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The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 42 by desirenovel

The Alpha King’s Claim chapter 42 by desirenovel

Rhea and Prince Elijah decided to remain in the waiting room while I went inside the birthing room with Margaret. She gave me a mask beforehand, to cover my mouth; stated that it was for my welfare as the smell of blood inside the room tended to be strong. I just nodded, but truth be told, I already knew what a standard situation inside a birthing room looked like.

Back in my college days, I volunteered in a lot of medical outreach programs. I wasn’t practicing any medical profession really. I just had this strong urge to help out those sick and bedridden.

“Hi,” I greeted coupled with a soft wave of my hand once I stepped inside the theater. Sensibly, I distanced myself from the sterile area of the room, but it was enough for the pregnant woman named Theya to see me.

“You—r, Your High—ness?!” she gasped. Even under labor she actually showed raw surprise on my visit.

As if it didn’t give her pain, she quickly attempted to sit up.

“No, please, don’t move.” In haste, I cried out, waving my hand at her.

“I’m honored…to have you in my…giving birth, Your…Highness,” she huffed, sweating and turning pale from the pain she was feeling.

I slightly tipped my head. “The honor is mine, Theya. Uhm, is he or she, your firstborn?”

She grimaced but appeared enthusiastic to answer me.

“My firstborn, Your Highness. She’s my…precious princess.”

“Push, Theya, push!” Margaret shouted. She readied herself, palms up, to receive the babe. I realized then that the women here in this realm give birth in a similar fashion as the women on Earth. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

Theya did as instructed. I remained silent then and witnessed a miracle happening in front of me. Finally, after three more pushes, the babe came out. She looked beautiful and precious and so much like a human. She didn’t have one bit of fur on her or a tail. I was crazy to even think that.

Shouts of jubilee filled the room. Everyone was smiling. I released a sigh of relief. That was an intense scene to watch. Luckily, I wasn’t squeamish.

Still fresh with the mother’s blood and the placenta’s fluids, the babe was wrapped up with white linen and was given to the mother.

“Please give me your approval, Your Highness,” Theya looked at me again, her eyes dancing with happiness. “I want to name her, Serena.”

My mouth dropped. What great honor it was.

“I don’t think…” I started, hesitant at first, but then I saw the positive anticipation of the women in front of me, “I don’t think I’m worthy of such recognition, but yes, of course, you may name her Serena, Theya.”

Everyone clapped their hands and cheered.

“Thank you, Your Highness,” Theya stated weakly.

My heart swelled.

“And as my first act as queen and my gift to your adorable daughter, I shall declare this day as a royal day. All babies born this day get to celebrate their birthdays inside the castle for as long as they want,” I stated. Being a lover of Fantasy-related themes, it was always my wish to spend my birthday inside a castle. Now, I was going to make that a reality to these cherubs.

Fuck the king if he complains about it.

“Oh my, thank you, Your Highness! Little Serena would be so happy!” Theya cried out. The other healers heard this and quickly relayed this news to the other mothers inside the labor room. It was sweet to watch.

“I’m sure she will,” I flashed a big smile.

We left the birthing house an hour later with me in a great mood. I certainly felt the bond of the women there. It was genuine, not forced, and certainly, unconditional. I felt their warm welcome. I felt their precious smiles. And I also felt they were desperate for a real change in their kingdom, something that meant a change in King Aero’s view of women. Right then and there, I figured it was my mission to make that possible. At least, if I couldn’t give them an heir, I could leave them a king that didn’t hate women anymore.

Knowing King Aero, it would be difficult but…yes, not impossible.

“Can I pass by the square before we reach our destination?” I asked, looking at Prince Elijah once he entered the coach.

“You wanted to buy something there?” he lifted a brow.

“Maybe,” I answered, but then shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know. I just wanted to visit Palmeeya’s town square up close.”

Near me, Rhea nodded, agreeing with my request.

“Oh yeah, since you became queen you haven’t toured the whole kingdom right?” the Prince stated.

I gave him a nod. “Yes.”

“Then, maybe we can drop by in the square today, and tomorrow we will tour the whole kingdom,” he advised.

“That sounds good.” Rhea and I smiled at each other; in our minds, a promise of a new adventure.

“Both of you will definitely love it. It might even change your mind from leaving, Queen Serena. My brother would be so happy.”

My smile faded. I couldn’t form a word then. Was he serious? Dragging his brother’s name in this conversation? Urgh.

I instead stayed silent, choosing to spend the rest of my travel time looking outside the coach window. It at least took my attention away from remembering King Aero and our time together.

We arrived at the town square less than twenty minutes later. I got out of the coach with Rhea and Prince Elijah in tow. We were greeted with the sun’s glaring light and the townspeople’s happy faces. They gathered around as we passed them, waving their hands and greeting us. I waved back and naturally, my smile came out.

The square was vibrant with well-dressed people and merchandise. It looked almost like I was in a market on Earth except for the clear indication that this was a werewolf square. I spotted four or seven of these creatures some distance away, just under the shade of trees, lounging and relaxing with actual guards standing near them looking friendly with the beasts. I bet these guards could transform into wolves too. They looked tiny though as compared to the king’s wolf. It was majestic.

I wondered, when could I see his beast side again?

The said guards and wolves actually neared us too and I found myself holding my breath. Rhea seemed cool with it as if she had been exposed to them a number of times already. I had great suspicion she did with the prince’s guidance…

The guards executed a bow and so did the wolves in deference to our royal presence.

“Our Queen,” they chorused. The wolves next to them just stayed silent but observant.

Prince Elijah signaled me to raise my hand up.

I did and stated whilst putting up a serious face, “Thank you for your hard work.”

In unison, they made a fist and brought it against their forehead. In my short study with Phanteon’s history and tradition, I found this gesture as a sign of respect and adoration for the royal family. So it seems they saw me as a family now.

With Prince Elijah’s order, they escorted us to the center of the square where there was a gated mini-park with the kingdom’s crest carved on marble towering everything on site. The three of us stood side by side and faced the whole area.

I admired how everything looked alive and orderly. There seemed to be nothing out of place, but then, the prince caught my attention when he faced the carved crest and stared at it with gravity.

“When my brother ascended the throne, there were lots of changes that followed. Changes that really focused on the people’s welfare. This square wasn’t this clean and manicured in the past. Actually, almost all towns in Phanteon had to be either renovated or rebuilt. Our father had been neglectful of his duties since he found out about our mother’s illicit affairs. Because of this, there were talks about uprisings in different packs, the royal army either were outnumbered or turned to the people’s cause, the economy of Phanteon plunged, and trades to other realms lessened. It was a tumultuous time until brother stepped up and curbed our kingdom from heading to ruins.”

Knowing this now, I gained a better understanding and higher respect for the king. I didn’t doubt his capabilities as king at all.

“Your mother…is she the reason why King Aero is—”

“Yes,” he answered in a heartbeat. He didn’t even let me finish. He knew what I wanted to know.

“Well, for the most part, yes, but there were other reasons too. He doesn’t confide to me about it so I can’t share it with you.”

I lowered my head and sighed.

“I see…”

He cleared his throat and then as if he wasn’t brooding earlier, he flashed a wide grin at me.

“I’m sorry I’m of little help in your relationship with my brother. I know he is difficult to deal with but I see that you are working it out just fine.”

“I’m a patient woman, Prince Elijah. It is easier to handle his hot temper with my cool head.”

“He is just a lonely man. Help him, Serena. But so far, since you arrived, he is making progress. He is not just acquainting himself with you, he is opening up to you.”

It does seem to be that way. Just a month ago, he threw rude comments about me and my femininity, giving me disgusted glares and threatening me even. Now, he was dreaming about me and murmuring my name in his sleep, kissing me, finger-fucking me, and even went as far as licking my… Intentional or not, it was quite a step up from the old him.

“I’m glad I could be of help,” I answered, pride filling my chest.

“He’ll probably get a boner soon,” he muttered slowly just as he stepped forward away from the marble crest.

I gulped and threw him a questioning look. “What did you just say?”

“Nothing,” he simply stated, awarding me with a secretive smile. “Let’s go, my beautiful ladies. Lunch will be served on the Baltic Meadows.”

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