in Phanteon’s fields.”

“You’re no fun, as usual, Your Majesty,” Adaen mockingly shook his head.

An awkward silence fell in between us then and with that short amount of time, I realized I had some questions I needed to ask but couldn’t find the damn right words to form it.

“Well,” Adamar broke the gap and grinned at me again, “we will leave you to your liquor, Your Majesty. If destiny permits, we shall be seeing each other again.”

Under the table, I balled my right hand into a fist.

“Right,” I said, hiding my disappointment, “I’m sure we will.”

After a farewell bow, they left my front; managing a flight of stairs before fully stepping on the dance floor. Female faes immediately joined their sides and as I watched this, I couldn’t keep myself from releasing a heavy sigh.

“I think it’s time to sleep this liquor off in my manor,” I murmured to myself.

Without giving anyone a heads up, I left the table and exited the hall. No one bothered to block me with silly conversations while in-transit and that was good. That was preferable.

I chose a place as far away from the hall to do my realm hop. It was a spot on top of a hill where a small pergola nestled. It was typically surrounded by shrubs of flowers, yes, but it was peaceful enough to do my hop.

I summoned a portal in front of me. It appeared in the shape of an oval; creating energy waves around it and distorting space and color.

I was just about to step inside when I suddenly noticed an insect pass me by. It was to my surprise the exact same-looking bug I saw inside my castle on numerous occasions.

Following the winged creature’s route, it stopped just outside the pergola, and again, the scene caught me mouth open. There were a number of them resting on the flower bushes. Many were of a different color, some were the same as the first insect I saw.

My brows formed into knots. These insects were indigenous to this realm it seems. This was a good discovery, but the big question in my head still remains unanswered, what was it doing in my kingdom?

‘Elijah, how’s the investigation doing?’ I asked the moment my boots contacted the marbled floor of my manor. For now, the facts of the insect were shoved at the back of my head. I had more pressing matters to attend to.

It took him quite a long time before he connected with me.

‘I’m still at it, brother,’ he said. ‘We already informed the witch elders of the dead bodies. They were surprised of course but were gracious enough to offer me a chance to look into their corpses for clues of the killer. I’m still in Agotta and I fear, I’ll be in this realm until tomorrow evening.’

He didn’t need to elaborate further. Scarce as it may, his words meant the castle was without any royal inhabitants except for my dear fake wife and that could spell some problems considering what we were facing now.

‘Has William been informed?’ I asked simply.

Elijah hummed for a moment and then answered, ‘Yes, brother. Our kingdom and your queen are secured, don’t worry. Where are you now anyway?’

‘In my manor,’ I said whilst undressing. The pool in my chamber had been mocking me since my arrival. I wanted to soak in it and just…relax. ‘Ehnrelil’s liquor just doesn’t fit well with my stomach.’

‘I heard it boosts up your libido though,’ he pointed out; excitement clear in his voice. ‘You might as well go back to Queen Serena’s side now. She misses y—’

‘Elijah,’ I cut him off with a scowl, ‘shut the fuck up.’

‘Alright, alright, it’s your loss though,’ he quickly backpedaled. ‘Anyway, I’ll update you once I get a breakthrough.’

‘Right, do that,’ I said and then, tuned off my mind-link. I jumped into the pool and submerged myself underwater for a full fifteen minutes.

I wanted peace and quiet. I wanted to relax and let loose. But as time passed by, I unfortunately couldn’t. The memory of that woman inside this pool, naked and vulnerable, haunted me to no end. My cock hardened. My wolf howled.

I fucking needed a good release so I decided to do what I usually do—fucking jerk with my hand until my sexual tension disappears.

Author’s Note: I highly doubt it would disappear, Your Highness, but yeah, be my guest.

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